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admission in Australia criteria for Pakistani students

Australia is considered one of the top study abroad destinations in the world. In 2020, Australia ranks at the top third study abroad destination. Australia offers a variety of study programs. There are worldwide recognized universities are established in Australia.

Moreover, Australia is considered as the house of technology, and, above all, there are a lot of employment opportunities one can get after completing higher education studies in Australia.

Admission Criteria For Australia

Admission requirements are varied from institute to institute. However, the general admission requirements for bachelor, master, and doctoral study programs are listed below:

Bachelors’ Criteria Masters’ Criteria Doctoral Criteria

A higher secondary school certificate or equivalent study program

A bachelors’ degree or 16 years of education in the relevant study program

A masters’ degree or 18 years of education in the same study program is required.

An application form for the prescribed university

Applicants have to meet the required scoring criteria or marks according to their respective universities

Applicants are required to meet the minimum GPA or marks requirement

English language proficiency certificate (if required)

All the previous academic transcripts

Applicants will submit all the previous academic transcripts


English language proficiency certificate i.e. IELTS or TOEFL is required

Applicants may also show the English language proficiency certificate


Applicants have to offer research work (if required)


Applicants are required to share the working experience (if required)

Australian Study visa

Australian Student Visa Requirement

The following are the types of Australian student visa:

Independent Sector Visa ELICOS (Sub-Class 570): The visa category is for the students who want to apply for full-time English language intensive study programs.

School Sector Visa (Sub-Class 571): This visa category is for primary and secondary school education.

Vocational Education and Training Sector Visa (Sub-Class 572): Students, eligible for a full-time vocational training course or I, II, III, and IV category certificate or advanced diploma education, apply for this category.

Higher Education Sector Visa (Sub-Class 573): For a full time higher education degree program students apply for this category.

Postgraduate Research Sector Visa (Sub-Class 574): This visa category is for research and doctoral degree programs.

Non-Award Sector Visa (Sub-Class 575): This visa category for the non-award foundation study program.

Foreign Affairs or Defense Sector Visa (Sub-Class 576): This visa is sponsored to international students by the Australian Department of Defense or Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Student Guardian Visa (Sub-Class 580): International students below than age of 18 years apply for study in Australia under this visa category.

The Following are the general required documents for Australian Students Visa:

  • The acceptance letter from a university
  • A valid passport
  • Recent photograph
  • Previous academic certificates
  • Working experience (if required)
  • Tuition fee payment receipt
  • Financial proof
  • Health insurable

Visa Fee: 575 AUD

estimated study and living cost in australia for Pakistani students

Study And Living Cost in Australia

The following is the estimated study cost in Australia:

No. Degree Title uition Fee


Tuition fee ranges from $4,000 to $22,000



Tuition fee ranges from $15,000 to $33,000



Tuition fee ranges from $14,000 to $37,000

The Following is the estimated living cost in Australia:

Grocery and other Food Items

Around $1000 a month

Public Transport

Around $200 a month


Around $500 a month

Electricity and Gas

Around $500 a month

Phone and Internet

Around $200 a month

Personal Care Expenditures

Around $1000 a month

Branded Pair of jeans

Around $100

Pair of branded Shoes

Around $150

australia citizenship and PR guide for Pakistani students

Australian PR & Citizenship

Australian Permanent Residence

Australia offers permanent residence to foreign nationals under the following categories:

  • Skilled Independent Migration: Foreign nationals are offered PR on behalf of their skills.

  • Skilled Nominated Migration: This category for the foreign nationals who come under the highly demanded occupation according to the Australian labour market.

  • Skilled Sponsored Provisional Migration: This is a family sponsorship migration.

  • Skilled Nominated Provisional Migration: Under this category, Australia offers PR under specific skills proficiency.

  • Business Skills Migration: This category for those who want to start their business in Australia under the complete eligibility criteria.

Australian Citizenship

Australia offers citizenship to foreign nationals under the following conditions:

  • Applicants get birth by Australian Parents

  • Citizenship by Spouse

  • Citizenship through permanent residence

Applicants are required to meet the following requirements for citizenship:

  • Applicants must have permanent residency status.

  • Applicants must have stayed for the last 12 months in Australia.

  • Applicants have to pass the citizenship test.

  • Applicants must have a good character during their stay in Australia.

Guide Map to all Universities of Australia

There are 43 accredited Universities in Australia. E ach of them has a main campus in one of the states. Following is a list of all universities in Australia by their geographical area. Higher education qualifications are also offered by many non-university providers in the higher education sector.


All Accredited Universities in Australia

Australia Rank World Rank 2017 University City
1 =33 University of Melbourne Melbourne
2 47 Australian National University (ANU) Canberra
=3 =60 University of Queensland (UQ) St Lucia
=3 =60 University of Sydney Sydney
<5 74 Monash University Clayton
6 =78 University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney
7 125 University of Western Australia (UWA) Crawley
8 142 University of Adelaide Adelaide
=9 201-250 University of Newcastle Callaghan
=9 201-250 Queensland University of Technology Brisbane
=11 251-300 Charles Darwin University Darwin
=11 251-300 Deakin University Geelong
=11 251-300 Griffith University Brisbane
=11 251-300 James Cook University Townsville
=11 251-300 Macquarie University Sydney
=11 251-300 University of South Australia Adelaide
=11 251-300 University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Sydney
=11 251-300 University of Wollongong Wollongong
19 301-350 University of Tasmania Hobart
=20 351-400 Flinders University Adelaide
=20 351-400 La Trobe University Melbourne
=20 351-400 Swinburne University of Technology Hawthorn
=20 351-400 Victoria University Melbourne
=24 401-500 University of Canberra Canberra
=24 401-500 Central Queensland University North Rock Hampton
=24 401-500 Curtin University Perth
=24 401-500 Murdoch University Murdoch
=24 401-500 RMIT University Melbourne
=24 401-500 Western Sydney University Crawley
=30 501-600 Bond University Robina
=30 501-600 Edith Cowan University Joondalup
=30 501-600 Southern Cross University Lismore
=30 501-600 University of the Sunshine Coast Sippy Downs
=34 601-800 Australian Catholic University North Sydney
=34 601-800 University of Southern Queensland Toowoomba

All Universities of Australia

Australia Rank World Rank University
1 =33 University of Melbourne
2 47 Australian National University
3 =60 University of Queensland
4 =60 University of Sydney
5 74 Monash University
6 =78 University of New South Wales
7 125 University of Western Australia
8 142 University of Adelaide
9 201-250 University of Newcastle
10 201-250 Queensland University of Technology
11 251-300 Charles Darwin University
12 251-300 Deakin University
13 251-300 Griffith University
14 251-300 James Cook University
15 251-300 Macquarie University
16 251-300 University of South Australia
17 251-300 University of Technology Sydney
18 251-300 University of Wollongong
19 301-350 University of Tasmania
20 351-400 Flinders University
21 351-400 La Trobe University
22 351-400 Swinburne University of Technology
23 351-400 Victoria University
24 401-500 University of Canberra
25 401-500 Central Queensland University CQ University
26 401-500 Curtin College
27 401-500 Murdoch University
28 401-500 RMIT University
29 401-500 University of Western Sydney
30 501-600 Bond University
31 501-600 Edith Cowan University
32 501-600 Southern Cross University
33 501-600 University of the Sunshine Coast
34 601-800 Australian Catholic University
35 601-800 University of Southern Queensland
36 1311 Curtin University of Technology
37 1526 Federation University Australia
38 1535 University of New England Australia
39 1826 University of Notre Dame Australia
40 4337 TAFE NSW Degrees
41 5426 Open Colleges
42 6285 Menzies School of Health Research
43 6377 Chisholm Institute
44 6733 Australian Film Television and Radio School
45 6846 Australian Maritime College
46 6871 Adelaide Institute of TAFE
47 7019 Australian Defence Force Academy at UNSW
48 7766 Moore Theological College
49 8089 The Tax Institute
50 8597 SAE Institute Qantm College
51 8693 Canberra Institute of Technology
52 8916 (1) TAFE Queensland
53 9122 (3) Melbourne Business School
54 9147 Sydney Institute Colleges TAFE NSW
55 9356 Australian College of Physical Education
56 9392 William Angliss Institute
57 9412 National Institute of Dramatic Art
58 9448 Kangan Batman Institute
59 9595 Blue Mountains (Australian) International Hotel Management School
60 9725 Box Hill Institute
61 9847 Avondale College
62 10353 Australia College of Nursing
63 10546 ACS Distance Education
64 10659 Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education
65 10748 Perth Central Metropolitan College TAFE
66 10778 Taylors College
67 10803 Alphacrucis College
68 10938 International College of Management Sydney
69 10987 Melbourne Polytechnic
70 11044 Victorian College of Optometry
71 11069 Governance Institute of Australia
72 11114 Careers Australia College of Healthcare
73 11187 Endeavour College of Natural Health
74 11336 INSEARCH
75 11387 Christian Heritage College   
76 11681 Gordon Geelong Institute of TAFE
77 11771 Melbourne Institute of Technology
78 11786 Holmes Institute
79 11790 Darlinghurst School of Art & Design
80 11835 Melbourne College of Advanced Education
81 11871 Nature Care College
82 11879 Polytechnic West
83 11960 Kaplan Business School
84 12140 Australian Institute of Music
85 12310 Law Society of South Australia
86 12334 Think: Colleges
87 12417 OASES Graduate School
88 12424 Australian College of Applied Psychology
89 12441 JMC Academy
90 12483 Cambridge International College Australia
91 12566 Billy Blue College
92 12612 The College of Law
93 12636 Sydney Institute of Business and Technology Macquarie University
94 12823 Australian International College of Art
95 12911 Adelaide Central School of Art
96 13095 Monash College
97 13127 Raffles College of Design and Commerce
98 13136 Australian Institute of Business
99 13323 International College of Hotel Management
100 13448 Photography Studies College Melbourne
101 13606 Perth Institute of Business and Technology PIBT
102 13816 Whitehouse Institute of Design
103 13882 University of Divinity
104 13927 Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine
105 13966 Tabor College Australia
106 14013 (3) James Cook University Brisbane
107 14022 Morling College Morling Education
108 14076 West Coast Institute of Training
109 14369 Marcus Oldham College
110 14505 Torrens University Australia
111 14667 Deakin College (formerly Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology)
112 14689 Sydney Missionary and Bible College
113 14700 Charles Sturt University
114 14718 John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family Melbourne
115 14759 Engineering Institute of Technology
116 14848 Nan Tien Institute
117 14877 Macleay College
118 14885 Academy of Information Technology
119 14965 Australian Ballet School
120 15096 William Blue College of Hospitality and Tourism
121 15135 Paramount College of Natural Medicine
122 15146 Australian Institute of Professional Education
123 15159 Harvest Bible College
124 15385 South Australian Institute of Business and Technology
125 15406 Murdoch Institute of Technology
126 15645 Campion College
127 15669 Australian Lutheran College
128 15762 Australian College of Christian Studies
129 15938 UOW College
130 15979 Eynesbury Institute of Business and Technology
131 16122 New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry
132 16357 Jschool Journalism Education & Training
133 16453 Perth Bible College
134 16592 Australian Institute of Management Western Australia
135 16601 Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges
136 16608 Australian Institute of Police Management
137 16873 Academy of Design Australia
138 16973 Chifley Business School
139 17038 Eastern College Australia
140 17161 Sydney College of Divinity
141 17262 Stott's Colleges
142 17298 Top Education Institute
143 17410 Investment Banking Institute Business School
144 17429 Australian College of Theology
145 17449 Academy of Music and Performing Arts (Australian International Conservatorium of Music)
146 17457 King's Own Institute
147 17678 Jansen Newman Institute
148 17728 Kent Institute of Business and Technology
149 17793 Jazz Music Institute
150 17920 Collarts
151 17920 Academies Australasia Polytechnic
152 18026 FBI Fashion College
153 18044 Kenvale College
154 18060 Adelaide College of Divinity
155 18824 Australian College of Technology
156 18836 Design College Australia
157 18980 Navitas College of Public Safety
158 19169 Newcastle International College
159 19204 Catholic Theological College
160 19296 Malyon College
161 19411 Worldview Centre for Inter Cultural Studies
162 19557 Vose Seminary
163 19712 Nazarene Theological College
164 19724 National College of Business
165 19752 Bible College of South Australia
166 19791 Phoenix Institute of Australia
167 19965 Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine
168 19994 Australian Guild of Music Education
169 20000 IIBIT
170 20005 Alexander Institute of Technology
171 20063 Australian School of Management
172 20217 Oceanic Polytechnic
173 20282 Imperial College of Australia
174 20436 Excelsia College (Wesley Institute)
175 20570 Australian Institute of Technical Training
176 20630 College of Christian Higher Education
177 20797 Brisbane College of Theology
178 20834 Adelaide College of Ministries
179 20940 Melbourne Institute for Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy MIECAT
180 21013 Summer Institute of Linguistics Australia
181 21133 Australian Institute of Higher Education AIH
182 21446 Universal Business School Sydney UBSS
183 21641 Australian Institute for Relationship Studies
184 21691 Mayfield Education
185 22016 International Institute of Business and Technology Australia
186 22069 Australian National College
187 22246 Centre for Pavement Engineering Education
188 22349 Institute of Technology Australia
189 22585 Melbourne School of Fashion
190 22820 Australian College of Entertainment
191 22878 Cairnmillar Institute School of Psychology Counselling and Psychotherapy
192 23051 Lois Reid College of Counselling Studies
193 23244 Tabor College Tasmania
194 23302 Kingsley College
195 23852 Tabor College Perth Western Australia
196 23986 Asia Pacific International College
197 24011 Leo Cussen Centre for Law
198 24314 Montessori World Educational Institute
199 24527 Australasian College of Health and Wellness
200 24583 Sheridan College Australia
201 24925 Kollel Beth HaTalmud Yehuda Fishman Institute
202 25183 Elite Education Institute

Click here if want to know more about Top Universities of Australia.

Australian study visa guide for Pakistani students


How Pakistani Students can Get Student Visa for Australia

Exceptional and top rated higher education institutions of Australia fascinate thousands of international students to consider studying abroad there. Coming next in line to the UK and USA, the superlative standards of education and innovative teaching methodologies adopted by universities of Australia have made it third most favorite study abroad destination in the globe. International students have easy accessibility to part time jobs in Australia, they can settle in Australia post graduation to avail career opportunities and in addition the procedure of attaining student visa for Australia is not complex. Those who are planning to study abroad in Australia can take information about student visa procedure for Australia from the guide below:


Australian Student Visa Requirements:


Acceptance Letter from Australian University

The nationals of EU or Non-EU countries need to attain a student visa for study abroad in Australia. The first major step of attaining the Australian student visa is getting an acceptance letter from an accredited higher education institute of Australia. The acceptance letter issued by an Australian university serves as an invitation letter from the institute permitting you admission. Once you have received the acceptance letter the university will inform you via email the deadline of submitting tuition fee, registration fee and fulfilling other admission requirements and offer a list of on campus accommodation types available for you to choose from.


Visiting Australian Embassy or Consulate nearest You

After completing admission requirements of paying tuition fee and registration fee, the next step is to visit the Australian Embassy or Consulate nearest your locality and acquire visa information. The student must appear in the Embassy himself. The Embassy will ask you to fill a visa application form and fulfill other student visa requirements based on your nationality. The Embassy might even ask you to attend an interview. 


Writing Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Statement

 The students will be expected to fulfill Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements. To pass Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement the student needs to demonstrate that his/her sole purpose of attaining the student visa to get a high quality of education in Australia. By passing Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements the students do not get suspended from availing post graduation career opportunities or their chance to get permanent residence of Australia after getting an employment contract from any Australian employer, company or firm. The Department of Home Affairs Australia will consider to accept student visa application if the candidate meets Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements. The Department of Home Affairs will ask the student to write a letter of intent either in English or in student’s native language (which will be translated into English if the student is not comfortable to write in English)and make judgment of accepting the letter on following factors:

  • Economical and political circumstances of student’s country

  • Prospective circumstances for student while his/her stay in Australia

  • Career scope in future of student’s chosen study program

  • History of immigration of student

The Department of Home Affairs will ascertain on the basis of this letter of intent by student whether he/she is a genuine temporary entrant or not.


Writing Visa Application Form

All international students intended to study abroad in Australia need to write a visa application form completely and submit it online or at an Australian Embassy or Consulate nearest you. The visa application form cannot be completed without Confirmation of Enrollment (COE) or an Acceptance Letter from university as mentioned above. The course you chosen for admission must be registered under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses (CRICOS). The COE will be written in form of a code provided to you by university; you will enter this code in appropriate section of the visa form. You will need to attach the deposit slip of your tuition fee with the visa application form.


Changing course of study or studying two courses in one time

The student can change his course of study after getting admission but then he will have to apply for a new visa if the course you have changed is of lower level than your previous one under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). The students cannot change their course from PhD to Masters. You can also take admission in two courses at a time but that is only possible on the basis of your academic performance in one of the course.


Financial Requirements for Pakistani Students to Study in Australia 2020

Any student taking admission in Australia for a short term or a long term study program needs to provide evidence of sufficient financial resources. The applicant would be required to provide documented evidence that he has enough financial resources to afford his living and study expenses for the duration of entire study program. Since 2018, the Government of Australia has settled the amount of financial resources must be AU$20,290 (~US$15,600) for one year long stay. If the applicant is taking his family or spouse along with him then he will also need to prove that he can afford their living expenses and pay school fees in case of children. If the student is not earning himself then he must prove that his parents or guardian earns at least AU$60,000 (~US$46,140) per annum.


English Language Proficiency Requirements

The applicants of Australian student visa belonging from a non English speaking country are liable to prove their proficiency in English language through tests unless they have completed their 5 years of education in an English speaking country. IELTS is accepted by Department of Home Affairs Australia, The list of other English language proficiency tests accepted for student visa include:

  • TOEFL ( iBT),

  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic

  • Cambridge Advanced English (CAE)

The scores or grades required in the test will be determined on the basis of your study program whether it is a long term course or short term course.


Medical Test

The students may also be required provide a medical certificate demonstrating the applicant is in good health (It applies to students who have taken admission in medicine related courses such doctor, dentist, nurse). The applicant will be asked to book an appointment for checkup with a doctor or radiologist which has Australian Immigration Office approval.


Overseas Student Health Coverage

All international students except Norwegian and Belgian nationals need to purchase an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). The amount of this health insurance coverage depends on the duration of your stay and also your insurance provider. You can buy insurance coverage from the university you have enrolled in or from any of the registered insurance providers of Australia such as:

  • Australian Health Management

  • BUPA Australia

  • Medibank Private

  • Allianz Global Assistance

  • nib OSHC


Clearance Letter from Police Station

As a part of Australian student visa requirement, the student needs to provide a proof of good character by attaching a clearance letter from the local police station nearest to their locality. The clearance letter demonstrates that the applicant has not any criminal record or any legal offence registered against them. The clearance letter should not be older than 3 months. If not police statement the students can also complete Character Statutory Declaration Form.


Required Documents to study in Autralian Universities 2020 for Pakistani Students

The following lists of documents are required to attain a student visa of Australia as provided by Department of Home Affairs Australia:

  • A completely written visa application form

  • Paid receipt of visa application fee (the amount can be around AU$560 (~US$430) or more)

  • Copy of national passport (some of the students would be asked to provide their original passport)

  • Acceptance letter from Australian University

  • Bank Statement or credit card statement proving you have sufficient funds to bear your living and study expenses

  • Proof of purchased health insurance coverage

  • English proficiency test certificate

  • Police statement evidencing that the applicant has no criminal record

  • Four recently taken passport size photographs


Visa Process Duration of Australia for Pakistani Students 

After submitting the visa application form the students can expect visa approval to take 4 to 5 weeks. If you are enrolled in 10 months course which finishes in December the end of an Australian academic year then you can your visa will expire on 15th March next year. If you are enrolled in program which is longer than 10 months and finishes in January or October then your visa will expire after two months of your course completion.


After Attaining Student Visa

After attaining student visa the students can enter Australia three months before their study program starts. Within seven days of entering Australia the students are required to inform their residence address to the university they have been enrolled in and if they are changing their address that must also be notified to the university.


Working Permission on Student Visa

The students are allowed to work 20 hours a week during their classes are on and work full time during summer or winter holidays or any other national holidays. The student visa of Australia serves as a work permit for internationals students and there is no need of any additional permit or permission. However, the students can’t start working until their study program begins. Their source of paying tuition fee and other expenses should not solely be dependent on part time work.


Restrictions of Student Visa of Australia

  • The enrollment of students must remain intact during the entire period of student visa

  • The course they are studying must be CRICOS-registered course

  • Their university attendance must not be short

  • Academic performance must be satisfactory

  • OSHC Insurance must be for the entire period of their stay

  • Breaching the visa terms and condition might result in visa cancellation


Australian National University (ANU)

It is a National Research University located in city of Canberra. It is Australia’top ranked University. It is ranked 19th in the world. It is especially respected for its politics, language skills, and geography and science courses. Here is complete detail about Australian National University



University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne one of world's best university is 2nd most top university in Australia and is ranked 42nd in the world. It is specially regarded for its education, accounting, psychology and medicine degrees. Want to more aboutUniversity of Melbourne



University of Sydney

University of Sydney is ranked 3rd in Australia and 45th in world. It was also once ranked in world's top 10 most beautiful universities of the world. They also have maintained their education quality as one the best. Here is complete detail about University of Sydney



University of Sydney

University of Sydney is ranked 3rd in Australia and 45th in world. It was also once ranked in world's top 10 most beautiful universities of the world. They also have maintained their education quality as one the best. Here is complete detail about UNSW



University of Queensland (UQ)

University of Queensland also stands at 4th top rank in Australia and 46th in the world along with University of New South Wales. It is really difficult to actually select one as better since both have their own nobility. It is the oldest university in Queensland. It was founded in 1909. If you are interested in this university. Want to know complete details about University of Queensland.



Monash University

Monash University is ranked 6th in Australia and have got itself 67th place in world's most top ranking. It has earned a big time reputation for its research in just a short period of less than 50 years. It is home to major research facilities such as the Australian Stem Cell Center. It was named after the prominent Australian general Sir John Monash. Here is complete detail about Monash University.



University of Western Australia (UWA)

University of Western Australia is located in Perth. It is 7th best university in Australia and is ranked 98th in world's top universities. It has a very attractive campus and is always on to some festival or event. Here is complete detail about it. Here is complete detail about University of Western Australia.



University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide is a member of Australia's Group of Eight, made up of the nation's best colleges. It is ranked 8th in Australia and 113th in world. It highlights a lovely grounds with customary sandstone structures blended with latest learning and research facilities. Get to know more about University of Adelaide.



University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)

It is a multi-campus institute located in Australia’s city Sydney . It is ranked 9th in Australia and 218th in world and have been climbing faster than any other institute. It is one of the largest cities in Australia. Want to know more. Because of its multicultural mix of students, UTS attracts students from all over the world. Here is all you want to know about University of Technology, Sydney.



Macquarie University

Macquarie is Ranked 10thtop and 229th top university in the world. More than 11,000 international students are studying here. It has 5 stars in all categories of QS. It is top 100 in the world in9 subjects. More than 39,000 students study there from more than 100 countries. More about Macquarie University


If you still have not found your choice here is a list of All Universities in Australia and their Ranking.

Selected a University! What’s Next?

Once you have selected an institute next step is to take admission in that university. Here is a guide about How to Apply for Study in Australia. It is always good to have a backup. Try in more than one universities, so, if you don’t get admission in your first choice you still have your second option available. While you apply for admission, next comes up Visa process. Here is a complete gu ide for you on How to get Australian Student Visa.

Good Luck!

study in australia guide for pakistani students

Every year large number of aspiring students aim to fly abroad to number of destinations one of which is Australia to step into number of graduate and postgraduate programs. The large number of intake of international students into Australian Universities is due to the following reasons:


  • Remarkable Standard of living in  Australia for International Students

Australia is one of those countries which is not just beautiful and environment friendly but it attains the highest standard of living which is one of the major reason alluring the students to choose it as a destination to study.


  • Cultural Friendly Environment

Australia is known for the variety of different cultures embedded in its system attracting dozens of international students from all parts of the world in order to receive the high quality education. Thus, it provides the students with utmost amount of exposure by interacting in the multi-cultural and friendly society.


  • Highest Quality of Education in Australia for Pakistani Students 

Australia is known for providing the highest quality of education to the international students as it is flocked with number of world class renowned universities such as University of Sydney and University of Queensland. Due to the quality level of education Australia is third most popular destination which is chosen after United States and United Kingdom by the international applicants on a large scale.


  • Vast amount of work related opportunities in Australia 2020 for Pakistani Students

Along with providing world class education Australia is one of those countries which provides immense amount of work to Pakistani students as they are allowed to work twenty hours per week while studying. This proves to be a lucrative opportunity for them as it allows them to gain experience in their relevant field along with allowing them to earn a reasonable amount enabling them to pay off their tuition and living costs.


  • Lower cost of education in Australia for International Students 

Though Australia is one of those countries which bears the highest standard of living despite of which the living expenses and the tuition costs are lower than that of United Kingdom and United States. In addition to this, students can avail the benefit of scholarships which can reduce the cost of international students further down.


  • Wide Range of Courses Being Offered by Australia to Pakistani Students 

Australia is known to offer diverse amount of courses catering to the needs of all of the students. The students are free to choose amongst different courses which includes vocational education and English Language Training.


  • An Ideal Spot  for the Scientific Researchers

One of the distinct feature of Australian Universities which separate it from that of others is the amount of emphasis that is placed on technology and scientific research. This provides the students an amazing opportunity to step into the world of technology and innovations.

Undoubtedly, it is of no shock to anyone that Australia is one of the most popular hub chosen by students for the further studies in a spur of a moment. Due to its numerous advantages, it has gained worldwide recognition when it comes to education.

study cost in auutralian universities with living cost for Pakistani students

Living and Study Cost in Australia Guide for Pakistani Students 2020

Estimation of living and study cost before travelling to a foreign land is the primary step of planning for study abroad. Studying in abroad is practically a very first experience for students when they are staying away from family and friends and managing budget on their own. Similarly, it is the very first step that will lead a student to learn self dependency and managing the expenses according to his/her earnings and budget. Those currently planning to study abroad in Australia don’t need to worry about the expenses much. Australia is not an expensive country which can be concluded by the high number of international students traveling to Australia for higher education. Australian government has given an estimation of living and study expenses in Australia to international students through visa requirements. An international student must have amount of AUS $20,290 for each year of his stay as per the rule of Australian student visa. The elaborated guide is written below to give you an estimation of cost of living and study in Australia:


Cost of Study in Australia

Australia is third most popular study abroad destination and the main reason behind it is affordability factor. The cost of study in Australia depends on your chosen institution and also on the level of your chosen study program. It must also be notified to students that tuition fee must be paid before your study program commences in Australia. Apart from tuition fee, the students must expect other additional expenditures related to study such as course material, registration fee, library fee, sports facilities expenses and accessing institution payable facilities. (Visit Admissions Section for Details) .As per the estimated cost of study for different academic levels given by Australian Government for information of international students on Study in Australia official website is written as below:

  • Tuition Fees of Schools in Australia is between $7,800 to $30,000

  • Tuition Fees of English Language Studies Course is Nearly $300 per week depending on the length of  course

  • Tuition Fees of Vocational Education and Training Courses (Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas) is between  $4,000 to $22,000

  • Tuition Fees of Undergraduate Bachelors Degree Course is between  $15,000 to $33,000

  • Tuition Fees of Postgraduate Masters Degree Course is between  $20,000 to $37,000

  • Tuition Fees of Doctoral Degree Course is between $14,000 to $37,000

The estimated cost of study of high value courses including medical and veterinary degree courses is not being included in the above table. The cost of such courses is relatively quite high in Australia. The Australian National University which is one of the highest ranked universities of Australia charges AU$80,136 (~US$57,800) for medicine and surgery degree.


Cost of Living in Australia for PAkistani Students 2020

The cost of living is directly related to a person’s lifestyle, spending habits and location of accommodation. If you manage your expenses well and do not indulge in lavish splurge then you might even save some money and send it back home or keep it in your account. While living in Australia, the biggest challenge for a student is to afford a suitable accommodation. There are all types of student accommodations in Australia, but choosing one according to your pocket and comfort level matters as being an international student every penny is important.


Student Accommodation Rents in Australia

Commonly accommodation costs in urban cities are higher than rural areas and to specify even within urban cities there will be vivid contrast in rents according to localities. For that matter, search that accommodation option in Australia which can offer you reasonable rent, facilities, location, proximity to your university and part time work and shopping malls and also security. There rents of furnished apartments are obviously higher as compared to non furnished but it is appropriate for an international student to rent a furnished apartment because while studying you might not have time to arrange living necessities.


On Campus Accommodation Cost:

Not all universities offer on campus accommodation but the universities that offer charge around AUS$80 to AUS$250 per week.

Dormitories, Hostels and Student Guesthouses:

Rent per week will be around $90 to $150.

Shared Rooms:

Rent per week will be around $85 to $215.

Home stay:

Rent per week will be around $235 to $325.

Single Rented Apartment:

Rent per week will be around $165 to $440.

Accommodation in boarding schools:

Rent per year will be around $11,000 to $22,000.


Food and Groceries

Basic lunch time meal in an urban city with drink for one person: $16

One time combo meal in a fast food restaurant in BIG MAC or Others: $12

Chicken boneless breast (500 gr): $7

1 liter of milk bottle: $1.44

Dozen eggs: $6

Tomatoes 1 Kg: $5.06

Potatoes 1 Kg: $3.45

2 liter bottle of Coca Cola: $2.99

Loaf of bread for two people in one day: $2.63


Transportation expenditure

You need to travel around the city on daily basis as an international student living in Australia. You will be travelling to university then to work and back to your residence. There are public buses and trains running around the city. Buying a monthly travel pass for a public transport will cost you $145 on average. For per day travelling the average cost will be $4. Travelling in a taxi is the most expensive option for student it will cost around $2 per kilometer. If you live in an accommodation which is near your university then using a bicycle is best option for a student. The streets in Australia are designed considering the facility of bikers so moving around the city in bike is convenient and affordable.


Other expenses

Internet per month cost: $15

Movies ticket for 2 persons: $38

Gym membership per month: $81

Utilities of electricity, gas, heating per month: $35 to $140


Working Permission

International students have permission to work 20 hours a week (40 hours per fortnight). The minimum per hour wage in Australia is $16.87. By this calculation a student can earn minimum wage per month around $1280 which is enough to bear monthly expenses. (Visit Visa section of Our Website for Details about Australian Student Visa)


Australia welcomes foreign citizens who come to their country for study. Before you apply for a visa, you must be accepted and approved by the University or program. When you are accepted then that institute will provide the necessary approval documentation to be submitted when you apply for a student visa. If you have decided to study abroad in Australia then you will need to know about the types of visa.

What Visa do you need?

There are four basic levels of Education in Australia:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Vocational Education
  • Training and Higher education

Following are a few Types of Student Visa for Australia

  • Subclass 570:
  • For students undertaking English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS).
  • Subclass 571:
  • For students studying at primary or secondary school in approved Secondary Exchange Programs.
  • Subclass 572:
  • For Vocational Education and Training (VET) students to get Diploma/Certificate.
  • Subclass 573:
  • For Higher Education like Bachelor’s and associate degrees, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters Coursework.
  • Subclass 574:
  • For Postgraduate Research like Masters and PhD by research.
  • Subclass 575:
  • Let’s you study courses that does not lead to an Australian award.
  • Subclass 576:
  • For all types of full Courses tackled by AusAID or Defence students sponsored by the Australian Government.
  • Subclass 577:
  • It is student guardian’s visa. If student is younger than 18 years of age or needs special care in exceptional cases.
  • Subclass 578:
  • It allows fresh engineering graduates to gain up to 18 months of skilled experience. You can do anything in this time span i.e. study, work, travel etc. It is a temporary visa. However, you can try for PR afterwards.

Before You Apply for Australian Visa:

  • Check what Visa you need from above guide.
  • You have to be accepted by an Australian Educational Institute.
  • Check and collect Required Documents written below.

Required Documents toGet the Visa for Australia:

  • Original passport with one copy(s) (Passport should be valid for next six months at least).
  • Certificate of Enrolment or Letter of Offer
  • Evidence of health insurance cover.
  • Criminal record check results.
  • Receipt of fee that you have paid to university/college/institute.
  • ank statement will be required to show that you have enough money to study abroad and you can meet you expense of living too.
  • 4 passport size recent photographs
  • Original IELTS/TOEFL score report. You need at least 6.0 band score in IELTS.
  • Original educational and non–educational documents should be attested by IBCC and HEC.

How to Apply:

  • Download visa application form Australian Visa Application here online.
  • If applying online you will have to first register an account and then provide your all information along with required documents there.
  • Call for an Appointment at nearest AustralianVisa Application Centre in your city.
  • Here is a link to schedule an Appointment online.
  • Organize payment of Visa Fees. It will be submitted at Visa Centre.
  • To avoid any delay, submit all your required documents at the time of application.
  • Your biometrics will also be submitted there which includes your fingerprints and photographs.
  • Make sure you bring one extra copy for each document to avoid any misfortune in case of losing some document.
  • Be prepared for Interview! Here are some Australia Student Visa Interview Questions and tips
  • Along with this a biometric test will also be taken which includes your photographs and finger prints.
  • After fulfilling these requirement if you are successful in satisfying the Entry Clearance officer you will get your visa.

Visa Charges:

Visa Subclass Base Application Charge Applicant Charge 18 and Over Applicant Charge Under 18 Temporary Application Charge
Student visa (Subclass 500) AUD 550 AUD 410 AUD 135 AUD 700
Student visa (subsequent entrant) AUD 550 AUD 410 AUD 135 AUD 700
Student visa (subclass 500) – Foreign Affairs or Defense sector None None None None
AUD 550 None None None None
Student Guardian AUD 550 None None AUD 700


Do not present false documents. Fraud or misrepresentation can result in permanent visa ineligibility. If confidentiality is a concern, please know that the Australian Embassy or Consulate will not make your true information available to anyone and will respect the confidentiality of your information.

undergraduate and postgraduate admission requirements in Australia for Pakistani students

Australia is considered as the top third most desirable study abroad destination for international students. Australian universities have worldwide accolade due to excellence of academic performance and scientific research. Seven of Australian universities have honor to be ranked among world’s top hundred best universities. Despite imparting distinguished higher education degrees, the living cost and study cost in Australia are reasonable. Post graduation career opportunities are another highlight in Australia for study abroad aspirants. The elements of high quality of education, modern teaching methodologies, effective research, globalized environment and emphasis on innovation are perquisites of Australian higher education system. Choosing Australia as your study abroad destination is certainly a best choice for an international student. The procedure of admission in Australian universities is being explained in detail in the following guide:


Selecting an Ideal University for You in Australia

When you are done selecting Australia as your study abroad destination the process to do admission planning begins. Australia is an English speaking country which makes a lot easier to find out admissions procedure. There are around 1100 higher education institutions in Australia which offer plethora of courses at under graduate and post graduate levels. While choosing an apt and most suitable university for you in Australia consider following factors:

  • The institute must be accredited by higher education department of Australia or concerned authority

  • If the university is located in the city of Australia at which you wish to stay

  • Compare tuition fee with other institutions of Australia

  • Ensure you meet admission eligibility before submitting application

  • Availability of on campus accommodation

  • Availability of scholarships and financial grants in Australia


Selecting a Study Program

In contrast with the past students have countless choices of education streams. Each education stream leads to various career opportunities and that too ensuring a potential of professional growth. Students must pay in depth consideration on their preferred field of interest and their skills and limitation at the time of choosing a study program. Evidently, you are likely to study those subjects and topics which interest more passionately and result in getting high grades. After when you have selected a university to study abroad in Australia check if it offers the study program you want to pursue. While selecting a study program check the required academic eligibility, language requirements and merit for admission of your study program before finalizing.


Taking Guidance from Study Abroad Consultants

Study abroad consultants are well known to latest admission requirements and visa perquisites according to your nationality. They deal with study abroad aspirants on daily basis which makes them experienced to deliver you required knowledge of admissions and visas. By taking guidance of a study abroad consultant you can apply for admission on time without chance of application mistakes. Study abroad consultants can guide you step by step procedure of studying abroad in Australia saving your money and time.


How to Apply for Admissions in Australia Universiteis 2020

Admissions in Australian Universities are accepted on the basis of merit and academic capability. The large numbers of international admissions in Australian Universities have set the bar of education quality very high. The academic platform is highly competitive and standardized. The international students have to meet similar admission merit and requirements as the residents of Australia. In addition to that the entry requirements may vary from Australian University to other and same goes to study programs. For example, for admissions in engineering, medical and IT related courses the admissions requirement require high grades. If you meet minimum entry requirements of admission there is a chance you might get a seat in an Australian University but the higher your grades are the higher are your chances of getting admission. The general minimum admission requirements in Australian Universities are enumerated below:


Entry Requirements:


Qualification required for Admission in an undergraduate program In Australia:

The candidate must have completed a 12 years education (higher secondary school certificate) that must be equivalent to Australian qualification assessment references. At least 60% grades must be attained in four passing subjects. The degree must be attained from a recognized institute.


Qualification required for Admission in post graduate (Masters) program:

Bachelor’s degree attained from a recognized institute. The Bachelor’s degree must be equivalent to Australian Bachelor’s Degree deemed by qualification assessment references of your selected University. Minimum grades acquired in subjects, required knowledge and working experience depends on the study program you have selected for admission.


Qualification required for Admission in post graduate (PhD) program:

Master’s degree or Bachelor’s honors degree that must be equivalent to Australian qualification assessment references of your selected Australian University. Minimum grades, required skills, research work, working experience and academic capability will be ascertained according to your selected study program.


Language Requirements for Pakistani Students to Study in Australian Universities:

Australia is English speaking country therefore you will mostly find English taught programs to study there in all academic levels. The countries where English is not a native language, the students belonging from there need to fulfill English proficiency requirements by passing one of English language proficiency test. IELTS course is accepted for admissions and student visa in Australia. Apart from IELTS students can also do following English language proficiency tests for admission in Australian Universities:

  • Australian Technology and Management College (ATMC) Test,

  • Cambridge Advanced  English (CAE),

  • Common European Framework Certificate of English Proficiency,

  • Navitas  Academic English,

  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic module,

  • TOEFL Internet based Test (iBT),

The minimum grades and score can be ascertained by Australian Universities for admission requirements. For IELTS the minimum passing score must be 6.0, writing grade 5.5. No band score less than 5.0 will be accepted.


Documents Required for Admissions in Australia for Pakistani Students 2020

Australian universities accept admission application directly submitted at their official website. The student would need to submit an online application form along with pdf file of documents required. The submission requirement may vary from one Australian university to other and according to study program.

  • Verified copies of all your academic transcripts of results, certificates, grading system explained of your country must be explained in an exclusive document (if required)

  • Paid admission fee receipt (that can be around $100)

  • A completely filled application form

  • English language proficiency test certificate

  • Copy of applicant’s passport and national identity card

  • Statement of intent (written by applicant explaining why he/she has chosen a certain study program for admissions and explaining professional aspirations)

  • Bank statement 9proving that if granted admission the person can afford tuition fee and living expenses)

  • Work experience (particularly for post graduate courses and for those who are applying for admission after some duration gap from their last attained degree)

  • Recommendation letters (written by applicant’s teacher stating the applicant’s eligibility to attain admission in intended study program)

  • Other supporting documents


guide for Pakistani students who want to live in Australia

Studying in abroad comes with challenges and transition. Though this challenging experience of staying away from your family and home town for the sake attaining an education and perfecting yourself for a brighter future promises ultimate success. Australia can prove to be an exceptional study abroad destination in terms of quality education, affordable living, and safety, post graduation visa and career opportunities and above all having a life changing experience that will remain with you for a lifetime. After having chose an institution in Australia for higher education it is best to search all the available accommodation options for your stay in Australia because that will be your temporary home for duration of your entire study program.  (Get PR VISA of Australia Details).Below is the complete guide elaborating types of accommodation options available for you to stay in Australia from which you can choose one according to your needs and facilities.

  • On Campus Residency (Halls of Residence)

  • College Apartments and Dormitories

  • Home Stay

  • Private Renting Accommodation

  • Hostels and Guest Houses


On Campus Residency

On campus residency is most favored by international students. As you receive an acceptance letter from Australian University confirming your admission, the nest step is to arrange for visa and choosing an accommodation type. The universities usually send on campus residency pamphlet to international students along with per month or per week renting details. It is not necessary that on campus residency is situated inside the university premises sometimes the facility is located outside the campus nearby but it is affiliated with your university.


Facilities in Halls of Residence

Halls of residency offer private flats and shared rooms each having separate rents and facilities. The students can choose one according to their preference and budget. The utility bills including electricity, gas and water will be added in your rent. The rooms will be furnished and you also can have addition free internet facility. Depending on accommodation type you have chosen the facilities vary. A few universities or institution may also offer one time meal which will be included in rent.


Apartments in Halls of Residence

More specifically, considering the needs of different international students, the universities have created halls of residence accordingly. The apartments in halls of residence are designed similarly as private apartments. The apartments consist of:

  • Furnished room with bed, chair, mattress, study table and lamp

  • Private bathroom

  • Private Kitchen

  • Free internet Access


Shared Rooms in Halls of Residence

The shared rooms in halls of residence are often designated to students of same faculty. The facilities will be similar but with less privacy. The students will share same room space and bathroom whereas there will be one common kitchenette for students of each floor. But it is obviously less expensive on camps facility.


Why Pakistani Students Should Choose on Campus Accommodation?


The Pros and Cons


  • Proximity to university (saving you time and travel fares)

  • Least expensive renting among other accommodation option for students

  • Getting to know your university fellows

  • Updates about university events  (parties, formal balls, welfare events)and getting entry passes

  • Facilities of Gym, Laundry Room, Bicycle Parking and Swimming Pools

  • Safety Factor (the on campus residency is well managed and organized, it has 24/7 camera security system, the visitors can enter and exit after checking by guards)


  • Less Privacy

  • Your movement of coming and going out will be under restricted timings

  • Sharing kitchenette and bathroom might be a problem for some students


College Apartments and Dormitories

Universities help international students find a most suitable dormitory or college apartment at different budgets. College apartments or dormitories are more independently styled halls of residence.  These have almost similar facilities as halls of residence but with more privacy. You can find this type of accommodation by searching through online websites or through accommodation department of your university. You can rent a shared room, studio apartments or apartment with single room in college apartments and dormitories. The common facilities offered to students residing in dormitories include Gym, Laundry Room, Parking for bicycles, Sitting room, Study room, and Equipped Kitchenette.  But they are more expensive then university halls of residence. Such kind of accommodation type can also be affiliated with university but not necessarily.


Why Choose College Apartments and Dormitories?


Pros and Cons


  • No restriction of time and independence

  • Proximity to university

  • Free internet

  • Furnished rooms and common facilities

  • Security


  • Expensive than halls of residence

  • No free meal included


Home Stay

Home stay is a common trend in foreign countries where international students study in huge number. Same is the case with Australia, thousands of international students travel to Australia each for higher education. The stay and travelling of international students have given a source of earning to local community. The house owners who have a spare room in their houses offer an international student or two students to rent that room to earn some amount. You can find home stay adds in websites quite easily. The cost of home stay obviously varies on the locality and facilities but it is a reasonable option in terms of cost.  


Why Choose Home Stay Accommodation Type?


Pros and Cons


  • Family like atmosphere

  • Meals included

  • Reasonable rents

  • Utility bills included in the rent

  • Getting to know  culture

  • Making contacts and knowing local people


  • Less Privacy

  • Restrictions on getting back in home at certain time table

  • You will have to make adjustments in your lifestyle according to your host family

  • The family may not allow to invite your friends over frequently

  • If the family have kids you might be troubled to study because of noise


Private Renting Accommodation

Relatively an expensive option for a student to afford but certainly has many facilities. The rents may vary according to the location in the city, accommodation capacity, furnished or non furnished and duration of stay. Finding an apartment, flat, studio apartment to rent privately is being done on personal basis. It is preferred to live ion Australia for a year at least before shifting to a private space of living. You can find adds of private renting accommodation on campus notice boards, websites, newspapers or from real estate agents. It will require signing a rental in which you will agree to terms and conditions and delay on paying monthly rent might involve charging a fine.


Why Choose Private Renting Accommodation


Pros and Cons


  • Privacy and no restriction of time

  • You can share the accommodation with your friends and share the bills

  • Living in the area of your preference

  • No restriction on inviting friends over to stay or partying

  • Learning to become self sufficient by doing home chores on your own

  • You become master of your life

  • You can focus on your study more in this private time 

  • You can have a laundry room, private kitchen and sitting area to enjoy your free time after job and university by inviting your friends


  • The terms of rental might be difficult to follow every month

  • Expensive rents and utility bills

  • You will have to manage your own security

  • No meals and common facilities of GYM and Free Internet Included

  • If you choose to share your accommodation with another person whom you don’t know much then it is risky situation


Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are although rented privately by international students but the facilities offered by hostels are almost similar to on campus accommodation. The rents of hostels are not much higher. You can have furnished room for one or shared room for two students in hostels.  The hostels usually have common facilities of one common kitchen for students residing in each floor, laundry room, gaming area, sitting area and studying room.  The dorm style hostels are located in various located areas of Australian cities. The rent will be based in the locality of the area in the city, facilities and duration of stay. Hostels are mostly chosen by those students who are enrolled in short term course in Australia.


Why Choose Living in Hostels?


Pros and Cons


  • Affordable living

  • Meals and utility bills will be included in per month rent

  • Proximity to university

  • Socializing with fellow students


  • Sharing facilities of kitchen, bathroom and adjusting your lifestyle according your room mate

  • Less privacy

  • Restricted timings for outings and entering back to hostel

  • Hustle and bustle, you might find it difficult to concentrate on studying while people are constantly moving up and down the hallway

  • The menu of meals offered to you will be similar which might not suit your taste but as it is included in rent you will have to pay for it


What Are the Basic Points to Consider While Choosing an Accommodation in Abroad for Study?

  • Locality (as an international student travelling to abroad without family it is required to think about security first. Consult the accommodation department of your university, do online search and then make a final decision)

  • Rents (the rents are dependent on the location and facilities, do not pick the first option you get, do through search about rents and then make decision by doing comparison)

  • Read terms and conditions of rental paper carefully before signing and agreeing

  • Check if any extra charges or hidden charges involve before entering the apartment

  • Before choosing an expensive accommodation consider will you be able to afford it monthly?

  • If you are a private person and don’t like to deal share your living space with someone else then don’t commit to it. Because changing the accommodation type once you entered into one is going to be expensive and difficult.

  • You can take guidance from a study abroad consultant who deals with international students and know the local areas of foreign countries very specifically.


jobs in australian for Pakistani students full time and part time

Doing part time work during higher education is part of a culture in western countries. Majority of students start doing part time work to afford their tuition fee and other living expenses after 18 years of age unlike Asian countries where majority of students are financially dependent on their parents for academic expenditures. Certainly, since moving to a foreign land and staying there for education requires quite high amount. Doing part time almost becomes part and parcel of studying in abroad. Australia is quite an adjustable country for an international student as there are plenty of part time jobs facilities and career growth opportunities. The amount paid for per hour work is justified according to your working condition and you will not be treated illegally at any cost.


Minimum Part Time Wage in Australia for Pakistani Students 

 Australia is one generous state for international students. You get have 20 hours a week working permission while you study and have working rights and benefits on your student visa of Australia without any additional work permit. The minimum per hour wage is 20 AUD which is a reasonable amount to bear your monthly expenses. Depending on your occupation, skills and experience the wage might be greater than this. Especially in holidays when student is allowed to work full time, the monthly earnings will be ideal in Australia. The minimum per week wage is around $719.20 which can be higher than this based on your occupation.

Conditions of Doing Part Time Work as a Student in Australia

 But there are restrictions of part time work in Australia which include your education must not be compromised, your academic percentage must be satisfactory, your academic expenses must not solely be afforded through your part time work and the working hours allowed must not be illegally extended. (Get Details about Permanent Residency of Australia for Post Graduation Work Options)


Rights of an International Student While Working Part time in Australia

Australia serves justice to all its citizens, tourists, international students or natives. While signing an employment contract of part time work or full time employment, both employer and employee sign up to terms and conditions ascertain by Government of Australia which gives following basic rights to workers:

  • The student must be paid at least minimum wage and superannuation

  • The employer cannot dismiss you from work without solid reason and notification

  • You can have medical leave, paid leave in case of an emergency or similar, have breaks during work and resting periods during working hours

  • You are liable to have a safe and healthy working environment

  • The temporary resident holders are liable to be given super from employer

  • The employers have to ascertain that your mental and physical health in any case has not been comprised while under his employment contract.

  • Workers compensation (your employer has to provide you medical insurance in case you get hurt by work… it applies to certain occupations where physical work is involved as driving, loading and others) the compensation will involve medical insurance and paid leave until you are able to work again.

  • The above mentioned rights are given to all legal workers in Australia whether they are on temporary visa or permanent residents or natives.


How Pakistani Students can Find Part Time Work in Australia

Finding a part time job in Australia is not a complicated pursuit. Here are the ways of finding a part time job in Australia:

  • Online websites and Local News Papers

  • Campus Notice Boards

  • Registering at Recruitment Firms

  • Contact The International Students Support Staff For Help in Finding Job


Types of Part Time Jobs in Australia


Retail Jobs

Dealing with customers, selling products, customer services in shops, departmental stores, clothing brands and local shops is called a retail job. It is a common type of job adopted by students. It has flexible working hours, no special skills and experience required, enhances your communication skill and you get a good amount of per hour or per week wage. By getting a retail job in reputed brands as Addidas, Levis and Denim the monthly salary will be higher than common shops.


Administrative Jobs

Administrative jobs include helping the employer or company with registering and managing records, dealing with clients, clerical work, attending phone calls, writing e-mails, management of office work, scheduling the working hours of employers and updating work report of the staff to the employer daily. Companies hire students for administrative jobs because of their passionate and energetic approach to work and capacity to deal with hectic schedule. Event management companies, offices, shops, cinemas, restaurants, hotels and departmental stores give administrative jobs to international students without having condition of working experience. The hourly pay for administrative job in Australia can be around $35.98.


Waiters and Waitresses

Finding a job in local cafes, restaurants and hotels for attending and serving customers will pay you around AU$17.31 per hour. Such kinds of jobs are easily attainable without any working experience involved and according to your available hours after university classes. This simple type job can prove to be an important learning experience, giving you idea about dealing with demands of customer’s on daily basis, increasing your work agility and enhancing your language and communication skills.


Data Entry Officer

The students having worked previously as data entry officer or can learn to enter data by taking few lessons from trained teams of companies can earn around $1,101 a week. The students who are even planning to study abroad can learn data entry skill and earn a good per week amount in Australia while studying.  Software houses, companies and firms hire international students for data entry jobs on permanent per year basis under part time working hours allowed by the Government of Australia.


Cashier and Accountant

Those skilled in accountancy and are good at mathematics can do job of a cashier or accountant in Australia. The job involves keeping overview of financial operations of a company, maintaining financial reports in detail, calculating sales and revenue of the company and keeping general accounting records. This job might require experience of a year or two. The hourly wage can be around $22.91.


Food Preparation and Kitchen Team Member

The job for food preparation is simple, the restaurants and cafes hire individuals for preparation of food ingredients. The job does not requires any special skill or experience,. The student would have flexible working hours. English speaking ability and cleanliness and punctuality will be required for work. The hourly wage can be around $18.18 to $26.47.



Private organizations hire international students for fundraising. The job involves attending events, dealing with customers and industry experts for promotion and marketing, spreading awareness and expanding customer base of the organization through organizing campaigns. You can earn weekly $1150 by doing fundraising job. The experience might be required by the employers and English speaking skills must be A Level.  The student must have ability to deal with people, dynamic and lively in demeanor and can research about hiring organization to answer any question.



The role of a receptionist does not require any particular skill expect proficiency in English language. You will be able to earn $21-23 per hour after your university classes. The job requires to attending calls, transferring to related person, keeping the record of call, notifying if someone has left message for any staff member, data entering of calls, cash management and general typing.


Part Time Guest Service Officer Or Tourist Guide

Australia is tourist spot. There are a large number of tourists or guest services companies. You can earn $23.86 per hour by doing guest servicing job. The skills required for being a tourist guide include: English language proficiency, knowledge about tourist spots, driving license, handling cash and communication skills. The companies might ask for your experience in tourism before.


Internships in Australia for Pakistani Students 2020

Doing internships and traineeship in local business, companies firms or organization is the best way to learn about working environment, getting experience of working in the industry and getting training of your occupation. Internships are a huge plus post graduation and it is a best way to get recognition in job marker. Based on your working capacity and talent you might b able to attain a full time job contract after internship. To get an internship job the student can visit companies related to his/her field and leave an application for internship. Local newspapers and websites are great way to access internship positions.


Post Graduation Jobs in Australia for Pakistani Students 2020

The Government of Australia allows an international student to stay in Australia on working basis after graduating from there. The students can apply for any of the two temporary residents visas such as: Temporary Graduate Visa and Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa (For Engineers) and stay up to 2 years in Australia legally. During this duration they can attain a work experience and training of profession according to their degree major and after acquiring experience and required skills they can apply for Permanent Residency. The permanent residency holders have similar rights as citizens of Australia. They can work, study and travel in Australia without restriction and can enjoy employment rights such as sick leaves, paid holidays, medical insurance, and protection against unlawful dismissal from job.


Temporary Graduate Visa:

The students who want to stay in Australia for professional training for employment can attain Temporary Graduate Visa. On the time for applying this type of visa the candidate must be in Australia, he must have completed a post graduate degree from Australia; his age must be under 49 and also must have met character and health requirements of Australian Government. The duration allowed for stay under this visa is being set according to qualification I-e Bachelors Degree (2 Years), Masters Degree Course Work (2 Years), Masters Degree Research (3 Years) and PhD Degree (4 Years). This visa will not be extended. After attaining job experience or doing internship according to your degree major you can apply for other types of permanent residence based on points system and skills.


Skilled—Recognised graduate visa (For Engineers):

The students who have completed an engineering diploma, certificate, training program or degree from Australia are eligible to apply for Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa. This visa allows the applicant to stay in Australia for 18 months duration to get a professional experience in their specialized field I-e (chemical, electrical, civil or others types of engineering fields). The holders of this type of visa are allowed to visit outside Australia without restriction and this visa will not be extended more than allowed duration. The candidates will be required to apply for other types of permanent resident visas which will be based on their skills, occupation and experience.

There are well established and growing multinational companies based in Austria such as:

  • Wesfarmers

  • Woolworths

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia

  • BHP

  • Westpac Banking Corporation

  • Rio Tinto

  • ANZ Banking Group

  • NAB

  • Google

  • CIMIC Group

  • Macquarie Group

  • Lendlease

  • Bega

After attaining the above mentioned temporary residency the candidate is allowed to try his luck and grasp experience in his occupation. The unemployment rate in Australia was 5.3% in 2018. Australia is an economically developed country with plenty of career opportunities for graduates and it is one such reason which entice international students to study abroad in Australia.

australia citizenship guide for Pakistani students

Majority of international students apply for permanent residency after having been lived in a foreign country for their study program. The ulterior motive of studying abroad is access to best possible career opportunities. Australia is one such country in the world which is full of opportunities and possibilities for migrants. As per Australian Bureau of Statistics survey conducted in 2016, 28.5% of estimated resident populations (ERP) of Australia are immigrants. Australia is an economically well heeled country which is huge in area but not densely populated. Settling in Australia after graduation from there is easier and it is allowed by Government of Australia on the basis of skills and academic profile of a student. The path to attain permanent residency of Australia after attaining degree from Australian University is elaborated in the guide below:


Temporary Graduate Visa 

The most suitable option to attain a permanent residency of Australia is to apply for Temporary Graduate Visa. By attaining this visa the candidate can work, study and travel in Australia for 2 to 4 years. It allows candidates to earn required professional skills according to their degree major and enhance their language skill until they are ready to apply for Skill Select Immigration procedure of Australia. The duration of stay allowed to you under Temporary Graduate Visa depends on your degree level and qualification attained in Australia such as:

  • Bachelors Degree or Bachelors Honors Degree Attained From Australia (2 years)

  • Masters Degree By Course Work (2 years)

  • Masters Degree By Research Work  (3 years)

  • PhD Degree (4 years)

Note:-This visa is temporary. Allowed to you according to your qualification (I-e 2 to 4 years) and after end of this time duration you will have to apply for skilled work visas. This visa will not be extended longer than the period allowed to you at first.



To attain Temporary Graduate Visa the international student has to meet eligibility criteria set by Department of Home Affairs Australia which is as follows:

  • The candidate must be in Australia while applying for Temporary Graduate Visa

  • The candidate’s age must b under 50 years of age

  • The course you studied in Australia was a registered course by CRICOS

  • The candidate had completed the requirements if study course successfully

  • The course studied by candidate was taught in English language

  • The course you studied was completed in two Australian academic years (92 weeks of study)

  • The candidate was physically present in Australia for at least 16 calendar months during the term time of the course

  • The candidate had Australian study visa for the entire duration of his study

  • A valid national passport

  • English proficiency test certificate (must not be acquired more than 3 years ago). IELTS, TOEFL iBT, Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic), Occupational English Test (OET), Cambridge C1 Advanced test. The nationals of the UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada and Republic of Ireland are exempted from providing English language proficiency test certificate. (Visit Test Section to Get Upcoming  IELTS and TOEFL Test Dates)

  • The candidate must meet Australian health requirement (the candidate must not be suffering from a disease that can threaten health of public)

  • The candidate must meet Australian character requirement (you do not have criminal record, history of escape from immigration detention, you had remained in good character during your education period in Australia)

  • The candidate had to sign the Australian value statement (the candidate will sign an Australian value statement vowing that he will abide the rules and regulations of Australian law and respect the Australian people and their way of living)

  • The candidate must not have debt against him or any of his family members from Australian Government. If he owes money to Australian Government then he must arrange to pay the amount to avail this visa.

  • The candidate has not had a visa request cancelled before applying for this visa. ( if you have had applied for an immigration visa or any other visa while your stay in Australia and that got cancelled then you can’t apply for Temporary Graduate Visa of Australia)

  • The candidate has purchased an adequate health insurance coverage for the duration of his stay

  • An adequate means of income


Cost of Applying Temporary Graduate Visa

The cost of visa is AUD1, 535. Extra fee will be charged for health assessment, police verification and other biometric procedures. If any of your family members is included in your visa application then you will have to pay full visa fee per member.


Visa Processing Duration

You must apply for this 6 months before your student visa expires. The visa processing can take longer time to process if you have not filled the visa application form completely or of there are any mistakes.


Permission to Travel outside Australia

The holders of Temporary Graduate Visa can travel outside Australia as many times as they want to but this duration in which they were absent from Australian does not extend visa.


Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa

It is another type of temporary residency permit visa which can be applied by those international students who have done engineering degree from Australia. After completing their study program from Australia, the engineering discipline can apply for Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa. By attaining this visa the graduates stay in Australia for 18 months during this period they will be allowed to work, travel and study in Australia. Before this duration ends the graduates must get a professional experience in their field of engineering discipline to apply for Skill Select immigration procedure. This type of visa is only applicable for engineering degree holders. The engineering must be attained from an Australian recognized institute of at least two academic years duration. The engineering degree can be at either one of Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral or Post Graduate Levels.


Age limit

The applicant must be under 31 years of age



  • The candidate applying for Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa must not have been holder of Temporary Graduate visa previously

  • The candidate must meet health requirement of Australia (the health inspector will ensure through medical checkup that the candidate is not suffering from any disease that can threaten public health)

  • The candidate must meet Australian character requirement (must not have any criminal record and must not have escaped from immigration detention)

  • The candidate should have a valid national passport

  • English proficiency test certificate

  • The candidate will have to sign an Australian values statement (vowing that he will fulfill the law obligations of Australia and respect the way of living of Australian people)

  • The candidate is not indebted to Australian Government

  • The candidate not have had any visa cancelled before applying for Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa


Cost of Applying for Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa

The candidate will have to pay AUD375. The health checkup, police statement and biometric documentation charges will other than this fee.


Visa processing Duration

The candidate is required to apply for Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa 6 months before his study program ends. The visa process can take longer if the candidate has not completely filled the visa application form or f there are any mistakes found.


Permission to Travel outside Australia While on Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa

While the time of applying for Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa the candidate can be outside or inside Australia there is no obligation. After getting the visa the candidate is allowed to travel outside Australia as many times as he wants but the visa will not be extended on behalf of days and months of absence from Australia.

SkillSelect migration program

International students who have gained a professional experience during temporary residency stay duration can apply for Skill Select Migration Program. Skill Select Migration Program is controlled by Department of Immigration and Border’s Protection Australia. The international students who want to gain permanent residency of Australia can apply for Skill Select Migration Program through online website of Australian Government based on their qualification, work experience, skills and professional capabilities.


Procedure of Skill Select Migration Program

By logging into Australian Government Home Affairs Official Website online, the international students staying in Australia or intending migrants outside Australia can make expression of Interest (EOI). The EOI can/t be regarded as formal visa application and the department of Home Affairs Australia is not charging any fee for submitting an EOI in Skill Select.


EOI Procedure in Skill Select

By completing EOI in Skill Select, you will be included in the list of receiving an invitation of visa. The EOI remains valid for two years duration and not completely filled EOI is accepted by Skill Select. During this two years EOI validity, you can update your EOI in case of changing circumstances. The EOI can’t be updated after receiving visa invitation. You can update your EOI under following circumstances:

  • You have gained a new degree

  • You have gained a new work experience or skill

  • You have enhanced your English speaking capability

  • Your family structure has changed

Based on these circumstances your points score increases and your visa eligibility rankings tops up. The candidates of EOI must provide any false information about his qualifications and work experience. In this case, the EOI will be rejected at once.

Skill Select will remove your EOI in following cases:

  • If the candidate receives two invitations in response to his EOI but does not lodge visa application for either of them

  • If the candidates receive an invitation to lodge a visa request for a permanent or provisional visa and has been granted with anyone of the two permanent visas.

By submitting an expression of interest (EOI) in Skill Select you can attain permanent residency through Skilled Independent Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme based on your skill assessment through point tests.


Point Tests

To gain permanent residency the Department of Home Affairs has set points test to assess skills of the applicant. Based on this points test the eligibility of getting an invitation to lodge permanent residency visa will increase. The point’s criterion is mentioned below:

  • Age Limit (the applicant must be under 49 years of age)

  • English Language Proficiency Grades

  • Experience of skilled employment in Australia or other overseas countries. The skilled experience must be in occupation which you have selected in Skill select or it must be closely related to it.

  • The Level of your qualification (Bachelors, PGD Diploma, Masters, PhD)

  • Qualification attained from Australia ( must be of two years course)

  • You have studied and lived in regional Australia or in a metropolitan city of Australia with low growth

  • You have learnt one of Australian community languages

  • You have completed Professional Year Program (PYP) in Australia which is approved by Government of Australia

If you meet the above point you will be invited to lodge a visa application based on your qualification, selected occupation and skills. Those who fail tops the points test can attain more qualification, attain work experience and enhance their skills in their professional field. The temporary visas mentioned above are pathway to attain residency of Australia. During this duration they can work experience in their occupation and enhance their working skills according to requirements of job market. By attaining a permanent residency of Australia the candidate is eligible to attain all the rights and privileges same as Australian citizens. They have access to public health care facilities, paid holidays, government grants and welfare benefits, pensions except the right to vote.


Frequently Ask Questions

Quick Facts About Australia

  • Population

    24.6 million

  • National language


  • Top 3 religion

    Christianity, Islam, Hinduism

  • International Students


  • International Students


  • Capital


  • largest 3 cities

    Sydney, Melbourne, Victoria

  • Currency

    Australian dollar (AUD) = Rs.98

  • Time difference with Pakistan

    6 hours ahead from Pakistan

  • Work rule for International students

    20 hours/Week

  • Wages for students

    20 AUD/hour

  • Economy

    13th largest economy

  • Per capita income


  • Immigrant population

    9th largest immigrants with 26% of population

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Australia is one of the best sought after Country when it comes to international destination to study. Australian Universities provide a wide variety of study programs. Australia is the nation of immigrants and is the land where a Pakistanis take up Australian citizenship once they have studied there.

The Pakistani students who have taken up admission in Australian universities with or without scholarship must apply at the Australian embassy on immediate basis.

The High commission of Australia is located in Islamabad and Visa application centers are situated at Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. has gathered information about every detail of the Australian embassy for the convenience and easy access of Pakistani students.


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