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updated step by step guide for Pakistani students to study

Studying in abroad is certainly an expensive and complex process. The study abroad aspirants travel to a distant land away from their family and friends for the sake of attaining high quality education and uplifting their life standards. There are many study abroad options at present times each better than the other. Austria is certainly a top choice among international students at present times. The quality of life enjoyed by expats and citizens of Austria is one selling point tempting students to select Austria as their study abroad destination. Austria is 14th richest country of the word by GDP. The working hours allowed to students are restricted by government to enable students keep their focus on work.


Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Austria 2020?

The accommodation is inexpensive as the government has ensured that no expat or citizen has to pay more than 25% of his/her income on rent. Post graduation opportunities are available for students according to their academic profiles and working skills and expertise. The quality of higher education is not less than the UK and Germany. Austria is although majorly a German speaking country but universities their offer plethora of courses in English medium. The general requirements of studying abroad are written below to give an overview of living in Austria as an international student:


Admissions in Austrian Universities 2020 for Pakistani Students 

Admissions criteria in Austria are decided by universities themselves. You can apply for admission at an Austrian Higher education Institution through online website. For admission in an under graduate program most of the Austrian Universities take entrance examination to assess academic eligibility of the applicant. For admissions in post graduates program the merit system is simple. The university will require your academic transcripts, recommendation letter from your professors, letter of intent written by you explaining why have you chosen a certain program for pursuing your degree, language proficiency test certificate of German or English language whichever medium of instruction for your study program you have chosen and a filled application. After being selected for the program in Austrian University you will be emailed an acceptance letter from university giving you details about tuition fee or scholarship availability if any and also asking for verification of your documents from Austrian Embassy located in your country.


Updated Student Visa of Austria Guide for Pakistani Students 2020

Those admitted in a study program at Austrian University which has duration of six months will be issued a student visa. Whereas those admitted in a study program at an Austrian University which has duration of more than 6 months will be issued a residence permit student of Austria. To attain either of the student visa or residence permit for students the applicants need to know that the University they are taking admission in must be accredited by Government of Austria. For both type of visas, the applicants need to provide a valid travel document (passport and national identity card), clearance letter from local police station stating the you don’t have criminal charge registered against you, proof of paid tuition fee, proof of accommodation arranged in Austria for duration of your stay, Bank statement proving that you have financial resources to back your living and study expenses and language proficiency test.


How Pakistani Students can Get Permanent Residence of Austria 2020

Austrian government has introduced 6 immigration programs based on education, skills and employment eligibility of an applicant. The students can extend their residence permit duration up to 12 months to find an employment. During this duration the can search for a job according to their qualification and professional mastery. After attaining a job contract from employer they become eligible for one of the immigration program and get Red-White-Red Card and paid accordingly. The minimum wage and employment services and facilities are controlled by Government of Austria. Upon getting Red-White-Red Card the holder is subject to all state provided privileges and sanctions expect for the right to vote. If you continue to live in Austria for 8 years un interrupted, it makes you eligible to attain citizenship of Austria on condition of clearance letter from police station proving that you has been a responsible resident throughout all these years.


Living Expenses and Study Expenses Austria for International Students 2020


Study Cost

People have general perception of Austria as an expensive country of Europe. When in reality it is way more reasonable in cost of living and study than other famous European countries such as the UK and Ireland. A student can expect to pay around 1450 Euros per year for a post graduation study course. The University of Vienna is the top ranked university of Austria consequently it is the most expensive one. You can expect to pay around 700 Euros per semester in University if Vienna. The public sector universities offer a considerably low cost per year fee contrary to it private universities are quite expensive.


Living Cost

The living cost in Austria is substantially low cost. Despite being a popular study abroad destination and a tourist destination, Vienna is not expensive as London or Dublin. The universities in Austria do not offer on campus accommodation but there are private dormitories which are connected with universities or owned by universities where majority of international students reside. You can expect to pay 300 to 500 Euros per month including bills which is quite cheap owing to the fact that Austria is one of the richest countries in the world. The dormitories have all the facilities that a student can ask for; the location is near to public transports, universities, free internet, bicycle parking area, furnished kitchens, furnished bedrooms. In dormitories you can have single room, shared room, apartment, studio apartment or flat. Private housing is also not so expensive. You can expect to get a private accommodation in 300 to 500 Euros with almost same facilities as dormitories but with privacy. Food is expensive especially in winter season when finding fresh vegetables and fruits gets short due to weather.

On average a student requires approximately 800 to 1000 Euros per month to bear his/her living expenses.


Latest Student Jobs in Austria for Pakistani Students 2020

In Austria work permit is applied by the employer on your behalf for providing you an employment contract. You will be eligible for availing all employment benefits of paid holidays, protection against unlawful and uninformed dismissal from job and sick leaves by registering your employment contract with local authorities. The wage will be settled according to law of Austria and you will be duly paid. Masters students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week and Bachelors students are allowed to work for 10 hours a week. There are plenty of job options for students in Austria and on average a student can earn 800 to 1000 Euros per month.

get to know why pakistani students and international students should study in Austria universities

The students exploring web to choose a pre-eminent study abroad destination for their higher studies based on fact based information can read this guide thoroughly. We have an explicit answer to your Why study abroad in Austria query. Austria is one the richest countries of the world, it has excelling education system, home to top ranked universities, safe and secure environment, post graduation visa option, it ranks in top 15 countries of the world in terms of highest quality of life, modern education environment focusing on developing skills of students, located in the heart of Europe with breathtaking natural landscapes and clean atmosphere. There is serene, calm and peaceful side of Austria and on the other hand it is home to 9 World Heritage Sites nominated by UNESCO and full of recreational activities like skiing, climbing, hiking and water sports. International students have concluded education quality and quality of living in Austria as satisfying and progressive in survey conducted by in 2014.


High Caliber of Education in Austria for Pakistani Students 

Austria has been following a tradition academic excellence since centuries. The first university of Vienna which is largest university of Austria was established in 1365. Austrian Universities are overseen by Federal Ministry for Science and Research which ensure quality of education is of high caliber. Every higher education applicant has to pass Matura examination for admissions. Quality assurance and par excellence degree courses are priority of Austrian Government.


Place of Austrian Universities in QS World Ranking Lists for International Students 

In 2017, QS World University Rankings had positioned University of Vienna at 154th position. Other Austrian Universities such as Universität Wien, Technische Universität Wien, Universität Innsbruck and Medizinische Universität Wien rank in top 500 universities of the world.


How to Get Permission to Work While Studying in Austria for Pakistani Students 2020

International students are allowed to work 10 to 20 hours a week part time while they study. The Bachelor’s students can work up to 10 hours a week and Masters students can work up to 20 hours a week. The minimum per hour wage in Austria is 14, 2€. By this calculation, students can earn 1120€ per month and save for their tuition of next semester. In comparison to UK and US, the cost of study in Austria is relatively low.


Post Graduation Work Opportunities in Austria for Pakistani Students 2020

Post graduation the former student is allowed to stay 6 months in Austria to find an employment opportunity for settling down there. Post graduation work opportunity can be grabbed more easily if the student gets internship position in the field of his specialization. Austria is a rich country and there are a number of multinational companies in Austria where you can find your dream job. (Visit Visa Section to Get Post Graduation Visa Detail Of Austria)


step by step guide for Pakistani students for admission in Austria universiteis

As per International Monetary Fund (2017), Austria is 14th richest state in the world in terms of GDP. Though it is modestly populated but Austria is a well developed country that hosts international students in its universities from around the globe. . Degrees attained from Austrian Universities own global recognition and regarded with high prestige. Austrian Universities offer modern teaching facility, equipped campuses with academic necessities, research oriented education and unconventional learning environment to students.

 Austrian Universities hold top positions in world university rankings because of high standard education. High quality of life, working permission while studying and post graduation visa are tempting international students to choose Austria as their study abroad destination. Before making a final decision to study abroad in Austria, read the general admission requirements in Austrian Universities.


Making a Right Choice of University

Austria is mainly a German language speaking country. Only 25 to 35% people in Austria speak English. International students are mostly resided and studying in Vienna, the capital city of Austria. While choosing a university in Austria make sure you find English taught course if you do not have any German language skills. The academic excellence of Austrian Universities is considered as equivalent to UK’s universities. The best way to pick a most suitable university of Austria is to check their international rankings, the affordability of fee structure, availability of on campus accommodation, scholarships and city of its location


Making a Right Choice of Study Programme

Admissions eligibility may differ from programme to programme. You are likely to find all kind of courses of various academic spectrums in Austrian Universities. The challenge will be to find English taught course especially for under graduate level. Post graduate programmes in most of Austrian Universities are offered in both German and English languages. Upon picking a study program consider if it interests you and also consider its career scope.


How Pakistani Students can Apply in Austria Universities 2020

Method of admission application at Austrian Universities is through online medium of website. You can directly apply at an Austrian University after choosing a program. The university will send you admission requirements details and eligibility criteria or merit through email. The admission requirement may vary from one Austrian university to other. The students must note that a few Austrian Universities take entrance examinations to assess academic capabilities of students for admissions. The students will be notified by email if the study program they have chosen requires an entrance exam or not. Especially for an under graduate program in Austria the admission criteria is bit strict and an entry examination can be taken.  The general admission requirements in Austrian Universities are elaborated below:


Documents Required for Admissions in Austria 2020 for Pakistani Students

  • A Completely Filled Admission Form

  • High School  Diploma for Admission in Under Graduate Program/Bachelors Degree for Admission in Post Graduate (Masters Program)/ Masters Degree or Equivalent for Admission in Post Graduate (PhD Program)

  • A Few of Austrian Universities Will Require You to Have Some German Language Skills for Under Graduate Programs Because in Austria Under Graduate Programs are At Least Partially Taught in German Language

  • For German Taught Courses You Must Prove German Language Proficiency By Passing Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (TestDaF)or others which will be notified to you by University itself

  • English Language Proficiency Tests Like IELTS or TOEFL or Cambridge for Admissions in English Taught Course

  • NON-EU students who have completed their previous degree such as High School Diploma, Bachelors or Masters degree from a NON-EU State can only apply for those disciplined which they have studies previously. For example a degree holder of humanities discipline cannot take admissions in business administration course.

  • Students applying for applied sciences courses would be required to provide a professional experience

  • Copy of Your National ID Card and Passport

  • Transcripts of Your Academic Certificates

  • Recommendation Letters (From your professor stating that your are eligible to take admission in the intended course)

  • Letter of Intent (Written by the applicant stating why he/she wants to take admission in the certain course and explain their interest in the field)

  • All the Academic Certificates and Documents Must be Verified and Originals

  • The Transcripts Must be Translated in German Language and Also Original Copies Must be Attached

  • Admissions Deadlines are September 1st for Winter Sessions and February 1st is Admission Deadline for Summer Session

The admissions process in Austria is handled by Universities independently. In case your online admission application has been approved by Austrian University, the University will ask you to send hard copies after attestation by Austrian Embassy. But it is not method of every Austrian University. Each University in Austria conducts admissions process of international students differently. The admissions process in Austria depends on the University itself. The University you have chosen for study abroad in Austria might ask for attestation of following documents.

  • Academic Certificates (Matriculation, Intermediate, Bachelors, Masters and any other character certificate that had been issued to you by your academic institute)

  • Attested Birth Certificate (To Verify Your Actual Date of Birth The Embassy Will Send Its Representative at Local Counselor’s Office for Re Verification and Might Visit Your Residence for Inquiry)

  • Letter of Clearance From Police That There is Not Any Legal Case Registered on Your Name

  • For Verification the Embassy Charges Verification Fee which Will be Around 25000 Rs/. After Verification the Embassy Will Call the Applicant to Receive Verified Documents From Embassy. At The Back of Your Original Documents The Embassy Will Stamp a Signature of Counselor/Ambassador. The Students Must Note That The Embassy Will Not Accept Any Photocopies For Attestation. They Only Accept Original Documents For Attestation. The Embassy Charges Around 30 Euros for Per Document Attestation to Be Precise.


Taking Assistance of a Top Study Abroad Consultant in Pakistan

The admission process of Austria is a bit complex and it requires through detail. In case of a slight mistake and delay in arrangement of documents the admission acceptance can be denied. The study abroad consultants are well trained in the process of study abroad. It is always better to take aid of consultants to avoid delay and cancellation chances of admissions in visa.


step by step latest guide for Pakistani students to get the Austria student visa

Austria owns a status of well developed country. The higher education system of Austria offers versatility of programmes to international students in various academic disciplines. A safe and peaceful environment with abundance of post graduation opportunities and high quality of life entice international students to study abroad in Austria. Not only economically, Austria outshines other European countries at academic front. It has an owner to be home to few of world’s top ranked universities. Understanding visa requirements before choosing a study abroad destination helps you plan your travel process and saves time. Here we have illustrated Austrian Student Visa process with detail and documents requirements.


Acceptance Letter from Austrian University 

The admissions process should start almost 6 months before the classes of your study program are going to commence in the university. The Austrian universities take almost 40 days to process and verify your admission selection. Your process of student visa will start after receiving admission letter from Austrian University. The admission letter is an official letter from university issued on your name stating that you have been selected for the study program you had applied for.


Types of Student Visa of Austria

The students who have applied for a study program which will end in more than 90 days duration but before 6 months are required to apply for the Austrian National Visa (Visa D).


Application Procedure of the Austrian National Visa (Visa D) for Pakistani Students 

  • The Visa application will be submitted at the Austrian Embassy located at your country. The Embassy will accept only completely filled application form. The visa application form must be submitted at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to your intended departure schedule The visa application fee is not refundable and must be paid when you submit the application form. Also note that the visa application must not be submitted 3 months before your intended departure schedule.

  • The applicant of visa must be present at the time of submitting the documents and application. The application form will not be accepted by the hand of any other person other than applicant himself. The Embassies and Consulate accept visas only by hand and in person and not through mails.


Documents Required for the Austrian National Visa (Visa D)

  • National passport of applicant (Must have validity till the duration of your study program)

  • A completely filled visa application form signed by applicant

  • Two passport size photos (must be freshly taken)

  • Letter of acceptance (it must be original and not photocopy)

  • Proof of registration from university/ college

  • Proof of accommodation (in documented form)

  • Air ticket reservation proof

  • Proof of Health Insurance. It must cover amount of USD 50,000.

  • Bank statement proving your can bear your living expenses

  • Copies of academic transcripts and all supporting documents such as language proficiency tests certificate

  • Proof of paid tuition fee


Residence Permit Student for Stay Longer Than 6 Months

The students who are intended to stay in Austria for an academic program for more than 6 months are required to apply for Residence Permit Student of Austria. You are eligible to apply for Residence Permit Student of Austria if you are studying a full time study program from an Austrian private or public university which has government accreditation.


Documents Required for Pakistani Students for Residence Permit Student Austria 2020

  • A travel document/national passport (must be valid till your study program ends)

  • Application form of residence permit (completely filled singed by applicant)

  • Recent photograph

  • Birth Certificate

  • Clearance letter from local police station stating that you don’t have any criminal records

  • The police clearance letter must not be issued more than 3 months before the day of visa application submission

  • Proof health insurance

  • Proof of travel arrangement (travel ticket and reservation in paid receipt form)

  • The health insurance letter must be issued by the insurance company with complete details and only the original health insurance document issued on your name will be accepted. The health insurance and accident insurance must cover amount of 50,000 USD at least.

  • Bank statement proving that you have enough financial resources to cover your living expenses and tuition for the duration of your stay in Austria. It can be in form of credit card statement as well. The students of 24 years of age must have bank statement of EUR 481,75/month and students older than 24 years must have bank statement of EUR 872,31/month at least.

  • Proof of accommodation arranged for your stay in Austria in documented form of paid rent receipts

  • Copy of transcripts of academic records

  • Language proficiency certificate

  • Letter of university acceptance (original)

  • Proof of paid tuition fee

Note: The above mentioned documents will be accepted by Embassy if they are legalized by related authorities.


latest estimated cost of study and living in austria for Pakistani students

Austria is well heeled country with exceptional higher education system. The living and study costs in Austria for international students are considerably low than other European countries despite having been known as an expensive tourist destination. The accommodation cost is affordable in Austria but the cost of food is high especially in winter season when fresh fruits and vegetables are deficient. The EU and EEA students can study free of cost or in low cost in public universities of Austria. While Non-EU students have to pay tuition fee and accommodation charges which are also not very high cost. International students are allowed to work 20 hours a week in Austria and they are paid enough to afford their living expenses. On average the living costs and study costs in Austria are estimated for your discernment in the following guide.


Cost of Study in Austria Universities 2020 for Pakistani Students 

The public universities in Austria charge low cost tuition fees than private universities.


Fee of Public Universities of Austria for International Students

If you are coming from EU then study in Austrian public universities is free of cost or low cost. Some public universities charge 363 EUR per semester from EU students as well. Especially for the programs of applied sciences the public universities charge tuition fee. But those coming from Non-EU countries have to pay on average 363.36-726.72 Euros per semester tuition fee and accommodation charges are not included in it. The fee can be different depending on the study program and academic level. (Visit Admissions Section to Get Details about Requirements of Austrian Universities)


Fee of Private Universities of Austria for Pakistani Students

The private universities in Austria set their own fee packages for EU and Non-EU students/. The tuition fee can vary from one university to another. But on average private universities in Austria charge from 1,000 EUR to 40,000 EUR/year. The fee can be different for program to program. Especially for Post Graduate Programs such as Masters and PhD the fee can be charged quite high.


Scholarships and Funding by Austria for Pakistani Students

There are many private and public organizations that offer scholarships and financial aid to international students for studying in Austria. The eligibility to avail scholarship can be known from your selected university’s information office. Here are list of scholarships programs in Austria for International students.

  •  OFID Scholarship for International Students in Austria 2019/20 (The OPEC Fund for International Development gives financial aid to students belonging from developing countries to study in Austria. The eligibility criteria can be known from OPEC website.

  •  Summer Undergraduate Fellowships at Vienna Biocenter Summer School in Austria, 2019-2020 (Applicants from around the globe can apply for this scholarship program. The eligibility criteria to avail this scholarship can be known from website of  Vienna Biocenter Summer School in Austria)

  •  ÖAW ESQ Open Call for PostDoc Fellowships for Experienced International Researchers in Austria, 2019 (Researchers from around the globe are invited to avail this scholarship. The eligibility criteria to avail this scholarship can be known from ESQ website)

  • Full and Partial Master Scholarships for International Students at MODUL University Vienna in Austria, 2019 (International students from anywhere in the world can apply for MODUL University’s scholarship the eligibility criteria from the University’s website. It is a private university of Austria)

  • Helmut Veith Stipend for Female in Computer Science at TU Wien in Austria, 2019 (this scholarship is for Masters in Computer. The applicants can belong to any nationality and must note that it is only for female student intending to do Masters in Computer Science or other Computer Science Majors).


Tuition fee of Austria’s Top Ranked Universities for International Students

  • University of Vienna: On average per semester fee for Non-EU students is 726.72 Euro. The fee can be different for different academic programs and levels

  • University of Innsbruck: On average the per year tuition fee is around 1,450 Euros/ per year

  • Vienna University of Technology: On average the per year tuition fee is around 1,500 EUR/year


Estimated Cost of Living in Austria 2020

The cost of living is dependable on your chosen location and city in Austria. The accommodation rents and cost of other facilities are naturally high in urban cities. In rural areas the cost of living is notably low. A person’s lifestyle and spending habits also radically affect day to day expenses. As an international student residing in Austria for Bachelors course you are allowed to work 10 hours a week and as a Masters or PhD student you are allowed to work for 20 hours a week. The general daily routine living expenses including rent are estimated below:


Accommodation Rent

On Campus: The university accommodation will be least expensive option for international students. The rents can be different from one university to another but on average the rent can be between 250 Euros to 400 Euros.

One Bedroom Apartment in an Urban City like Vienna:  The rent will be between 600 Euros to 800 Euros.

One Bedroom Apartment in Rural Areas or Small Town: The rent will be between 500 Euros to 700 Euros.

Three Bedroom Apartments in an Urban City: The rent will be between 1200 Euros to 1600 Euros.

Three Bedroom Apartments in Rural Areas or Small Town: The rent will be between 1000 Euros to 1200 Euros.


Food and Drinks

One time meal in a restaurant for one person: 12 Euros

Coke/Pepsi Can: 2.64 Euros

A Bottle of Water: 2.09 Euros

1 Liter Milk: 1.08 Euros

Loaf of Bread: 1.83 Euros

Rice (1 Kg): 1.83 Euros

A Dozen Eggs: 2.99 Euros

1 Kg Chicken: 10.32 Euros

1 Kg Beef: 17.04 Euros

1 Kg Apples: 2.34 Euros

Onion 1 Kg: 1.32 Euros

Potato 1 Kg: 1.47 Euros

Tomato 1 Kg: 2.24 Euros



One way ticket in a public transport will cost: 2.40 Euros

Monthly Pass of Public Transportation: 45.30 Euros

Taxi Rate per Ride on Average: 4.00 Euros


Monthly Bills of Utilities

Combine basic bills of electricity, heating, cooling and water per month on average cost: 177.58 Euros

Per month internet bill for 60 Mbps speed: 29.47 Euros


Entertainment and Recreational Expenditures

Cinema Ticket: 10.00 Euros

Fee of Joining a Fitness Club per Month: 30.12 Euros


Student Concessions

International or local students are being given concessions on transport, cinema tickets and on entry tickets of recreational and historical venues. The students can use their university identity cards to avail student concessions.


Per Month Expenses of an International Student Residing in Austria:

On average an international student can expect per month expenses to be around 900 to 1200 Euros. If you live in shared apartments or university accommodation then this cost can be cut even lower.


step by step updated guide to stduy in austria and living expense for Pakistani students

Not all Austrian Universities offer on campus accommodations. As the matter of the fact majority of international students in Austria reside in private dormitories or flats and apartments. The average rents per apartment or room are managed by Provincial Governments of Austria so that no individual including international students has to pay more than 20 to 25 percentage of their salary on accommodation. The accommodation options in Austria for international students are plenty and on reasonable monthly rents. You can have modern and comfortable apartments located in main cities or in small towns. Also note that accommodation must be arranged before you travel to Austria as it is an obligation of student visa of Austria.

The transportation services of Austria are perfectly spread throughout the country covering all 23 districts. Whether you opt to live in small a town far from main city or live in central locality of an urban city like Vienna, travelling won’t be an issue. You can travel from your residence to your university and to your work by using amenity of public transport with comfort and reach everywhere on time. Here are different types of accommodation available in Austria for International Students: (Visit Admissions Section to Know Requirement of Austrian Universities)



The city of Vienna has been nominated as one of the best cities for international students in the world. Mostly international students are resided in Vienna as the top ranked universities of Austria are located there. On yearly basis around 190,000 international students live in Vienna. Here are types of Dormitories available for students in Vienna. Same kinds of dormitories are also available in Graz, Klagenfurt, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Linz and Leoben.


Base 11

Base 11 is a modern student apartment in a dormitory which will cost € 495 / month rent. It is room for a single fully furnished with private bathroom and a separate kitchen. Another single room available in dormitory of Base 11 with the same amenities but without private kitchen will cost you € 460 / month. The dormitory is near city with only two minutes walk away from city shopping center and 10 minutes walk away from public transport.


House Meidling

You can get a room in HOUSE MEIDLING dormitory where the monthly rent will be € 385 / month including breakfast. You can have amenities of Internet, Fully furnished common kitchen with Microwave, Fridge, private Bathroom, and Common Laundry, Bicycle storage space, Study room and Leisure room.


Donau Double Studio

A single room in DONAU DOUBLE STUDIO dormitory will cost € 510 / month. The room will be fully furnished, private kitchen with microwave, fridge, private bathroom, balcony, combine laundry room, leisure room, study room, free Wi-Fi, own basement and proximity to public transportation.



It is shared room accommodation in dormitory which will cost you € 350 / month. The room will be furnished with two beds, pillow, kitchen, private bathroom, internet facility, common laundry and bicycle parking facility. It is near to public transport.


House Donaufeld

A single room for one person in HOUSE DONAUFELD dormitory will cost you € 365 / month. It has facilities of free internet; room is fully furnished, a private bathroom, bed and blanket provided by dormitory. The communal facilities include fully equipped kitchen, bicycle parking area, laundry room, small gym, study room and leisure room. It is located near to central city.


Base 22

A single divided room in BASE 22 dormitory will cost € 430/month with common kitchen and bath. A single mini-apartment in Base 22 dormitory will cost € 455 / month. The apartment will be fully furnished with private bath and kitchen. The communal facilities include free internet, laundry, fitness room, leisure room, study room, common rooms, bicycle parking space and common kitchen fully equipped with fridge, stove and microwave. It is centrally located just a few minutes’ walk from city shopping malls and public transport. Modernly styled and clean.


House Burgenland 1

A double bed room in HOUSE BURGENLAND 1 dormitory will cost you € 365 / Month. It has bed, blanket, pillow, bathroom and free internet. Common dormitory facilities for all include fully furnished and equipped common kitchen with fridge and microwave, laundry room, bicycle parking, table tennis room, gym room, TV rooms, leisure room, study room and terrace. Public transport stations are located in a few minute walk.


Base 19

A single room with complete privacy at BASE 19 dormitory will cost you € 395 / month. The room has private bathroom, free internet and fully furnished with required furniture. It has common kitchen with fridge and microwave facility, study room, garage, leisure room, small fitness room, study room, laundry and bicycle storage room. It is just 10 minutes walk away from University of Vienna.


House Dr. Rudolf K.

A double bed room in HOUSE Dr. RUDOLF K. dormitory will cost you € 385 / month. It has free internet, fully furnished furniture, private bathroom and with bed, blanket and pillows. It has common kitchen, Television rooms, Internet room, Music room with piano, GYM, Coffee bar, Party room, Seminar room and Bicycle storage place. It has proximity to Vienna's Main Train Station.


House Burgenland 3

A double bed room in HOUSE BURGENLAND 3 dormitory will cost € 365 / month. The room is fully furnished with furniture, has bed and blanket, free internet, private bathroom. Common facilities include: Laundry Room, Sauna Room, Room for events, Table tennis, Music room with piano, GYM, Big garden, Bicycle storage place and Garage. It is just few minute walk away from Vienna’s west train station.


Private Housing

If not in dormitories, you can choose private housing options in Austria. Private housing can be rented or sublet in Austria, in any location you want to reside. Austria has an inexpensive accommodation facility and you can book private accommodation through online websites. Owners of student’s apartment have specifically designed shared rooms, private rooms, apartments and studio apartments in a style and comfort level that could fit preferences of students. The apartments and rooms have facilities of present day and furniture of latest fashion. The private accommodation will give a true picture of Austrian lifestyle. It is high standard, fashionable, luxurious and facilitating. Here are some private housing options in Austria:


Shared Rooms

You can find a shared room accommodation in central location of city. It will be fully furnished with beds, desk and study chair, and a private bathroom. Monthly rent will be 385 Euros. The bills of electricity, water and heating are included in the rent. You can share the room with one of your class mates or friends and divide your daily chores. You can choose the location of your accommodation near to your work or university to avoid travelling expenses. Majority of international students use bicycles in Austria for their day to day travel.


Private Room

A private room for one student fully furnished, located in the central city will monthly cost 420 Euros bills included. The students who prefer privacy and quiet atmosphere can enjoy this facility. You can find private rooms for rent posted at websites or contact real estate agent. The owners will take 2 months rent in advance as a security.


Studio Apartment

A studio apartment with a furnished room, kitchen and a sting area, balcony and bathroom can be rented in 592 Euros to 790 Euros a month. This small studio apartment is perfect comfortable apartment for your stay. Though it is expensive option than other accommodation options but it has facility of freedom and easement. You can cook meals which you like, decorate the room as you like and have quiet time to focus on your exams and quizzes.


Private Apartment

A private apartment has its own luxuries and comfort. You can invite your friends over for combine study and presentations. It has a terrace, laundry with washing machine, sitting area, private garden, balcony and fully furnished kitchen with fridge, stove, dishwasher and micro wave. The room is contemporarily designed has a closet, bed, desk and chair. Luxury comes with a price. The rent of a private apartment is 850 to 1000 Euros per month with bills included.


Third country nationals aka Non-EU nationals require a student residence permit of Austria to study a program in Austrian University which has duration of longer than 6 months. After successfully graduating from Austria, the graduates can extend their study residence permit up to 12 months for purpose of searching an employment. After finding an employment based on your qualification and academic skills you can transfer your visa to a work permit that is Red-White-Red Card. For Red-White-Red Card for graduates you must meet following requirements:


Requirements for Red-White-Red Card for graduates

In duration of your student residence permit visa extension of 12 months you can find an employment. That employment must pay you a minimum monthly salary in accordance to average set by Government of Austria which must be € 2,349 (2019) per month and you also must full fill the following general requirements. If you meet the following requirements you can apply for Red-White Red Card as Graduates of Austrian Universities and Colleges of Higher Education. (Take Guidance from a Study Abroad Consultant for PR Visa Details)


  • Proof of Finances:

For this duration of stay you must prove that you have means of sustenance that can cover your living expenses. The mean of sustenance must not be provided by any welfare organization or local authorities. At the time of submitting residence permit extension application the monthly income of applicant must meet the equalization supplement reference rate (Ausgleichszulagenrichtsatz) which is fixed by General Social Insurance Act (Allgemeines Sozialversicherungsgesetz - ASVG).

The Equalization Supplement reference set by Government of Austria Since January 2019 is as follows:

For Single Person: € 933.06 per Month

For Couples: € 1,398.97 per Month

For Each Child of the Family: € 143.97 per Month


  • Health Insurance:

You are required to have health insurance coverage from private or public insurance company for duration of your stay. In this duration, in case of any medical emergency or ailment this coverage will be used for hospitals bills and medications. If you have already have insurance from public social insurance system due to your employment contract then you don’t need to have any other health insurance coverage plan.


  • Proof of Accommodation:

You will have to prove that you have an adequate accommodation of living in Austria for duration of your stay. The accommodation must be adequate enough to meet needs of your family members. You can give proof by showing rental or leasing contract.


  • Character Assurance:

The Embassy will need an assurance of character that you are not a threat to local community and will follow rules and regulation of law in Austria. This can be assured by your behavior in University and proof that you have not committed any law offence since you entered Austria.

Third country nationals or Non-EU national living outside Austria can apply for a job search visa which will be valid for 6 months. To get Red-White Red Card you must be eligible for any of the following immigration types which include:

  • Very Highly Qualified Workers

  • Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations

  • Other Key Workers

  • Graduates of Austrian Universities and Colleges of Higher Education

  • Self-employed Key Workers

  • Start-up Founders


Very Highly Qualified Workers

You can apply for Red-White-Red Card as a very qualified worker if you meet following criteria and your salary must meet minimum wage requirements set by Government of Austria.

  • You have a special qualification or skill

  • You have done graduation (of at least 4 years degree programme) from a higher education institute

  • The Bachelors degree of 4 years duration must be in done in these subjects majors: Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Informatics, Science and Technology

  • You have been previously employed in a company which is listed in stock exchange or a company about which Austrian foreign trade office in charge puts a positive word.

  • You have done PhD

  • You intend to enter Austria for research and innovation activity

  • Language Proficiency Certificate (Either German or English)

  • Age Limit is between 35 to 45

  • You will get extra 10 points if you have studied in Austria

  • You can file your application for Red-White-Red Card as Very Highly Qualified Worker at competent residence authority in Austria i-e at the office of provincial governor, local administrative authority or authorized regional administrative authority of Austria. Those applying from outside Austria can submit their application at Austrian Embassy located in their home country

If you come under the above mentioned general requirements and get an employment contract by the employer according to your academic profile then you can apply for Red-White-Red Car which will have validity of 24 months.


Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations

Third country nationals or Non-EU nationals can apply for a Red-White-Red Card under Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations under following criteria:

  • You have proof that you have completed training in shortage occupation

  • You have received a job offer from an Austrian Based employer and your decided salary meets minimum pay requirements set by Government of Austria

  • You meet the following criteria:

  • You have completed training and vocational education in the shortage occupation

  • You meet general requirements of admissions of Austrian Universities

  • You have completed a degree program from a tertiary institute. The degree program you passed must be of at least 3 years degree program.

  • You have work experience of 1 year from a company in your native land

  • You have work experience of 1 year from an Austrian Company

  • Language Proficiency Test Certificate (Either in German language or English language)

  • Age limit is between 30 to 40 years

  • You can file your application for Red-White-Red Card as Skilled worker in shortage occupation at competent residence authority in Austria i-e at the office of provincial governor, local administrative authority or authorized regional administrative authority of Austria. Those applying from outside Austria can submit their application at Austrian Embassy located in their home country.


Other Key Workers

If you have gained an employment contract from an Austrian Company as a key worker then you can apply for a Red-White-Red Card as a Key worker if you meet following criteria. The Red-White-Red Card as a key worker will have validity of 24 months.

  • You employers must be paying you a minimum salary package set by Government of Austria. The minimum salary according to age is: For the employees of above 30 age the minimum salary as a key worker must be: € 3,132 (2019) per month including additionally paid holidays of Christmas and other holidays. For the employees under age 30 the minimum salary as a key worker must be: € 2,610 (2019) per month and including additionally paid holidays of Christmas and other holidays

  • If the applicant is not equally qualified then he must be registered at Public Employment Service (AMS)

  • You also meet the following criteria:

  • You have achieved professional training, or a vocational course degree or have knowledge of skills related to your profession at the job

  • You meet general admission eligibility of Austrian University

  • You have passed a study programme of three years duration from a tertiary institute

  • You have 1 year work experience from a company based in your native country

  • You have 1 year work experience from a company based in Austria

  • Language Proficiency Test Certificate (Either German language or English language proficienct test certificate)

  • Age limit is 30 to 40 years

  • You can file your application for Red-White-Red Card as Other Key Worker at competent residence authority in Austria i-e at the office of provincial governor, local administrative authority or authorized regional administrative authority of Austria. Those applying from outside Austria can submit their application at Austrian Embassy located in their home country


Self-employed Key Workers

To Get Red-White-Red Card as Self-employed Key Workers you must prove you have a business or self employed occupation that brings a sustainable transfer of money or investment to Austria of amount € 100.000 minimum or you can prove that your self employed business or occupation can create new jobs and ensure securing of existing jobs in Austria or you can prove you are introducing a new technology or you can prove your business has substantial significance for the welfare of region.


Start-up Founders

You are eligible to apply for Red-White-Red Card as Start-up Founder if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have established a company that will introduce innovative products or technologies  in market for services or processing

  • You can submit a concrete plan of your business

  • You can prove your company is earning € 50.000 minimum. You are sole owner or half half share of the company

  • You meet the following criteria

  • You have completed an education from vocational and training institute

  • You have completed a three years study program from a tertiary institute

  • Language Proficiency Test Certificate (Either German or English Language)

  • Age limit is 35 years

Note: After residing in Austria on One of the above Red-White-Red Card Residence Permits for 6 to 10 years continuously you can apply for Austrian Citizenship.

latest jobs in austria for Pakistani students and international students


For Non-EU/EEA/Crotia Nationals

Part time work permission while studying in Austria comes with restrictions and complexity. The students enrolled in Bachelors program are allowed to work for 10 hours a week and those enrolled in Masters Program can work up to 20 hours a week. Unlike other European countries where the student attains a work permit visa and keeps it as identity card to get jobs but in Austria work is only allowed if the employers attain work permit for employing a student. The permit will allow students to work under terms and conditions applied by the employer and working hours will be limited. Either you can work for three months in the holiday’s duration or have marginal working hours. The part time work conditions set by government of Austria are set in restricted manner to ensure that the education of student is not being compromised.


Part Time Employment Rules in Austria for International Students 2020

However, despite controlled part time jobs permission in Austria, you can earn up to 800 to 1000 Euros a month. The minimum income is set by Act Governing Employment of Foreign Nationals according to a student’s age. If you are employed for a part time work or full time work the employer will have to give you all the employment benefits including paid holidays, protection against unfair and uninformed dismissal from work and sick leaves.


Free Lancing Employment Rules in Austria

The freelancing employment contacts and services are availed widely worldwide by students and professionals. The freelance contract is although executed on self supporting basis, but a certain working criteria is finalized by the employers such as working hours, instructions of work which bounds the employee. So in Austria, the employees working under freelancing contract are subject to employment benefits such paid holidays, sick leaves and protection against unfair and uninformed dismissal from work.


Getting a Permission for Part Time Work or Full Time Job in Austria as a Pakistani Student

The work permit on the behalf of a student will be applied by the employer itself whether it is permission to work for part time job, full time job or freelance job. The employer will place an application at the employment service (Arbeitsmarktservice -AMS) for you work permit. The employer must apply for work permit at least 6 weeks before you start to work. The employee will be subject to meet minimum income law set by government and must be according to working type, skill and qualification. Note: This work permit will remain valid until you keep working for the same employer. For a new job in other company, the new employer will apply for work permit to give you job.


For EU/EEA Nationals

National of 15 European countries including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein do not require a work permit to work in Austria. Other European countries like Romania and Bulgaria need a work permit but all European students are not restricted for working hours.


Internships Permission as a Student in Austria

The students enrolled in vocational institute which accredited by Government of Austria do not require a work permit for vocational training or internship. The employer will however has to notify the employment service about the internship of a student two weeks prior it starts. If you are studying abroad in Austria in a program which has an internship scheduled in curriculum then you are not bound to avail any work permit. The employment service only needs a notification from employer. On receiving the notification of internship, the employment service will issue a notification of confirmation allowing you start it without restriction.

The students also do not need a work permit for traineeship at an Austrian firm or company which is only intended for learning of skills and knowledge regarding any occupation. The employer providing traineeship will also have to notify the employment service for that.

Note: The employers are not allowed to give those job positions to students which have been already booked by employment service for unemployed people registered with them.


Part Time Work Options in Austria


English Tutor

The students having English language proficiency of speaking, writing and mastery on English grammar can earn 15 Euros per hour. (Visit Tests Section of our Website to Get Upcoming IELTS, TOEFL Tests Dates).Private English tutors are hired by parents for their kids or by individuals who want to learn the language. You can apply for this kind of job in websites or you can post your CV at online job portals to approach potential employers. English tutoring jobs are a huge plus as the working hours can be managed after your classes and if you get free early then you can do two tutoring jobs at one time and earn more.


Restaurant or Hotel Attendant

A great number of international students prefer to work at restaurants and hotels as waiters or attendants. Mainly because of flexible working hours, free meals, enhancement of communication skills, getting to know the local culture tempt students to do jobs at local restaurants and also it pays a reasonable per hour salary of 12 Euros. Depending on your management skills and work agility you can earn even more than 13 Euros and get tips from customers.


Home Delivery

Home delivery of products, food and couriers from door to door is another preferable job for students thanks to navigation facility in present times. You can earn 12 Euros per hour and the work is simple.


Pets Care

Those who are good with dealing pets have a chance to earn 15 Euros per hour. Your duty will be to feed pets, take them for a walk or look after them when the owner is not available. This job does not require any particular skills or training just dealing the pets with care and love is enough.


Content Writing

Content writing is well favored job for students. Since the paper marketing has been replaced substantially by online marketing making content writing a progressive professional career. In Austria, students having content writing skills can be paid 350 Euros per month by working 10 hours a week. Local companies or international companies post jobs at websites and give chance to aspiring content writers to be part of their manpower. The writer would have to write for company’s newsletter and social media account.


Research and Administrative Assistant

Companies hire students with good command over English language for research and analysis of customer preferences online and coming up with reports. The students would also be required for some kind of administrative work. The working hours may vary between 5 to 10 hours a week and it will be home based. So setting timetable after university will not be an issue for you. The salary can be fixed by contacting employer.


Graphic Designing

Graphic designing companies hire students for various products. You can be paid 5 Euros per hour or more depending upon your skills. You will be handling projects so working hours can be adjusted after your university’s classes. Even if you are not completely skilled in graphic designing by working with a professional firm you can enhance your skill and learn more.


Live Reporters

Companies hire young and enthusiastic students for the purpose of live reporting and providing match statistics by attending sport events such as soccer, cricket, handball and rugby matches happening in various cities of Austria. The students would have to enter the updates and match statistics into an app designed by the company. You will be paid 50 Euros for covering each event and the transportation and stadium ticket will be paid by company itself. The monthly salary for this job is 200 Euros.


Website and App Testing

No CV or working experience is required for this work. You can do work at home and earn 15 Euros per hour. Companies hire students for testing new apps and websites and help the company develop a user friendly product. The job is simple and you only need to have a PC, smart phone or Tab for work.


Free Lancing

Technology geeks are certainly progressing these days. Those students who have web developing or web designing skill can earn a very handsome salary per project. Or they can get a part time job at local software house and take projects for work according to your available job time.


Driving Uber

You can earn 13.5 Euros per hour if you have a driving license in Austria. It is a very suitable part time working options for students as it is a simple job and no experience is required to get it. Per hour pay is reasonable enough and you can choose the working hours according to your routine.


Promoter and Sales

You can earn 10 Euros per hour by doing promotions of products and sales. The students would be required have good communication skills and ability to research about the products to answer the questions of customers.


Saturday Job

Working on Saturdays is counted as double shift in Austria which means if you work for five hours but it will be counted as 10 hours on Saturdays. Such kinds of jobs are mostly available at railway stations where companies have opened their shops on Sundays and Saturdays as well. But you must keep in mind that you might have to work on odd hours like on Saturday evening and on Sunday mornings. You can earn 300 to 400 Euros per month by doing Saturday job in Austria.


Post Graduation Jobs in Austria

A new phase of life starts for international after getting their degrees from Austria. Austria is a Schengen state your post graduation job opportunities are not limited till Austria. You can find jobs in other countries of Europe as well. A number of well established multinational companies prefer to hire young and enthusiastic graduates who can offer time and efforts into job projects. You can find internship positions and traineeships that will lead to full time job after training. The type of job always depends on person’s studies major and academic profile. Based on your qualification and education specialization you can find job in Austria and here are types of post graduation jobs for international students in Austria:

  • Lectureship

  • Administration Officer

  • Project Officer

  • Architect

  • Engineer

  • Physiotherapist

  • Registered Nurse

  • Accountancy and Banking

  • General Practioner

Besides finding job at companies directly, international students can join graduate career programs aimed at providing industry based training to students to make them ready to enter job markets with required qualification. Such programs include:  FDM's Graduate Careers Program, Rural Bank Graduate Program and Allens Careers - Looking for future leaders.


Frequently Ask Questions

Quick Facts About Austria

  • Population

    8.773 million

  • National language


  • Top 3 religion

    Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodoxy, Islam

  • International Students


  • Capital


  • largest 3 cities

    Vienna, Graz, Linz

  • Currency

    Euro = 160.11 Pakistani Rupee

  • Time difference with Pakistan

    Pakistan is 3 hours ahead

  • Work rule for International students

    20 hours per week.

  • Wages for students

    200 to 400€ each weak

  • Economy


  • Per capita income

    52,660 PPP dollars

  • Immigrant population

    15.2% of Total Population

Scholarships in Austria

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Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students


Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

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Austria Embassy in Pakistan

Visa guide for Austria

Pakistani students who wish to study in Austrian universities, after admission must apply for the visa of Austria at the embassy. Many students from Pakistan choose Austria s their study abroad destination.

Austria has opened Consulates in Karachi and Lahore for the convenience of the Pakistani students. For further strengthening the visa deliverance Austria has opened Visa Application centers at three places as Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

Official Website of Austria embassy in Pakistan.


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