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study abroad in belgium a complete guide for Pakistani students

Belgium is located in the West of Europe. Students from around the globe and other European countries travel to Belgium for higher education because of its reputation and recognition. You will meet French, German, Turkish, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese and Bulgarian students studying in Belgian Universities. Belgian Universities offer a wide range of English taught programmes for international students as well but the main medium of education will be Dutch or French. The higher education institutes have excelled in all educational streams ensuring inclusive knowledge, skills and mastery in fields adopted by students. The rich history of Belgium will give you a true European experience and insight into renaissance period. Studying in Belgium will not only upraise your career prospects but also become source for self enhancement and enrichment at many levels. If you are planning to pursue your higher education in Belgium, the following guide is assembled to give you information about general requirements of study abroad in Belgium:


Admission Requirements of Belgium Universities for Pakistani Students 2020

Admissions in Belgian universities are granted on merit base. The admission requirements will be notified to student upon submitting online application with detail. However, overall 72% grades in previous degrees will be required at least for admission in under graduate or post graduate study programmes. The candidates also have to prove their proficiency in the language which is medium of instruction of their chosen study programme. For English taught study programme, 6.5 are minimum bands required in IELTS test and Grade C is minimum grade accepted in Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency. These are the minimum academic requirements for admissions; it may differ from programme to programme and universities in Belgium. For admission in medical, veterinary, IT and business management study programmes the minimum grades would be 80% overall. The universities have their own entry requirements, SAT and ACT tests are also set as compulsory entry requirement for admissions by many Belgian Universities.


Student Visa of Belgium Process for Pakistani Students 2020

You will be emailed an acceptance letter if you meet the academic eligibility and successfully attain admission in the University of Belgium. The acceptance letter serves as invitation letter from university in Belgium to submit fee and apply for student visa. You will visit the Embassy of Belgium or Consulate in your home country for details about student visa. The student visa requirements will not be the same for every country. Generally, all international students are required to submit following documents for student visa of Belgium:

  • Completed student visa application of Belgium

  •  Valid passport of applicant (must be valid till the duration of your study programme)

  • Bank Statement (Confirming you have enough financial resources to cover your living and study expenses in Belgium)

  • Medical Examination Certificate

  • Clearance Letter from Police Station

  • Transcript of Academic Records

  • Language Proficiency Test Certificate

  • Proof of Accommodation in Belgium

  • Receipt of Paid Tuition Fee and Original Acceptance Letter from University


Permanent Residency Visa of Belgium for Pakistani Students 2020

The process of permanent residency visa of Belgium is dependent on employment contract from any Belgian firm or company in accordance to your academic profile after completing your degree. Firstly, you can extend your student visa (A Card) duration for more 12 months for job search. In this period you can do part time jobs to bear your living expenses and post CVs at firms related to your degree majors. There are three types of Resident Permit Cards applicable to candidates according to their employment contract, professional skills and qualification. You can apply for permanent residency of Belgium after residing there for one year legally and not being absent for its land I this duration. The permanent residency categories applicable for foreign candidates are as follows:

  • Electronic residence card type B

  • Electronic residence card type C

  • Electronic residence card type D


Study and Living Expenditure in Belgium for International Students


Study Expenses:

The tuition fee in Belgian Universities is different for EU and Non EU nationals. The Belgian Government runs several scholarship programmes to facilitate and encourage international enrollments in their universities on merit and academic excellence basis which is assess through entrance examinations. On average for admission in post graduate study programme the per year tuition fee will be around 1000 to 4000 Euros for Non EU students. There are three regions in Belgium and universities of each region have different tuition fee charges. In Walloon Region of Belgium, a full time post graduate study programme will cost around 850 Euros per year, in Flemish Region the tuition fee will be nearly 2500 Euros for post graduate programme and in Brussels Region the tuition fee will be higher than other regions.


Living Expenses:

Belgium is one of the affordable countries in Europe. The students can manage their living expenses in Belgium due to part time working permission and Government controlled minimum per hour wage. The urban cities like Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Leuven are expensive places to live for students but most of the universities are also located in these cities. The accommodation rent in mainstream cities of Belgium may vary according to location, accommodation size and furnished and non furnished facilities.

  • University Resident Halls Monthly Rent: in 200 to 400 Euros

  • Private Room in Flat or Apartment Monthly Rent: 500 Euros

  • Two Bedrooms Apartment Monthly Rent: 700 to 1000 Euros



On average you can expect to spend 200 to 300 Euros monthly on food and beverages for one person if you cook yourself. Eating out would obviously be expensive and you can’t afford it on daily basis. Rates of some daily use beverages are enlisted below for your estimation of living expenses in Belgium:

  • 1 kg boneless chicken is 4.97 Euros

  • 1 liter of milk bottle is 1.04 Euros

  • A Pack of dozen eggs is 4.32 Euros

  • 1 kg of tomatoes is 1.97 Euros

  • 1 kg of apples is 2.10 Euros

  • A loaf of bread is 1.34 Euros


Transportation Rent:

A student’s pass for monthly travel in public transport will cost around 50 Euros.


Part Time Working Permission and Post Graduation Work Opportunities in Belgium


Part Time Work:

Belgium has allowed international students to work part time during their university years. However, it is compulsory for students to attain a work permit which will be valid for a year at first and can be renewed for another year according to duration of study programme. To attain work permit the students would be required to follow the following procedure:

  • File application for Work Permit C Type at Department of Economic Migration

  • Submit Required Documents (The list of documents required to attain work permit C type of Belgium for part time work are enlisted in this article)

The student gaining a work permit receives all the rights and benefits as indigenous employee does. Part time working hours are 20 hours a week allowed during semesters and full time working hours are allowed during semester breaks.


Post Graduation Work:

Like many European countries, Belgium is generous enough to allow international students extend their student visa for one year even after their degree is completed. During this duration, you get a chance to get hold of an employment position in Belgium that pays you enough to bear your accommodation, living and health care expenses. By getting an employment contract you can apply for permanent residency of Belgium which will be granted to you according to your profession, employment position and qualification.


belgium admission

Belgium is a multilingual and multicultural society in its true essence. Speakers of different native European languages happen to be studying in Belgium without having trouble to adjust in this global hub. Besides option to study English taught programmes in top ranked Belgium Universities, international students can study French, Dutch and German taught programmes in variety. Belgium has progressed in the fields of Science, Arts, IT, Business Marketing and Applied Sciences through innovation and credible research. Studying abroad in Belgium is a channel to know diverse cultures, learning languages, experiencing European history and attaining exceptional higher education. The general requirements for admissions in Belgian Universities are explained below:


An Apt Choice of University in Belgium

Belgium higher education institutes in English follow Bologna process to enhance standards of education and to increase credibility of their degrees worldwide. The reason behind progress of Belgium in economic and social front is certainly its excelling quality of education. Six of Belgian Universities rank in top hundred positions of notable world university ranking lists. The degree structure and qualification delivered to alumni at public and private institutions are similar. Public Universities in Belgium however are being considered as more apt and affordable option for international students. While selecting an apt university for study in Belgium check availability of following key points:

Scholarships and Funding for International Students

  • Affordable Tuition Fee

  • University Ranking

  • On Campus Accommodation Facility

  • Program Taught in the Your Preferred Language

  • Location


Selecting Most Suited Study Programme

Selecting a study programme at higher education level is just like selecting your future. This choice must be made after thorough consideration of personal interest and potential of career success. You can pay more attention on your education and work hard by choosing a study program of your interest. Every education stream is well explored and you can adopt many career dimensions at present times. The official languages of Belgium are French, Dutch and German but Belgian Universities offer a wide variety of English taught programs at higher education level in Belgium. While selecting a program make sure you have chosen a program which is being taught in your preferred language, you meet admission requirements, career scope and duration of program.


Admissions in Belgian Universities


Method of Application

The Universities of Belgium use common application method and Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). The students can use either of the one online application method to submit their request for admissions at any university of Belgium.


Documents Required for Admission in Belgiun Universities 2020

  • High School Diploma for admission in under graduate program, Bachelors degree for admissions in post graduate program (Masters) and Masters degree for admissions in post graduate program (PhD)

  • Transcripts of Academic Certificates (translated by a professional translator in Dutch, German, French or English Language)

  • Letters of Recommendation (Written by your professors stating your eligibility and academic capabilities for admission in applied program)\

  • Letter of Intent (Written by the applicant stating why he/she is applying for the certain program, explain his/her interest in the related field and professional goal)

  • Completely Filled Admission Form

  • A document explaining the grading and marking system of your academic transcripts according to education system of your country

  • CV (for  Admissions in Post Graduate Programmes and If there a gap in your education)

  • Language Proficiency Test Certificates ( IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge are accepted for English taught programmes)

  • Copy of National Identity Card or National Passport

  • Paid receipt of Registration Fee (Not Refundable)

  • The transcripts of academic certificates must be originals


Admission Deadlines in Belgium Universities 2020

  • The admission deadline for students belonging from countries which require study visa of Belgium is March 1.

  • The admission deadline for students belonging from countries which do not require study visa of Belgium is June 1

  • Autumn Semester in Belgian Universities Start in October

  • Spring Semester in Belgian Universities Start in Mid-February

  • Summer Holidays Start from July to September


Merit for Admissions in Belgium 

Belgian Universities accept 77 to 86 percentages of grades attained in each subject. A student having passed his/her Bachelor’s degree with good grades not later than 2004 can apply for admissions in post graduate (Masters) program.


Study Abroad Belgium Registered Agents in Pakistan 

Study abroad Belgium admission process can be tricky and complex and there is detailing of documentation involved for successful application submission. The candidates having hard time to comprehend the online application process can consult a study abroad consultant to save themselves from application rejection. The application process has to be started on time and all the documents must be arranged before the admission deadline date arrives. Especially, the language proficiency test must be passed in good grades. All these perquisites of admissions require careful handling. The list of study abroad consultants in Pakistan have years of professional experience in study abroad process and they can help you in achieving your goal.


Scholarships in Belgium 2020 for International Students

  • Belgian Development Agency (BTC) Scholarships: (It is government funded scholarship program aimed at facilitating 1,000 candidates each year. The candidates are given monthly allowances, scholarships and travel expenses to study in Belgian Universities for different study programs. It is for the students of 18 countries who are partner of Belgian Development Cooperation).

  • VLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarship: (It is government funded scholarship program which gives financial aid to students of 54 developing countries. The program provides monthly allowances, study expenses and accommodation expenses)

  • CIUF-CUD Scholarships: (It is government funded scholarship program aimed at providing 150 scholarships per annum to students of selected developing countries for admission in 70 courses)

  • Science@Leuven Scholarships for International Students: (International students pursuing their degrees in astrophysics, biology, chemistry, geography, geology, mathematics, physics and statistics in Belgian Universities can avail this 8,000 Euro scholarship based on their academic performance during second semester).

  • The IRO Doctoral Scholarship Programme at K.U. Leuven: (Deserving PhD students belonging from developing countries can get chance to study in Belgium by funds of this scholarship program. Each year 100 PhD candidates from developing countries can avail this scholarship)

  • Liege University Scholarships for International Students: (There is no nationality barrier to avail this scholarship program. The eligible candidates will get monthly allowances, tuition fee and travel cost).


step by step student visa guide for Pakistani tsudents of belgium country

Historical ambience, legal justice, economical prosperity and top rated education are few of the many factors contributing to make Belgium a top favorite study abroad destination. Belgium has deep cultural roots and renaissance essence yet it is modern and progressive nation. Belgian people are famous for amiable attitudes and welcoming nature, no wonder the country is home to French, German, Dutch and Turkish expats. Nationals of EU countries do not require a visa to study in Belgium but those belonging from Non-EU countries require a student visa to study in Belgium. The following guide will explain a step by step guide of attaining a student visa of Belgium:


Acceptance Letter

The process of student visa starts as soon as you receive an acceptance letter from a Belgium University. After submission of application successfully the students would have to wait for an official documented approval from Belgian university. The acceptance letter issued on your name by a Belgium institutes serves as an official invitation which you will show to the Belgian Consulate or Embassy at your country to inquire visa process. The acceptance letter will only be accepted if it is from an accredited institute of Belgium Government.


Contact Belgian Embassy or Consulate Located Near You

The candidates are required to appear at a nearest Belgian Embassy or Consulate in their home country personally and inquire if they need a visa or not. If the duration if your study program is more than 90 days then you will be required to apply for D Type Visa. The Embassy will inform you the requirements and visa application deadline.


Documents Required to Apply for a Student Visa of Belgium for Pakistani Students 2020

  • A completely filled and signed visa application form by the applicant. ( It is advised to take more than one visa application form from Embassy)

  • A valid national passport (The passport must be valid at least till 12 months and more preferably till the duration of your entire study program, the passport must not be older than 10 years)

  • Proof of financial backup (The applicant must show a financial proof in form of bank statement or credit card statement proving that you have enough financial resources to bear your fee study and living expenses and return ticket)

  • A medical statement ( A certified medical statement from an accredited institute proving that you don’t have any disease which can endanger public health)

  • A clearance letter from police station (a clearance letter from local police station proving that you have no criminal record or legal offence registered on your name)

  • An acceptance letter from Belgian University ( the acceptance letter must be from an accredited institute of Belgium stating that your purpose of travelling to Belgium is solely education)

  • Certified academic transcripts (list of all attained academic certificates which must be originals)

  • A statement from employer (for post graduate prorammes, the statement must elaborate why the certain degree is necessary for you to attain for professional cause)

  • One set of copies of all your academic transcripts of attained diplomas

  • A document giving brief description of the study program you have taken admission in Belgian University

  • The documents must be translated into German, Dutch, French or English language by a sworn translator

  • Letter of Intent (a letter written by applicant why has he chosen certain program of study at a Belgian University and explain his/her professional goals)

  • Language Proficiency Test Certificate (in the language of instruction of your chosen study program in Belgium)

  • Proof of paid tuition fee

  • Proof of arranged accommodation (in form of rental contract or paid rent receipts)


As You Arrive in Belgium

All EU and Non-EU nationals have to report at local municipal administration office of Belgium near to their residence address. They must report at the office within eight days of arriving in Belgium. The municipal administration will issue a resident permit to students allowing them to work while they study and it will serve as their identity card for entire duration of their stay in Belgium. The students will be allowed to enter other Schengen states by using this resident card as their identity without a visa but the visit must not be longer than 3 months. The resident card needs to be renewed after every year and the application for renewal of resident card application must be submitted 40 to 15 days before the card expires.

undergraduate and postgraduate study cost in Belgium for Pakistani Students

Belgium is located in the west of Europe; it is a culturally diverse, multilingual, political center of Europe, safe country with high quality of living, healthcare, education and economical prosperity. International students residing in Belgium under a residence permit can travel to other Schengen states without needing a visa. Belgium is one country in Europe which can give you a true international experience as you can meet students belonging from different ethnicities and countries. Yet it is an affordable country in terms of living expenses, accommodation and food. The study cost is relatively low than other Schengen States as Austria and France. Additionally Belgian government is running several scholarship programs for students of developing countries based on academic merit. A student studying for post graduate degree in Belgium can work 20 hours a week. If you are planning on to study abroad in Belgium, the following guide give an elaborated estimate of study and living expenses in Belgium:


Cost of Study in Belgium 2020 for International Students 

The cost of study may vary depending upon the study program and level of education. The public institutions offer cheaper tuition fees than private institutes. The tuition fee and other expenditures also depend upon an applicant’s nationality.


Approximate Study Cost for EU Nationals in Belgium

EU nationals can expect to pay 850 Euros per year for a post graduate program in Belgium. It can be lesser or higher for different study programs. There are Belgium scholarships and grants specifically directed at assisting EU nationals to avail cheap cost education around the European countries such ERASMUS.


Approximate Study Cost for Non-EU Nationals in Belgium

Non-EU nationals have to pay tuition fee, registration fee, visa fee and many such expenses. On average to study a post graduate program in Belgium a student can expect to pay 1000 Euros to 4000 Euros a year. The tuition fee can be cheaper and higher depending on the study program you have chosen. The public institutions charge much lower tuition fees than private institutions.


Study Cost in Different Regions of Belgium


Walloon Region

Belgium is divided into three regions namely: The Brussels Capital region, the Flemish Region and the Walloon Region. The study cost and university fee will be different in these three regions of Belgium. In Walloon region for Non-EU nationals the university fee for a post graduate program, can be around 850 Euros per year with additional registration charges. For some study programs at post graduate level the fee can be even lesser than 850 Euros in Walloon region.


Flemish Region

In Flemish region an EU student can expect to pay around 950 Euros per year for a post graduate program. For Non-EU students the tuition fee may be around 2500 Euros or more depending on the study program.


Living Expenses in Belgium for International Students 2020

Belgium is not an expensive country but as a foreign student residing in a distant land maintaining a monthly budget is necessary for avoiding debt. Living costs are directly related to a person’s lifestyle and spending habits. Similar to any other country the living cost in the urban cities of Belgium is much higher the rural areas. But part time jobs are accessible in urban cities mainly. Consequently, international students belonging to any nationality who are studying abroad in Belgium are mostly resided in urban cities such as Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven and Liege. An international students enrolled in a full time study program at post graduate level can work for 20 hours a week to earn an additional amount to bear his/her living expenses. On average the per month living costs as an international student living in the different cities of Belgium can be estimated as follows:



It is capital of Belgium and tourist hub. Brussels airport is considered as one of the busiest airports of entire Europe. So naturally the living costs in Brussels are higher than any other city of Belgium. A student can expect his/her monthly charges of living in Brussels to be around 900 to 1400 Euros.



It is second most expensive city of Belgium next to Brussels. Some of the top rated universities of Belgium are located in this city. Students can get to have many part time job opportunities in Antwerp as well. You can expect on average monthly living cost of a student in Antwerp to be around 800 to 1250 Euros.



Ghent is regarded as a cultural pivot and a town of universities. The architecture of buildings gives a picturesque experience of medieval period. It is a tourist’s city and you can visit many historical sites while studying Ghent in one ticket. The living cost in Ghent as an international student can be around 750 to 1200 Euros per month.



The city is filled with statues of local public figures, biblical characters and Flemish saints. It is famous for breweries. It is 10th most populated city of Brussels. KU Leuven a top rated university of Belgium is located in this city. Per month living expenses in Leuven as an international student can be around 800 to 1300 Euros



 It is French speaking city of Belgium. Historical and cultural landmarks, churches, archaeological treasures and museums are located in this city. Despite being a cultural center the city is hub of commercial prospects and businesses. Living expenses as an International student can be around 700 to 1100 Euros per month.


Accommodation Expenses

The charges of accommodation naturally depend upon the locality and city you decide to live in Belgium. Mostly international students prefer to reside in university halls as it the least expensive and most facilitating option. University halls and dormitories are available in all major university cities of Belgium. Students who can afford private apartments and flats can expect to pay higher rent than university halls. The monthly rent of different types of accommodations for internationals students in Belgium is follows:

University Halls and Dormitories: On average on campus room or dorm room can be rented in 200 to 400 Euros per month based on available facilities and bills.

A room in private flat or apartment: A room in a private flat or apartment in the urban city of Belgium can be rented in 500 Euros per month.

Rent of a private apartment: If you want to rent a private apartment or studio apartment for in Belgium can expect to pay monthly rent of 600 to 700 Euros.


Food Cost in Belgium

Belgium is famous for its food and restaurants. You can find every type of cuisines in local restaurants and fully packed cafes. Cooking at home and buying monthly groceries from super markets on discount rates is the cheapest and healthiest eating option for everyone including foreign students residing in Belgium. On average you can expect to spend around 200 to 300 Euros per month on buying groceries for one person in Belgium. The more specific rates of day to day groceries and restaurant costs per meal for one person are estimated as:

  • A basic one time meal including a drink for one person in a restaurant is 16 Euros

  • A meal for one person in fast food restaurant as Bib Mac Meal is 8 Euros

  • 1 kg boneless chicken is 4.97 Euros

  • 1 liter of milk bottle is 1.04 Euros

  • A Pack of dozen eggs is 4.32 Euros

  • 1 kg of tomatoes is 1.97 Euros

  • 1 kg of apples is 2.10 Euros

  • A loaf of bread is 1.34 Euros

  • 2 liter bottle of Coca Cola is 2.42 Euros



The best option of transportation for international students in Belgium is via public transports such as buses and train.  Monthly ticket of metro trains and buses can cost you 50 Euros. For travelling along the coast line public coast tram can be used. Students can have discounts on travel tickets. If you own a car it is also not so expensive option. 1 liter of gas will cost you 1.46 Euros. International students prefer to travel around the city on bicycles as well. Taxis are an expensive option of travelling. Most taxi services in Belgium are owned by private companies which have fixed their own per ride rate.


Part Time Work in Belgium

It is an absolute necessity for an international student to work part time while studying abroad. In Belgium, the procedures of part time jobs while study in belgium involves attaining a student employment contract that enables you to work under a same employer for a year. This contract can be renewed after a year. In Belgium, the employer hiring a student as its employee has to apply for a work permit on behalf of the student. Along with a C type visa the student is obliged to have a student employment contract. The students can work full time during their holidays from universities without needing in work permit. But during regular semesters the working hours should be adjusted after the classes that must not disturb a student’s education.


Health Care Expenditure

Health care coverage is an important document of attaining a student’s residence permit of Belgium. Any international student enrolled in a full time study program in Belgium requires attaining a health care insurance from one of public or private company based in Belgium. The health care insurance will cover medical expenses or in case of any medical emergency hospitalization expenditure of the student during their stay in Belgium. The amount of health care coverage will be specified to you Belgian Embassy while applying for a student visa.


living details of Belgium for Pakistani students

Belgium is although small in size but a densely populated country which is rightly called ‘heart of Europe’. It is famous for delicious cosine and owns a well reputed education system. Belgium’s geographical location makes travelling to other European countries trouble free by car or plane. Despite being a hub of international trade, politics, education and culture, the cost of living in Belgium is substantially low particularly for students. Students are allowed to work 20 hours a week to support their living expenses in addition. On average 850 Euros per month are required for one person’s living expenses in Belgium including food and accommodation which is quite low as compared to Ireland and the UK. The types of student accommodation available in Belgium for International students are explained in the guide below:


Belgium University Residence:

For many reasons university residence is most suited option for living in abroad for an international student. Especially the one who are travelling to a stranger country for the first time. Belgian Universities usually send international student details about their accommodation options along with acceptance letter so that they can reserve a room if they want to. Moreover, for student visa of Belgium, an international student has to provide proof of arranged accommodation before departure from their home country. But university residence is not for students who are shy and prefer privacy.


The benefits of living in university residence:

  • Cheap cost and least expensive among all other accommodation options.

  • Proximity to university saving your transportation expenditure and time.

  • Getting to know your fellow university students.

  • Immediate information about events happening in the university and access to passes first hand.

  • 24/7 Security

  • Disciplines and organized life style which a student must follow.



To book a single room in university residence you can expect to pay 200-400 EUR/month. The utility bills of electricity, gas and water are included in the rent.



  • Furnished rooms

  • Private bathroom

  • Common kitchen in each floor of university residence for use of all students

  • Parking area for bikes.

  • Study lounge, laundry room and T.V lounge for all students.



The Kots-à-projets are sort of university residence and a Belgian creation. A group of research students including 10 to 12 members working on a same project share a flat. The flat is rented for one or two academic year until the project is being completed. The exchange students usually book Kots-à-projets accommodation before travelling to Belgium for their research project but other students can also join their group. The university provides subsidies to students living in Kots-à-projets accommodation and each year receives summary of their work and allows them to stay another year based on their performance and academic requirement. The leading member of the group of researchers working on same project is responsible for inviting new members of their group into the flat and adjusting them in the environment. The Kaps have their own organizing committee called organ which is consisted of manager, treasurer, president and person who handles external relations.


The benefits of living in Kots-à-projets/Kaps:

  • Implementation of your research into practical form,

  • Discount on rent, subsidies for project implementation from university, elevate your CV and personal growth.

  • Organization of small events related to projects and group members helping each other for completion of project.

  • Your fellow room sharers will be in same academic standard so there will be not much fuss for adjusting.



The cost would be quite inexpensive as the accommodation will be shared by all of the project members. Also the university will provide subsidy.



  • Private bedroom for each member with attached bathroom

  • Shared kitchen for all members

  • Organization of combine educational activities, social events and humanitarian events.

  • Sharing skills and enhancing knowledge

  • Subsidies from university

  • Furnished Flat


Private Renting:

You can rent private room in a flat, share accommodation with your friends or book a separate accommodation for yourself if your pocket allows. There is no restriction on an international student for booking a private apartment in Belgium it is solemnly their own choice. But of course it an expensive option and if you are not known to the country it can be risky. The cost of accommodation varies according to the location of accommodation and facilities offered by the owners. The private accommodation types in Belgium for international students are as follows:


Single Bedroom Flat/ Studio Apartment:

Studio apartments are modernly designed to meet the living standards of students and working professionals. The apartment will consist of one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and sitting lounge. There can be furnished or non furnished option but mostly students prefer renting a furnished apartment in abroad.


The benefits of living in Studio Apartment:

  • Privacy and freedom

  • You can find your friends over to stay and study any time you want.

  • You can cook your own meals.

  • You can decorate your apartment as you like.

  • You can focus on your education without being interrupted by noise and hustle bustle of communal accommodation.



  • Furnished apartment

  • Private kitchen and laundry room equipped with needed machinery



The rent will not include utility bills. You can expect the monthly rent to be around 520 to 7000 Euros.


Shared Flats:

You can rent a two or three bedrooms flat in Belgium and share the accommodation and bills with your friends. It is common among international students to rent a shared accommodation and indeed an affordable one. If you know your friends well and get along what can be better than sharing an apartment together after all? You can share the duties, share bills, help each other when one needs and enjoy alone time as well.


The benefits of living in shared flat:

  • The rent and bills are divided.

  • Freedom and privacy.

  • You set the house rules.



The utility bills might and might not be included in the monthly rent. On average, three bedrooms apartment in Belgium will cost 1500 to 2000 Euros per month.

Factors to be considered while renting an apartment as an international student:

  • Finalize your booking after searching all the accommodation options and comparing their costs and facilities.

  • Take services of reliable estate agents and do not pay any amount until you have given rental contract.

  • Take assistance of international student office of your university in Belgium.

  • Do not book until you are completely sure because if you cancel your booking, the owners will deduct some amount as fine.

  • Ascertain the safety factor and visit the location of your accommodation if possible (for private renting).

  • Ascertain the accommodation you choose is located ear to public transport and your university.


latest jobs in belgium for Pakistani students

The international students studying abroad in Belgium get to experience diversity of culture and globalized learning environment. The inventor of World Wide Web aka www hypertext is Belgian informatics engineer Robert Cailliau. Belgium education system is all about innovation and modern teaching methodologies. Buildings in Belgium represent renaissance architecture, people are bilingual speaking, the country holds rich historical ambience and it is headquarter of NATO and European Union.  There are three official languages of Belgium namely French, Dutch and German and people also speak English fluently. For doing part time job in Belgium there will be no language barrier and in fact you will learn rudiments other languages. In Belgium, students can do part time job by attaining work permit C which allows them to work anywhere in Belgium like any other native employee. The process of attaining work permit C for part time work in Belgium is explained in the following guide:


The procedure of attaining work permits C for part time jobs in Belgium:

The holder of resident permit of Belgium will submit his/her work permit C application at the Department of Economic Migration in the province of their residence. The application will be analyzed by migrant labor department, if the applicant meets the merit his application will be approved and if he does not meet the merit his application will be refused. The application meeting with refusal decision can be appealed for consideration and for eliminating the objections that are subject of the refusal. Work permit C has validity of a year; the students can renew it for another next year according to their study programme duration.


Documents Required for Work Permit C Application

  • Completed works permit C application form signed by the applicant (student enrolled in a Belgian University, refugee, and victim of human trafficking).

  • Completed information sheet signed by the Mayor of the place where you reside in Belgium (confirming that the information provided by the applicant is similar to information registered at municipal office)

  • Copy of current resident permit of the applicant

  • Residence history of applicant (the municipal administration will issue this document)


Post Graduation Work Opportunities in Belgium for International Students 2020

Belgium allows international students to extend their student visa up to 12 months duration for job searching after completion of the study programme. In this duration students can work part time and support their expenditure as well as search employment according to their qualification. After gaining an employment contract, you can apply for resident permit of Belgium. There are three types of resident permits of Belgium that include:

  • Electronic residence card type B

  • Electronic residence card type C

  • Electronic residence card type D

You can apply for any one of the resident card that suits your qualification, professional skills and employment contract. The rights of permanent resident holder are similar to native employees. You will have sick leaves, paid holidays and protection against unlawful and unannounced dismissal from job. You can apply for resident permit after residing in Belgium for one year if you have not been absent from the country in this duration. (Read Article on Permanent Residency of Belgium for Detailed Procedure).


belgium citizenship for Pakistani Students

Non-EU and EU students are allowed to extend their residence permit (A card) after completing their studies. The residence card is extended for a year period for the purpose of searching job. This extension period is referred as a ‘search year’. In this duration of search year the students would have to find themselves a suitable job according to their academic profile. After attaining a job and residing in Belgium for 5 years continuously the students can apply for a permanent residence permit. The following guide is a step to step procedure of attaining a permanent residence permit post graduation from Belgium:


Visa Extension

After completion of degree the procedure for travelling back to home starts for students. But those who want to settle down in Belgium have a chance to extend their visa up to 12 months duration. The application for visa extension must be submitted before student residence permit or (A card) expires. The documents required are as follows:

  • 350 Euros fees must be paid for visa extension (the proof of payment must be attached with application)

  • A valid national passport

  • A letter of motivation (it must be written by the applicant stating the purpose of extending the visa)

  • Proof of finances (the applicant needs to show a proof of finances either through sponsorship or stable income in form of Bank statement at the time of submitting application. At least 800 Euros must be present in your account to show that you have finances to meet your needs).

  • Degree from a Recognized Belgian University (At least a Bachelor’s degree attained in the past academic year)

  • Proof of applications submitted for job search according to your academic profile

  • Proof that you are not taking financial aid from any Belgian Governmental or Private Organization


Permanent Residence Card of Belgium

You are eligible to apply for a permanent residence card of Belgium if you have been residing in Belgium continuously without being absent for more than a year. The residence permit card allows you to enjoy same privileges as a Belgian citizen except right to vote. You can have following benefits:

  • Right of employment and working rights as Belgian citizens including medical insurance, paid holidays and protection from unlawful termination of job

  • Right to avail government grants, right to education and recognition of qualification

  • Benefits of welfare

  • Benefits of social assistance

  • Right to have union membership and freedom of association


Types of Permanent Residence Cards

Non-EU nationals can avail residence cards B, C and D based on their employment typoe, qualification and professional skills.


Electronic residence card type B

Third country nationals who had been residing in Belgium for 5 years continuously on the basis of employment can apply for Electronic residence card type B. The B card is registered in foreign registry. It allows you to be absent from Belgium for more than a year without your residency card being revoked. You will enjoy employment rights and move to other Schengen states without having any special visa. The holders of B card are not entitled to social welfare benefits provided by Belgian government.


Electronic residence card type C

Electronic residence card type C is registered at civil registry and applicants are entitled to avail social welfare benefits provided by government of Belgium. Your immigration file will be included in general Belgian population rather than among foreign nationals.  C cars holders are allowed to stay 2 years absent from Belgium without having their residence card revoked and moreover while applying for Belgian citizenship C card holders do not need much legal documentation.


Electronic residence card type D

The Electronic residence card type D is applicable for those third country nationals who had been residing in Belgium for 5 years continuously. Their monthly income must be EUR 793 and additional EUR 264 per dependent if anyone lives with them. You must have a proper health insurance cover and the applicant must not be a threat to local community. The Electronic residence card type D is being registered at civil registry. The holders of D card are allowed to stay out of Belgian territory for 6 continuous years without their residence card being revoked. The D card is recognized in other EU states as well. D card holders have status of EU long term residents.


General Documents Required for Permanent Residence Card

  • Employment contract, proof of business or investment made in Belgium

  • Police clearance letter (stating that the applicant has not committed any legal offence during his stay in Belgium)

  • Medical insurance coverage (It can be provided by employer also)

  • Bank statement ( you must have enough monthly income to afford your needs)

  • An (A )residence card (proving that you had been staying in Belgium for last five years on legal basis)

  • Certificate of registration

  • Two recent passport size photos

  • Proof of accommodation

  • A completely filled applicant form (the form will be available at foreign or civil registry based on your permanent residence type (B, C or D)

  • The documents must be originals or certified copies and translated in either Dutch, French or German language

  • The attested documents must be older than 6 months


Belgian Citizenship 2020

After having lived in Belgium on resident card for 5 years you can apply for Belgian citizenship. The applicant had to prove that he can speak one of the three official languages of Belgium fluently that is French, Dutch or German. He also needs to prove he has a sufficient source of income and an accommodation large enough for living facility of applicant’s family members. Similar rules are applied to those acquiring Belgian citizenship on the basis of marriage. The applicant needs to prove she/he has been living with Belgian national spouse for last three years and knows one of the three official languages of Belgium. The five year residency rule applies for citizenship on the basis of marriage as well.


study in Belgium guide for Pakistani students

Located at the heart of Europe Belgium is known for its mouthwatering chocolates, oven baked waffles and the magnificent castles transforming it into a destination which is like no other. However, there is one more addition to this list being education as it has sprung up a recent hub of world quality education due to the following reasons:


  • A unique experience embedded with historical and festive heritage

Belgium has been home to a timeless heritage and vibrant palaces alluring millions of tourists towards it round the clock. It is an ideal place for students to indulge into a cup of steaming cocoa with chocolates that melt in your mouth along with snuggling in a blanket .Thus, it provides a perfect escape when the load of studies dawns upon a student or in case they are in need of a much needed break.


  • An opportunity  to dive into the world of picturesque beauty

Belgium is known for its mesmerizing beauty which can be seen around at every nook and corner providing the students with an unforgettable experience to cherish for lifetime.


  • Low cost of living in comparison to other countries

The cost of living in Belgium is relatively lower providing an added advantage to the students. In addition to this, it is a home to some of the top universities which includes University of Ghent, UCL, University of Brussel and University of Antwerp.


  • Diverse courses being offered to students

Belgium is a hub for the students exploring the innovative programs such as MBA programs which are known as EMBA programs and have become popular amongst students within no time. Moreover, this program opens up numerous employment opportunities for the students enabling them to build a successful future ahead of them.


  • Outstanding Quality of life

Belgium is one of those countries which is known for its remarkable quality of life that it has to offer along with a festive culture and a vigilant security system. It is a city which allows the students to indulge into the number of enticing attractions other than to study as it is flocked with grandeur castles, colorful gardens and lush green parks.


  • An effective transportation

Belgium is equipped with a locatable public transportation which is spread all over the country. Not only has this it provided an access to the prime locations of Europe such as London, Paris and Amsterdam by train in two hours.


  • Grant of Scholarships and lower education costs in Belgium for International Students

Belgium is one of those countries which offers wide range of scholarships to international students focusing on the students from the developing countries along with students from other international countries too. Most of these scholarships are government funded or private ones from which the students in need of financial aid can benefit to amajor extent.

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that Belgium is one of the most student friendly destination for those who intend to pursue higher education as a result of which more and more students are drawing towards it.


Quick Facts About Belgium

  • Population

    11.35 million

  • National language

    French, German, Dutch

  • Top 3 religion

    Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodox

  • International Students


  • Capital


  • largest 3 cities

    Brussels, Antwerp, Liège

  • Currency

    1 Euro equals 175.30 Pakistani Rupee

  • Time difference with Pakistan

    Pakistan is 3 Hours Ahead of Belgium

  • Work rule for International students

    20 hours a week

  • Wages for students

    €37,923/ Year

  • Economy

    25th Among 44 Countries in the Europe Region

  • Per capita income

    47,960 PPP Dollars

  • Immigrant population

    25% of the Total Population.

Scholarships in Belgium

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Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students


Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

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