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Why Study In Belgium

It is reported by the international students that Belgium is one of those study abroad destinations that provide quality education to international students. According to the comments declared by the international students, Belgium is rated 8.5 out of 10 for the best study abroad destination throughout Europe. There are 07 universities exist in Belgium that have obtained the award of international student satisfaction universities in Belgium.

Belgium offers the environment of three national languages including French, Dutch, and German. Moreover, English is also speaking at a wide level. That is why students get better communication opportunities while studying in Belgium. International students find the accepting and tolerant population in Belgium that is considered as one of the main reasons to choose Belgium as your study abroad destination.

Belgium offers worldwide recognized universities. For example, KU Leuven stays at 81 number in the global rank and many other Belgium universities including Ghent University, Université Catholique de Louvain, UCL, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VUB, and the University Of Antwerp, etc. come under top 500 universities of the world. Students get opportunities of quality education through worldwide recognized universities and low tuition fees. Moreover, in order to facilitate the international students, Belgium government and Belgium universities offer international students the Belgian scholarship programs.

In the end, students are informed that Belgium offers a great opportunity to live in multicultural communities to expand their horizons. Students are also provided suitable accommodation options to live a healthy life there. Moreover, international students are also provided the opportunity of part-time employment to easily meet their study and living expenses in Belgium.     


Admission Criteria For Belgian Universities 

The following chart is showing the complete detail of the admissions requirement in bachelors’, masters’, and doctoral programs. Applicants are advised to read the requirements carefully before going to apply for admissions in Belgium:

Bachelors’ Requirements

Masters’ Requirements

Ph.D. Requirements

Higher secondary school certificate or intermediate level of education is required 

A bachelor’s degree in the relevant field or study program

A master’s degree in the same field or subject for which you are going to apply for a Ph.D. program

All previous academic records

All previous academic records

All previous academic records

Letters of recommendation

Recommendation letters from your professors or previous institute 

Letter of recommendations from the previous institute

Letter of Intent

Statement of purpose

Personal statement

Detailed CV

Detailed CV

Detailed resume

Language proficiency test, IELTS with the required score

English language proficiency test, IELTS 

English language proficiency test such as IELTS with required bands is required

Foreign language proficiency in case of study program other than the English language

In case of your study program in a foreign language, the language proficiency test is required

Foreign language proficiency proof is required is you are going to peruse study program in other than the English language 

Valid identity documents

Valid identity documents

Proof of valid identity documents


The Belgian Study Visa Types and Requirements

Students are informed that there are two types of Belgian student visa i.e. short term student visa (C-type visa) and long term student visa (D-type visa). The following is the detail of the student visas for Belgium:

Short Term or C Type Student Visa: International students who are intending to move to Belgium for a short stay or less than 90 days are required to apply for a Belgian C type visa

Long Term or C Type Student Visa: International students who are intending to apply for a full-time study program in Belgium and want to stay in Belgium for more than 90 days are required to apply for a long term or Belgium D type visa.

The following are the required documents for the Belgian student visa:

  • Valid traveling document such as passport with at least 06 months validity is required.

  • Original visa application form (02)

  • An admission acceptance letter from a recognized Belgian university is required.

  • Copies of previous academic records

  • Cover letter or motivational letter

  • Applicants have to give financial stability while applying for a Belgian student visa. Through the following chart you can easily check the financial requirements:



Student Category

Proof of Fund


Students under 24 years of age

533.85 Euro/month


Students with 24 years of the age or above

966.65 Euro/month



1472.00 Euro/month


For each child

149.15 Euro/month


  • Health or medical certificate  

  • Applicants with over 21 years of age are required to show a certificate of good conduct.

  • Receipt of the visa application fee is required to attach with the Belgian student visa application form.


Belgian Student Visa Fee

The following is the detail of the Belgian student visa Fee:


Visa Category

Visa Fee


C Type Visa

70.00 Euros


D Type Visa

210.00 Euros


Study and Living Cost In Belgium

The following chart is showing the study cost in Belgium:

Study Program

Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee For Bachelor and Master Programs

Between €835 and €4,200 per year

Admissions Application Fee



The following is the chart showing the complete living cost in Belgium for students:



Public Transport

Around €50 monthly


€600 to €800 monthly


Around €300 monthly

Grocery Items

€200 to €250 monthly

Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, and Garbage bills

€100 to €150 monthly

Mobile and Internet

Around €50 monthly

Pair Of Jeans

€80 to €100 monthly

Pair Of Shoes

€80 to €120 monthly

Fitness Club

€30 to €40 monthly

Entertainment Or Traveling 

Around €40 monthly, depends upon the mode of entertainment


Belgian PR & Citizenship

Like all other countries throughout Europe, Belgium also offers permanent residence and citizenship to international students or international candidates. The following is the detail of obtaining Belgium Permanent Residence and Belgium Citizenship statuses:


Belgian Permanent Residence

There are three types of Belgian residence permit card and these are listed below:

  • Electronic Residence Card Type B

  • Electronic Residence Card Type C

  • Electronic Residence Card Type D  

Applicants who are continuously residing in Belgium for the last 05 years with a genuine purpose including employment and business, etc. are eligible to apply for Belgian residence permit cards. The following are the requirements to apply for Belgian residence permit cards:

  • Employment contract, business proof, or investment proof in Belgium

  • Police clearance certificate during the stay of candidates in Belgium

  • Proof of medical insurance coverage

  • Bank statement or proof of income  

  • Registration certificate

  • Two recent photos (passport size)

  • Accommodation proof

  • Completely filled application form according to your applied residence permit card (card B, Card C, or Card D)

  • The documents must be original or attested copies in German, French, or Dutch language.

  • The attested documents must not be older than 06 months.


Belgian Citizenship

Applicants after spending at least 05 years with residence permit cards can apply for Belgian citizenship. Applicants can obtain citizenship through several processes. The requirements may differ according to the nature of your citizenship application and the following are the major requirements to apply for Belgian citizenship:

  • At least 05 years stay with residence permit card

  • Can speak fluently in any one of the three national languages i.e. French, German, and Dutch.

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Proof of sufficient source of income

  • There are some other requirements may be applied according to the nature of the citizenship status of the candidates.

Frequently Ask Questions

Quick Facts About Belgium

  • Population

    11.35 million

  • National language

    French, German, Dutch

  • Top 3 religion

    Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodox

  • International Students


  • Capital


  • largest 3 cities

    Brussels, Antwerp, Liège

  • Currency

    1 Euro equals 175.30 Pakistani Rupee

  • Time difference with Pakistan

    Pakistan is 3 Hours Ahead of Belgium

  • Work rule for International students

    20 hours a week

  • Wages for students

    €37,923/ Year

  • Economy

    25th Among 44 Countries in the Europe Region

  • Per capita income

    47,960 PPP Dollars

  • Immigrant population

    25% of the Total Population.

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