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step by step guide to study in Bulgaria

Bulgaria among the favorite study abroad destinations is a valuable one. However, there are multiple Reasons to Study in Bulgaria. The one most powerful and mentionable reason is that Bulgaria on behalf of social, economic, politically and educationally the strongest country across Europe. Bulgaria offers the best quality living style, as well as education system not only the local or EU nationals but the people throughout the world, are precious and valuable for Bulgaria.

According to the survey report of 2008 there up to 66,000 foreigners with permanent residence in Bulgaria were calculated.  According to the recent report in 2015/16, there were 12,916 international students from different places within different fields were calculated.


Bulgaria Offers World’s Top Ranked Universities 2020

Bulgarian Universities have gotten reasonable position among the top universities of the world. Top quality education, secure and free environment, high-quality laboratories and exceptional way of teaching all are the main factors making the Bulgarian Universities and education system top across Europe or even throughout the world.  

According to QS ranking, the University of Sofia is offered with 801 positions among the top universities of the world. However, there are other universities also belong to Bulgaria that is well in offering the best quality education.   


Valuable Scholarships Programs 2020 for Pakistani Students Can Find  

Almost all the scholarship programs that are offering by the European governments and other agencies to national as well as international students are also offering by Bulgaria. Actually, the main purpose to offer these scholarships program is to support the needy international students.

In such a way, government supports the brilliant and deserving students on the return of which one nation or world get a brilliant mind for bringing upheavals into the society level, country level, and world level.


Jobs and Other Facilities-Bulgaria Offers in 2020

Bulgaria is a country which is not only supported until offering good quality education to international students. Instead of this, it also offers career opportunities to international students. First of all, during studies, international students get the opportunities of part-time jobs through which they cover their living expenses. Students also offered the internship programs to enhance their skills and practicality. Moreover, students after completing their education can easily find the working opportunities here.


After Study Opportunity/ Career Opportunity for Pakistani Students 

International students after completing their graduation are provided with work permit but it is highly competitive. Moreover, Bulgaria is a country which also offers permanent residence and Citizenship to foreigners throughout the world.

International students and other foreigners can apply for permanent residence through investment, permanent residence through long time stay, and permanent residence through the origin.


Application Process

An easy application process for admission in university offered by Bulgaria. Moreover, the application process to apply for a Student visa is also, somehow, easy than that of other developed countries. Another best thing comes to see is that Bulgaria is considerably cheap than that of others European study abroad destinations.  

step by step guide to study in bulgaria


Are you looking for Study Abroad? Your destined destination in Europe but you are not satisfied with choosing the best place? Then here we are going to unveil the best place which could be your best choice. Have you ever take a view on Bulgaria as a study abroad destination? If your answer will be in negative gesture, then you can find the facts that how Bulgaria could be the best option for you.

Bulgaria is the place where East greets with West. It is the place which is also known as the home of the Slavic language. The language is not only speaking in Bulgaria but, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey Romania, and Greece are the countries where Slavic language is a popular one and people speak it on a large scale. Moreover, it is a history rich culture and one of the happier country not only in Europe but throughout the world. Following are further reasons qualify Bulgaria as one of the Best Study Abroad Destinations.


High-Class Education System in Bulgaria for Pakistani Students 2020

The major thing which makes the destination popular and strong is its education system. European destinations are not less than wonders. Bulgaria is one of these wonders. High-class education system you can find through the colleges and universities of Bulgaria. And these are the educational institutes that have made Bulgaria the best study abroad destination. 

Sofia Medical University and Plovdiv Medical Universities are the names listed under the top medical universities not only of Europe but throughout the world.


Growing Rate of International Students in Bulgaria

In the study session of 2015/16, there were 12,916 international students calculated in different fields or subjects of studies. This rate has increased by 13.5% in 2018. It is expecting that the growth rate of international students will get more extension year after year. Students from both the areas including EU areas and non-EU areas are coming to get enrollment in different Bulgarian Universities.


Worldwide Recognized Universities in Bulgaria 2020

If we analysis the Bulgarian Universities, then we see there are worldwide recognized universities are located in Bulgaria. Sofia is known as the largest and at the same time the capital city of Bulgaria. It offers big opportunities at the same time. For example, Sofia University is located here which occupies 1001 position according to Times Higher Education Ranking 2019. QS Ranking 2019 offers it 801 position and Best Global Universities Rankings 2018 ranks it at 723.

Moreover, New Bulgarian University, Technical University - Sofia and Plovdiv University, etc. are the main factors retaining the popularity of education system in Bulgaria.


Lower Entrance Requirements

There are best universities across Europe that offer admission after beating the heavy competition. The universities in Bulgaria are not much like them to offer admission under strict conditions but these are, somehow, similar than that of top-ranked universities in offering good quality education. The best thing about the Bulgarian universities is that these offer admission under less requirements than that of other European universities for example universities located in the UK and other biggest cities.

The competition in these universities heavies as much as you think. It has, sometimes, seen that students with B-category or even with A-category do not accept by the universities. The case in Bulgaria is much different. Do you know Sofia Medical University accepts up to 700 applications of international students over the year? Yes, it is true and this is because the Bulgarian Universities offer admission under less requirements.


Lower Expenses of Study and Living

Tuition and then living expenses, these are two main factors affecting the way of your study abroad journey. But, if you are going to choose Bulgaria as your study abroad destination then it is not more headache for you.

You just spend 5 EUR for having a lovely dinner along with a soft drink. Moreover, around 6 EUR, you spend to have a 20-mins ride in Bulgaria. In the small cities comparing with Sofia city, the expenses become cheaper. So, you can plan a good and easy budget for having a sound stay while studying in Bulgaria.

Furthermore, international students are asked to pay almost 8000 EUR as an annual academic fee. This is the rate of bigger cities. You can save more if you are going to get enrollment in the smallest cities.


It Allows You To Enjoy Great Weather Conditions

Weather conditions of Bulgaria are so much lovely. Through a massive mountain range, the country splits into unique regions. The city Sofia lies at the footsteps of Vitosha Mountain. Moreover, the Rhodope Mountain and Stara Planina are considered as other beautiful sights to visit.

The sunny beaches in the summer and snowy pathways in winter you will get the magnificent weather conditions throughout the year.


It Is Small But Offers Bigger Opportunities

Comparing with others Bulgaria is the smallest country throughout Europe. International students find better opportunities to start their career at Bulgaria and after completing the studies they can also find the opportunities to settle down here.

It is not an easy way to get a settlement in European Countries but when it comes to discussing Bulgaria it becomes quite simple as compared to other European countries. 


Student Supported Country 

It is also listed under the list of the students supporting countries across Europe. International students can find funding, scholarships, and loan programs to make their studies possible. For this purpose, Erasmus scholarships and funding programs are the most popular one which is running through almost all the European countries.  

National Student Loan Service Centre, Full Bright Scholarships Program, and some other programs are also running to support the needy and brilliant international students.


admission requiremenst in Bulgaria universities for Pakistani students

Once you have decided your study abroad destination then you have to move on the next steps to make your process easy and complete. After choosing your destination the very first step is to apply for admission. Complete knowledge is required to apply for admission. Lack of knowledge can bring you in a great disaster at the end.

If you are not so familiar with the admission application process then do not worry at all. Here at this page, a complete and safe guide of getting admission in Bulgarian Universities is represented.



  • First of all, take a brief review of the country where you are going to apply for. Does it really the best destination for you? If yes then know the next facts about the country.

  • Which kind of lifestyle and culture you are going to face. Can you merge with this lifestyle and culture? If yes then well, and move to the next step. What is the currency difference of your study abroad destination? Plan your budget and see whether you can afford this or not.

  • However, Pakistan’s Best Study Abroad Consultants are registered with us who are also paying their best to prepare you before starting your study journey.  


Pick your Study Program

If all the ways or rules are moderate for you then move on the next steps. Now, at this point, you have to choose your study program. There are almost all types of study programs are offering through Bulgarian Universities.

Students are allowed to study Medical Science, Engineering Science, Computer Science, and Arts & Humanities Studies, etc. First of all, recognize your way of interest and if you have already taken the ambition at the intermediate level then just go ahead and fulfill your ambition.


Choose the Best Institute for Your Program

There are separate institutes for separate study programs you can find in Bulgaria. For example medical institutes, Arts Institutes, Engineering Institutes, and computer study institutes, etc. separately are offering by Bulgaria.

Choose the best one according to your study program. Students are to be suggested to apply at more than one institute for keeping yourself safe from the rejection chances. 

Students are also to inform that only apply if you are completely matching with the requirements of the universities. International students get admission after going heavy admission merit. So, do not take even a single risk.


Admission Requirements for Undergraduate in Bulgaria University for Pakistani Students 2020

Applicants who are looking for admission in Undergraduate studies must follow the below-mentioned requirements:  


Required Documents

Following documents are required to apply for admission in Bulgarian universities at undergraduate level:

  • Completed university application form.

  • Certified copy of your high school of intermediate diploma or certificate.

  • A medical certificate which will show your fitness. The certificate will not earlier than one month at the time of application submitting.  

  • Photocopy of valid traveling documents i.e. passport and identity card. 

  • Recent photographs of applicants are also required.

  • Language proficiency certificate is also required.   


Eligibility Criteria 

Following are the requirements to meet with criteria:

  • Applicants are asked to show at least 62% marks in their secondary school diploma to be eligible for getting admission in any undergraduate program.

  • Applicants are also to inform that 62% marks are required in the major subject for which you are going to apply.

  • Applicants who will submit all the above-mentioned documents are eligible to apply.   

  • To be eligible applicants have to show their financial statement which will show that you can bear the study expenditures in Bulgaria.


Academic Calendar

Following academic colanders follow by the Bulgarian Universities for undergraduate studies:

Winter Semester: The duration may vary from institute to institute but generally procedure runs through September to February. 

Summer Semester: For summer semester or admission sessions applicants accept from February to July.


Tuition Fee  

For Bachelors’ degree for international students, the average fee ranges from 2,900 EUR to 3,900 EUR.


Language Requirements

Bulgarian Universities offer or teach study programs in more than one language including Bulgarian Language, English Language, German Language, and French language, etc.

Applicants are asked to provide the language proficiency test for which they are going to apply.


How to Apply

Most of the Bulgarian Universities offer online application process. Applicants are asked to apply the completely filled application form along with the required documents within due date.

For further assistance in submitting the application students can contact with Study, Abroad Consultants registered here at  


Admission Requirements For Postgraduate

For postgraduate or master degree program applicants have to meet with the following mentioned requirements:


Required Documents

  • Application form with complete required detail is required

  • Official transcripts of the undergraduate program with certified translation copy is required

  • Recent photographs are required to submit

  • Valid travel document, for example, passport and identity card are required

  • A medical certificate for fitness proof is required

  • Applicants are also required to show the language proficiency proof in which they are going to submit study application


Eligibility Criteria 

  • Applicants are required to show a 04 years bachelor degree to be eligible

  • Applicants are asked to show a minimum 72% marks in their bachelor degree to be eligible

  • A financial statement which will show that you can afford your study and stay there in Bulgaria is required to be eligible


Academic Calendar

Academic calendar varies from institute to institute but most of the universities follow the same calendar which has mentioned for undergraduate studies.


Tuition Fee  

For Maters or Postgraduate degree for international students, the average tuition fee ranges from 3,000 EUR to 3,900 EUR.


Language Requirements

Applicants are to inform that language proficiency proof through a test is required.


How to Apply

After going through an online application procedure applicants submit the application. For further detail, applicants can contact the university for which they are going to apply.   


Admission Requirements For PhD in Bulgaria Top Universities 2020


Required Documents

  • Duly filled the application form

  • Master Degree is required

  • Recent photographs

  • Medical clearance certificate

  • Language proficiency test or proof

  • Valid travel documents


Eligibility Criteria 

  • Master degree or 16 years education is required to be eligible for Ph.D. or doctorate degree program.

  • The grade of the master degree must not less than the Bulgarian grading system.

  • According to the Bulgarian grading system, 06 marks are the maximum marks.


Academic Calendar

Academic calendar varies from uncivility to uncivility. Applicants are to be suggested to contact the university for admission deadlines. 


Tuition Fee  

International students are asked to pay tuition fee from 4,000 EUR to 8,000 EUR for a doctorate degree.


How to Apply

Online application process runs for application submission.    


student visa requirements and procedure of Bulgaria for Pakistani Students

Once you have applied for admission, now wait for university response. In case your proposal accepts you will get an acceptance letter or admission letter from your university. It may take few days or few months. All the non-EU or international students need a visa to get entrance permission into Bulgaria. Students are to inform that on behalf of their acceptance letter they will apply for Bulgarian Student Visa.


Types of Student Visa for Pakistani students of Bulgaria 2020

There are several types of visa exist for getting entrance permission into Bulgaria. For study purpose, students are asked to apply for D-Type Visa. Through any Bulgarian Diplomatic Mission, students can apply for a Student visa or D-Type visa. This visa is valid for 3 to 6 months.

However, after arriving in Bulgaria, students are asked to apply for a residence permit for making confirm their stay in Bulgaria. Students are asked to apply for a residence permit after the final registration in their Universities. This residence permit has the validity of 01 year and it needs to renew the residence permit after passing a year if your stay is longer than one year. However, until their study completion students are allowed to renew the residence permit on an annual basis. 


Documents Required tp Apply for the Student Visa of Bulgaria for Pakistani students 2020

Following documents are required at the time of student visa application submission:


Application Form: 

A duly filled application form is required to apply.


Acceptance Letter:

Students are asked to submit an official acceptance letter with their application form. The acceptance letter must be issued by a recognized or registered institute of Bulgaria.


Identity Documents:

For this purpose students will submit the recent photographs or identity cards. (Colorful photograph with 3.5 cm ? 4.5 cm size against Wight background is required)


Medical Insurance:

In some case, students are required to submit the proof of their medical insurance for having a stay there in Bulgaria.  


Bank Documents:

Bank documents that will give proof of the paid tuition fee. Bank documents must be with the name of the applicants.


Travel Document:

Valid travel document i.e. passport is required to apply for a visa.



Original and photocopy of an air ticket are required to show or proof to buy an air ticket.


Under Aged Students:

Applicants with under-aged are required to apply the following documents:

  • Birth certificate photocopy

  • Power of attorney notary certificate by parents or trustees which will show their permission to the child to travel for study purposes.  


Previous Traveling Confirmation:

If applicants travel previously in the UK, the US or any Schengen area then they are required to show the previous traveling record through photocopies.  


After Arrival:

Applicants are asked to register with Police after arriving in Bulgaria. this police registration will allow you to get national identity card and residence permit for having to stay up to 5 five years in Bulgaria.


Application Process

Make sure that your application is completed before going to submit it. A complete application may take fourteen to thirty days for processing visa. However, in case of insufficient information or incomplete application can cause a delay to process your visa.

For residence permit which students will apply after reaching Bulgaria 14 days are required to process the application.


Visa Fee


D-Type Student Visa Fee:

Applicants will pay 100 EUR for D-Type or Bulgarian Student Visa


Residence Permit Fee:

For residence permit, international students are required to pay 250 EUR. Moreover, the application process fee is 5 EUR and 22.5 EUR are also required to apply for an ID card.  


latest updated study cost in bulgaria for Pakistani Students

A study in European Countries is not an easy deal. Mostly, it comes to see as a costly procedure to study in Europe. But In the case of Bulgaria, due to small currency difference than that of other European countries, it offers costs and living style reasonably less as compared to other European Study destinations. But, anyhow, charges are required to pay for making your study journey possible for Bulgaria. Students have to pay some pre departing and after departing charges.

Both types of charges have reviewed deeply on this page. Hopefully, we say that this page will be helpful for the students to take a complete idea that how much costs or expenditures will be required to make their dreams come true.


Pre Departure Costs

Students who are willing to apply for study abroad pay a large part of their costs before departing to their destination. What are the paying methods are for them? They can find through the following steps:  


Previous Academic Transcripts

Obviously, almost all the students know that they are required to get a Secondary School or Bachelor degree for making their education journey possible. Students pay a lot until the completion of their Secondary School studies and undergraduate studies.


Language Proficiency Test

Almost all the study abroad destinations require an exceptional level of language proficiency from international students. Pakistani students are not special in this case. For practicing the language proficiency test students have to pay a heavy amount of fee. And at the end when they appear for examination they also asked to pay the heavy amount for examination.

For language proficiency test i.e. IELTS the average fee rate ranges from 10K PKR to 20K PKR. However, the average examination fee for IELTS and others ranges from 25K PKR to 30K PKR.  


Application Process

When you come to apply for university admission you go through, somehow, costly procedure. For a single university admission application process, the fee ranges from 10,000 to 20,000 PKR. But, if you involve Study Abroad Consultants for your application process then you also follow the consultancy charges.  


Visa Fee

For Bulgaria, Non-EU or international students are asked to apply for D-Type visa for getting entrance permission into Bulgaria. D-Type visa fee is around 100 EUR.


Travel Documents

Different kinds of travel documents are required to travel abroad for study purpose.

Passport is a basic part of travel documents. For normal passport, 5400 charges applicants have to pay.

Medical or travel insurance in some cases is required. For this purpose, hundreds of EURs are required to pay.

 Police Clearance Certificate is also required to show in some cases. This is also, somehow, costly.


Personal Expenses

Some kinds of personal belongings are required to bring with yourself when you move somewhere. You have to buy clothes, baggage, and some other accessories for your long way journey.


After Departure Cost

Once, you have reached Bulgaria then the real challenges will come to see. However, you have reached and now your aim is to face these challenges and beat them to make your dreams true. But, complete knowledge is necessary to beat your challenges. Following are the challenges you will face after departing to your destination.  



Accommodation is the basic need of living a standard lifestyle. Sometimes, you have to manage the accommodation before departing and sometimes you manage it after arriving at your destination.

For having reasonable accommodation a single student needs 200 EUR on a monthly basis. In this amount, you can arrange a decent apartment with all the sufficient basic needs. 


Residence Permit And Other Documents

For study in Bulgaria, students travel on D-Type visa but after arriving there they need to apply for a residence permit. 230 EURs are required to get a residence permit of one year. This could be renewable on a monthly basis.

Application process fee for this residence permit is 5 EUR. Moreover, students also required to arrange an ID card for having a stay there in Bulgaria. After getting registration from Police Station they provide with an ID card which charges 22.50 EURs from international students.


Living Expenses

As living there in Bulgaria you need to buy clothes, get food, and have drinks, transportation facility, utility bills, and many more. All these are the basics needs for having a sound and standard life.


Tuition Fees

Following is the fee structure for study in Bulgaria:


Study Program

Fee Structure

Undergraduate Tuition Fee:

2,900 EUR to 3,900

Postgraduate Tuition Fee:

3,000 EUR to 3,900

PhD Tuition Fee:  

4,000 EUR to 8,000 EUR


Scholarships or Funding Programs in Bulgaria for PAkistani students 2020

The country is also known as student-friendly country or especially international students supporting the country. For those students who want to make some big and extra goals in their lives but their financial condition doesn’t allow them to get their achievements, Bulgaria offers different scholarships, funding and loan programs.

Erasmus scholarships, National Student Loan Service Centre, Full Bright Scholarships Program, AEF Scholarships program, Josef Princ Memorial Scholarships program and Polatajko Family Scholarships program are offered by Bulgaria to EU and other international students.  


living cost in Bulgaria and options of living in Bulgaria for Pakistani students


After study expenses, the very next challenge international students face is the mode of living. Wherever you are living if you are not following the basic living components then you can’t survive healthily. From the previous discussion, we are seeing that Bulgaria is reasonably or considerably affordable than that of other European and worlds’ top-rated countries.

In case of living or accommodation Bulgaria also a friendlier country for international students. You have to spend one-third of the amount as compared to other western European countries for living a healthy and normal life. But, the whole thing is that you have to pay for living a sound life in Bulgaria. However, the following are the modes of accommodation are discussed that are in trend in Bulgaria.



In some cases, students are asked to manage their accommodation before arriving at their destination. But, in some cases, students are to be asked to manage their accommodation after reaching their destination. For pre departing accommodation you can find the accommodation through online web portals and at the same time students can also contact Study Abroad Consultants for this purpose.

However, the following are the modes of accommodation are discussed that are in trend in Bulgaria.


Types of Accommodation in Bulgaria for Pakistani Students 2020



On-Campus Accommodating or Student Dormitories

If you are new here in Bulgaria and do not have the idea about the living or especially accommodation trend in Bulgaria then the best and the safest point for you is to join on-campus accommodation. Students hall of residence and students dormitories are the best ways on-campus accommodation.

Mostly on-campus accommodation especially students’ dormitories allow two students to live at the same place. You can join your senior, other international students, your classmates, and other random students to manage your on-campus accommodation. Around 70-100 Euros per month are required to take students dormitories.


What Benefits You Can Get From On-Campus Residence:

On campus accommodation, as compared to other outside modes of accommodations offers you the best things. From these best things and benefits common ones are mentioned below:

  • On campus, accommodation is inside your campus or around your campus. So, you can save your time and transport expenditure.

  • You can get easy and safe access to restaurants and cafeterias within a short time duration.   

  • Living in on-campus accommodation through students dormitories and students hall of residence one can get the better facilities of electricity, furniture, and telephones, etc.


Off-Campus Accommodation

Due to less availability of on-campus modes of accommodation all the students are not able to get this opportunity. However, the rest of the students look for some other modes of accommodation to fulfill their basic need of living. Instead of on-campus accommodation including students dormitories and students hall of residence students can find several modes of living. Common and easy modes of living are discussed below:


  • Live With Your Family or Friends

If your friends and family members are already living in the country which is your study destination then believe me that you are the luckiest Person. This because you can get the opportunity to live with them. In this way, you can save your money for the apartment as well as food and other items. So, contact your friends or relatives and gain their trust.


  • Paying Guest

The best and the easiest way to get cheap accommodation is to find a family where you can take a room on rent or where you can live as a paying guest. In this way, you can take a room at less price than that of hotel rooms and other private flats.

Sometimes, you also get the food opportunity from the house where you are living as a paying guest. So, try to find this way for your accommodation


  • Private Rented Flats

Privately rented flats can be expensive but if you are not getting the above-mentioned opportunities then you have to bow down for this opportunity. You can take the flat or room from hostel areas. There are many flats located even in the big cities or big areas of Bulgaria. From 150 EURs to 300 EURs you can get a private flat or room.


  • Room Sharing

However, another best idea we have grabbed for our dearest students. You can share this private room or flat with your friends the same as you can share the students’ dormitories or students’ hall of residence with your classmates and others. In this way, students can easily afford the expense of room or flat.


How to Get Accommodation

All these are the types and modes of accommodation exist in Bulgaria. But, now the point of discussion is how to get make these opportunities possible. Here you are provided with the best and safest ways to get or manage your accommodation.

  • First of contact with your college supporting staff for this purpose. They are best to provide you the possible guide in getting accommodation.

  • Your senior students who are already availing the opportunities can guide you.

  • Moreover, if your friends and relatives are living there can guide you.

  • If you fail to find the best mode of accommodation then real estate agents will be there for your help.

  • In the end, we will suggest you find the accommodation through online web portals.

  • But note that if you are not so familiar with the living style of Bulgaria then keep yourself aware of the spam contacts while searching for your accommodation.

  • After passing June or July it becomes hard to find the accommodation. So, try to find before this time duration especially in Bulgaria.


What is the Average Cost of Living?

No doubt, accommodation is the one biggest challenge for you. Once you have done this you have saved yourself from a heavy headache. But there are some other challenges are also waiting for you. But, do not be a worry at all because this is natural. Wherever you are living you need to eat food, drink water, décor your apartment with needy households and spend something for joy and entertainment. All these needs you can cover from 150 EURs to 200 EURs on monthly basis.


Following Are The Things Offers A Sound Lifestyle:


Food and Grocery:

Food and grocery items are necessary to complete your routines.



Look after your health is another basic need. Sometimes, you get a headache and fever for which you need to go to clinics.  


Utility Bills:

For a living, you need mobile phones, electricity, internet, and some other related things. All these things charge you. 



In some cases, insurance is required. So it also charges you. 



In leisure time fun and entertainment are necessary. So, for experiencing the wonders of Bulgaria you have to use transportation.   



For entertainment purpose, you have to spend a small amount of money on movies, clubs, and other related purposes.  


latest jobs in Bulgaria for Pakistani students

You are coping with your studies but at the same time you also have to cope with some other things and these are, obviously, include on your living expenses. For this purpose, you can arrange some strategies to cope with them. It is true that your main purpose to go abroad is to study. But, it is also true that you do not pay full time for your studies. You call to attend the classes for specific hours and then you get spare times on your hands.

What do you have to do with this spare time? Do you seek for fun, entertainment or job to cope with your expenses? Obviously, you have to manage your expenditures. But, fun and entertainment are also the main parts to keep yourself healthy and also to avoid homesickness.


Are Student Allow to Get Job While Studying In Bulgaria?

As we know that Bulgaria is the happiest country of the world so that’s why it also keeps others happy too. Financial assistance or aid is necessary for international students and Bulgaria allows international students to assist themselves. Bulgaria international students with part-time jobs facilities.

Less than 30 hours are offered international students to work. So, under this circumstance, students can pay maximum time for their studies and at the same time, they can also earn some handsome amount to meet with their basic expenses.


Part Time Jobs in Bulgaria 2020 for Pakistani Students 

In order to support the financial and education need internationals students are allowed to work as a part-time employee.

First of all, keep your mission into your mind that you have paid a lot for getting study opportunity abroad. You have not only paid money but a lot of your time you are also spending with your studies.

But, it is possible that you can face financial issues as living there. So, apply for part-time jobs. Do not completely involve yourself in studies and give first priority to your studies.  


Part-Time Internship in Bulgaria for Pakistani Students 2020

In some cases, students also provide with internship in Bulgaria. During studies, students get permission for internship program if they are invited by any employer. These internships are non-paid working. These just offer great and needy skills to the students. In some cases, students are asked to show the work permit or residence permit for getting part-time jobs. But in case of an internship, there is no need to show work permit or residence permit. You just have an offer letter from the company to which you want to start an internship.

However, in case of internship time allowance keeps in mind as working hours specified for part-time work. The general practical duration for training is calculated as 240 hours in an environment related to real business. Students can join internship programs at any level of studies including bachelor, master and Ph.D. level programs.


Benefits of Part-Time Job And Internship

Following are the benefits of getting part-time jobs and internship while living or studying there in Bulgaria:

  • Part-time jobs during studies are the best ways to meet with your living expenses easily.

  • Part-time jobs after studies are the best way to keep you avoid from nostalgia.

  • You can get working experience at the same time while studying abroad.

  • You can make the circle of your acquaintances bigger and this will help you to get better opportunities after completing your studies.

  • Part-time jobs make your communication level good and you can also get proficiency in the Bulgarian language.

  • If you make an internship this will be a great part to enhance your skill.

  • You can get the advance and practical knowledge about your study program.

  • During the internship you can make the relations good with the companies and employers.

  • Internships also broaden the ways of full-time job and permanency after completing your studies.

  • To be updated with the market trends and job rates internships are considered as the best and precious ways.     


Types of Students Jobs In Bulgaria

Students involve several kinds of part-time jobs there in Bulgaria. Here we listed the jobs that are reasonable for students to take as part-time jobs. 

  • Subject Teacher

  • Foreign Language Teacher

  • Freelance Jobs

  • Volunteer Jobs

  • Translator/Interpreter

  • Jobs in Telemarketing

  • Jobs in Marketing

  • Customer Service Representative (CSR)

  • Jobs in Restaurant

  • Jobs in Bar

  • Jobs in Petrol Pump

Students who are looking for internships must contact the employer and company which are offering the projects according to their subject or study areas.


How to Get Jobs While Studying in Bulgaria?

Sometimes, students face issues in getting part-time jobs while studying abroad. But, you can avail the opportunity easily from the countries that offer part-time jobs to international students. However, if you are not so familiar then you can find the potential ways that will help you to find the best and the easiest ways to find reasonable part-time jobs for you.

  • First of all contact with your college or university premises for getting a suitable part-time job.

  • Now, we are breathing in the environment which is following internet browsing. Browse different job providing sites or platforms.

  • Most of the students get the opportunities to work in the library, labs, cafeteria, and administrative departments.

  • The best way to get a job or internship is to show your portfolio in the native or official language of the country where you are studying.    

  • Students, for this purpose, can also take help from their senior students who are already involved in such activities.

  • Students can contact with the native people living around their colleges and hostels.

  • Make a visit to the grocery shops, shopping malls, restaurant, gas shops, fuel shops, and backers because they need part-time workers. 


permanent citizenship of Bulgaria guide  for Pakistani Students

Like all other European and other developed countries, Bulgaria offers work opportunities and permanent residency opportunities to foreigners. If you are looking to move Bulgaria for working and residing purposes then you have to get a complete inquiry. Your inquiry must be included on several questions. What is the work permit and what benefits it offers? What is a residence permit? What are the types of residency in Bulgaria? How you could eligible for getting citizenship in Bulgaria? Here the complete solution of these inquiries discussed.


1. What is Work Permit?

All the foreigners who come for working purpose to Bulgaria from the countries outside from EU, EEA and Swiss required to obtain a work permit. Bulgarian National Employment Agency on behalf of the request of the employer.

Bulgarian immigration is very selective to choose foreigners. It offers work permission to the foreigner employees on behalf of the employer trust only. Generally, work permit allows you to work for at least a year and after passing a year it requires to renew your work permit. Note that on this work permit you are allowed to work in a single company. You can find this condition clearly on the application form.


Who is Eligible to Apply For?

All those applicants who are outside from EU, EEA and Swiss areas are allowed to apply for work permit. Once, you will be satisfied with your employer then the employer will apply for your work permit. Moreover, the following are the categories of the applicants to apply for Bulgarian Work Visa.

  • Employed

  • Self Employed

  • Commissioned Work

Moreover, only the applicants with specialized knowledge and skill are considered for a work permit to Bulgaria by Bulgarian employers.


Required Documents to apply for Work Permit of Bulgaria for Pakistani Students 2020

Following are the documents to apply for work permit in Bulgaria:

  • Copy of employment contract is required

  • Detailed documents for Bulgarian Business trip are required

  • Valid travel documents i.e. Passport

  • Passport size recent photographs

  • Evidence of the long stay of the applicants

  • For showing your good health to stay in Bulgaria medical documentation is required  


Benefits of Work Permit 

Following benefits you can get from Bulgarian work permit:

  • It allows you to work independently in a specific area of Bulgaria

  • You are allowed to cover the working hours as a local worker cover.

  • You are valid for at least one year to at a firm.

  • You can renew this work permit after passing a year.

  • Work permit ensures that the employee safely working.

  • On behalf of this work permit, applicants can also apply for Permanent Residence PR


2. What is a Permanent Residence?

What is your status in a country where you did not take the birth but you are, currently, residing there? This status of a person can be calculated by the Permanent Residency phenomenon. Almost all the European countries offer permanent residency to the foreigners to come and contribute to the development and growth of a country.

On the base of skills, employment, investment, and origins, etc. Bulgaria calls hundreds of people across the world to join it. Through following the article you will be known that what are the types of permanent residency Bulgaria offers to foreigners?       


Types of Permanent Residence


Permanent Residence Through Investment

Aspirants who want to invest in Bulgaria can get the permanent residence event at first visit to Bulgaria. State-guaranteed and fully refundable investment of 512,000 EUR, allows the aspirants to get permanent residence.

If you are going to purchase government bonds of 512,000 EUR then you are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence through investment. Following is the schedule to get permanent residency through investment:


First of all the aspirant will open a private bank account and then they will buy Government bonds of 512,000 EUR.


 At step 2 aspirants will apply for D-Type Visa. Before going to apply for D-type visa make it sure that you are going to follow all the requirements of visa type including investment certificate issued by Bulgarian Investment Agency. After 30 days you will get Bulgarian d-Type Visa.


Once, you reached to Bulgaria, now you will be asked to apply for Permanent Residency through investment. At the Bulgarian local migration office, you will be called and apply for an investor visa. The visa will be issued within 30 working days.   


Once, the local immigration approved your permanent resident application then within three working days you will be offered with a permanent residence card.


Permanent Residence Through Prolonged Stay

If you are not investing the heavy amount of EURs but you are residing through temporary residence permit in Bulgaria then you can also be eligible to apply for permanent residence.

If legally you are living in Bulgaria for at least 5 years and for the last 30 months you are physically residing in Bulgaria then you are allowed to claim for permanent residence in Bulgaria.


Permanent Residence Through Origin

If Bulgaria is your origin and you can give the proof through a certificate of Bulgarian origin which issues by the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, then you can be considered for Bulgarian Permanent residence.

If you are living in Bulgaria with Visa D then apply at least 2 months before the expiration date of D type visa.   


Benefits of Permanent Residence

Once you have gotten the Bulgarian permanent resident following benefits and advantages you can get:

  • All the people holding Bulgarian permanent residency can apply for any work or job without a work permit.

  • Through this permanent residence, your family members including child and spouse can also apply for permanent residence.

  • The holding of Bulgarian permanent residence allows the aspirants to apply for Bulgarian citizenship.

  • Bulgarian permanent resident permit holder can visit across Europe without visa permission.

  • Foreign nationals with permanent residence can easily move or enter Bulgaria as many times as they need.

  • Free medical and education system just like local people you can obtain.  

  • You can easily qualify for Bulgarian tax residence.


 3. What is Citizenship?

Bulgaria after a specific time interval offers the citizenship to the people who are permanently residing in Bulgaria. Following are the requirements to apply for Bulgarian citizenship:

  • Aspirants must be older than 18 years of age.

  • Aspirants must hold a permanent resident of Bulgaria.

  • A permanent resident must be of past five years with currently valid residence address.

  • Aspirants must not involve in criminal activity.


Benefits of Citizenship

After getting citizenship of Bulgaria you will be considered for the following mentioned benefits:

  • Foreigners with Bulgarian citizenship can get all the rights of education, hospitality, job, work and other aspects of life same like other native and local people.

  • As a citizen of Bulgaria, you can claim for own land in any European Union country.

  • You can freely visit through Europe.

  • You can enter Bulgaria as many time as you need without having a visa.

  • You also have the rights to casting vote.

  • You can take participate in any social and political activities.   


Employment Opportunity

The employment rate is better in Bulgaria. Like all other European countries, there are ample opportunities to apply for work there in Bulgaria. 52.5% employment rate recorded in January 2019.


What is Crime Rate in Denmark?

The crime rate is considerably less in Bulgaria. For the 100,000 population, 1.8% murder rate has recorded. The crime rate is controlling through police and other agencies in Bulgaria and it offers you to take breathes in a healthy and secure environment.  


The rate of International Immigrants To Denmark

The benefits and advantages offered by Bulgaria tempt the aspirants throughout the world to make Bulgaria their actual habitat. 66,806 foreigner permanent resident were calculated at 31.12.2008.


Frequently Ask Questions

Quick Facts About Bulgaria

  • Population

    7.102 million

  • National language


  • Top 3 religion

    Christianity, Islam and Other

  • International Students

    approximately 11282

  • Capital


  • largest 3 cities

    Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna

  • Currency

    Bulgarian lev = 81.90 Pakistani Rupee

  • Time difference with Pakistan

    Pakistan is 2 hours ahead of Bulgaria

  • Work rule for International students

    20 hours in a week

  • Wages for students


  • Economy

    69th (nominal) rank

  • Per capita income

    20,500 PPP dollars

  • Immigrant population


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