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Located on the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula, Greece is the place which lies at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. This historic nation is a hub for philosophers, thinkers and historians. For such a long affiliation with education, Greece is regarded as one of the leading spaces of global learning and study abroad destination. It is also known as the birthplace of academia. Moreover, Greek history proves that the country always values and invests in education. The first European institution described as a university was founded in Greece and is known as the University of Constantinople

 The country is broadly divided into nine regions and includes 227 residential islands. This created the longest coastlines with an enjoyable Mediterranean summer. 


Education System in Greece

The Greek government offers free public education to all citizens, including immigrants living in Greece permanently. According to a recent estimation, above 90% of schools in Greece are public and similarly more than 90% of pupils attend a public institution in Greece. There are also private institutions in Greece. These institutes render curriculum in Greek as well as in other languages and educational programs. However, only 7% of pupils attend compulsory education in private institutions. Similar to other countries, primary and higher secondary education is completed in12 years. Tertiary education, however, is grouped into the non-university level, university level first stage, university-level second stage and university level third stage.


Higher Education in Greece 2020

Higher education is governed by state laws. Some private institutions also provide tertiary education to both national and international students. There are branches of foreign universities and colleges in Greece, especially from the United States and the UK. These institutions offer degrees accepted by the education system of the parent country. Public institutes in Greece are generally free but private schooling charge a higher amount as tuition fees. There is a set grading system in Greek institutes. It is based on the numeric scale 1-10 where 10 is excellent, and pass/fail borders at 5


The Degree Levels

The first level of university study will render the undergraduate degrees to students which are natively called the Ptychio degrees. The course of study generally consists of a four-year program. However, in some particular or professional fields such as medical sciences and engineering, it could take five years. For a medical doctor program, it could exceed twelve years. These study programs allow students to pick some electives along with their compulsory courses. After the bachelor’s program students can continue their study to seek a masters degree. The education system in Greece also allow some hours of part-time employment for students

The second stage means entry into the first level of postgraduate studies. This will take a minimum of two years to complete and the student then achieves the Metaptychiako Díploma Exidíkefsis, (Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization).

The third stage in Greece education system will grant a doctoral degree to prospective student. This doctorate degree is called Didaktoriko in Greek. It is mandatory to submit a thesis based on original research to gain the third level degree from a Greek university

Nearly all graduate programs in Greek universities charge no tuition fees, however, masters and PhD programs are offered in affordable costs.


Universities in Greece for Pakistani Students 2020

Greece homes around 24 main universities and 16 technical universities. Most of these universities are public. As an EU-nation, Greece is a member of the Bologna process so students can easily transfer ECTS credits. Moreover, Greece resides in popular high-ranking institutions such as the University of Crete and the University of Loannina. Some of the highly ranked universities in Greece include

  • University of Crete

  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

  • Athens University of Economics and Business

  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

  • University of Ioannina

  • The University of Patras


Courses to Study in Greece

Greece is a popular study destination for subjects like engineering and aviation. Besides these scientific studies, Greece is popular for its unconventional courses. Students who want to deviate from the norm and choose some unique subjects in their study courses should consider studying in Greece. These study courses include Environmental Studies, Urbanism Sustainability, Archaeology, History, Philosophy, Religion, Classical & Modern Literature and languages, Art s& Architecture etc.


Language of Instruction

Most of the study courses are offered in Greek language especially in graduate programs .However, there are many English taught programs at Masters and Doctoral level. To take admission in any of these courses a prior language proficiency certification is necessary


Student Cities in Greece

There are three most popular student cities in Greece. It includes Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion (Crete). Athens is the capital city of Greece. This busiest European city resides around 4 million citizens. Renowned universities in Athens include the National Technical University of Athens, Athens University of Economics and Business and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Athens is also listed in the QS Best Student Cities and it is also known as the most affordable city for students. Thessaloniki is Greece’s second-largest city, it is also known as the administrative capital of Macedonia. Thessaloniki resides the second highest-ranked university in Greece, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Another renowned university in Thessaloniki is the University of Macedonia. The third student city is Heraklion (Crete). It is the administrative capital of the island of Crete (the largest Greek island). Crete, in fact, is the fourth-largest city in Greece. Heraklion homes one of the two campuses of the University of Crete .the second campus is located in the town of Rethymnon. The Technological Educational Institute of Crete is also located in Heraklion.


Scholarships in Greece

There are many scholarships and financial aids offered to international students, especially from developing countries. Though most of these scholarships are offered at masters level, yet students can search for meaningful scholarships at the graduate level also.


Part-time Jobs for Students

International Students can work Part Time in order to finance education and other requirements. This part-time employment helps student to get exposed to the practical world and gain a positive experience. Greek colleges and universities also provide internships to the students as a part of the study program. Thus, students can also earn through these paid internships


Life in Greece

Greece is selected as the study destination because it is one of the cheapest countries in Europe for international students and tourists. According to a recent estimation around 400-700 EUR/month is required to spend an average living. This includes reasonable accommodation and other necessities. This living cost is quite affordable as compared to other European study destinations like Germany or France. Average monthly living costs In the stated countries is no less than 1,000 Euros.

Greece is known for its rich history. The scenic beauty of Greece includes sandy beaches and lively islands. The picturesque countryside and pleasant weather make the destination a tourist favorite.

Greece also offers tempting cuisines. International students can get the opportunity to taste the mouthwatering souvlaki and gyros, with a savor of famous tzatziki sauce. The blend of cucumber, yoghurt, garlic and olive oil is unique and matchless. The Greece public health care is available in low cost. However students have to buy a health insurance while living in Greece. The country also offers miscellaneous sightseeing and adventure-seeking, activities. Shopping malls, swift transportation as well as entertainment opportunities make Greece the favorite study destination for international students.

undergraduate and postgraduate admission requirements for Pakistani students  in Greece universities

The academic year in Greece generally begins in early September every year and ends in August of the following year.

The academic curriculum per year is set in two semesters

  • The fall semester

  • The spring semester,

Each semester comprises nearly 13 weeks of teaching and about two to three weeks of exams.

At the end of each semester prior to the beginning of exam students are allowed to evaluate their study courses and teachers. This is done to bring improvement in the teaching strategies and course content.


Admissions of International Students In Greece Universities 2020

The Greek education policy for admission of a foreign student who wants to study abroad in Greece, strictly focuses that the candidates can only be admitted to Higher Education in Greece if neither the candidate nor his/her parents have the Greek nationality or citizenship. These international candidates have to submit their documents to the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs. Moreover, they will fill in the candidate’s application online entry form. The form should clearly mention the preferred Faculties and the Departments in which the international student want to take admission.

Before filing the application form, all foreign candidates must follow the general instructions for the admission to Higher Education in Greece for foreigners including graduates of non-E.U. Lyceums and graduates of lyceums or equivalent schools of member states of the E.U.


The Application Procedure for Admission to Greece Universities

The application procedure for admission to Greece universities of foreigners of non-Greek origin is carried out electronically by a valid information system. The system is however available electronically during the specified dates. Students can check the official website 

 The application submission should be done prior to the given deadline

The students are also required to submit the required documents along with the application

The documents must be translated into Greek. These documents are then verified by Greek diplomatic authority abroad like consulate in your home country or by the Translation Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Greece

Remember that after the deadline, the electronic system is locked and no applications will be accepted.

The Ministry of Education website will announce the results of selected candidates. Students can check their names via their Candidate Code and their initials.


Admission in Bachelor’s Program in Greece Universities 2020

To pursue study for a first cycle Greek degree, that is a bachelor’s program, the student has to complete the course in eight to ten semesters, however, a medical school student complete his/her graduate degree course after twelve semesters.


The Documents required for taking admission in a Greek bachelor’s program 2020:

  • One signed soft copy of Application PRINTED BY THE ELECTRONIC SYSTEM

  • One signed soft copy of the Official Statement PRINTED BY THE ELECTRONIC SYSTEM

  • A photocopy of the graduation/high school certificate with official translation approved by, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy or the Consulate of the foreign country in Greece

  • One (1) photocopy of the certificate of equivalence and correspondence of the candidate’s high school certificate, approved by the Directorates of Secondary Education or by the Counselors at the Education Offices of the Greek Embassies.

  • One (1) ID card type photograph

  • Transcript of records with your GPA;

  • Language proficiency certification either in Greek or in English

  • Bank statement or other financial proofs

  • One photocopy of passport or ID card or other documents with photographs that certifies the identity of the candidate

  • Application-entry form will be then submitted along with the other documents to the secretariat of the preferred university where the student gets admission. The university authorities then check the documents in order to proceed the registration formalities.

Once your admission is confirmed and the student receive the acceptance letter, he/she has to apply for a Greece Student Visa for all bachelor’s Master’s or PhD program


Applying for a Masters in Greece Universities 2020

The postgraduate studies provide students with the option to specialize in their relevant academic field. The master courses are available for both national and foreign students, especially who graduates from Greek higher education institutes or accredited equivalent institutes from abroad. Generally, most masters programs begin in autumn, therefore, deadlines for application lie in May-July. Master’s degrees take two years to complete. Similar to the first cycle plan, the academic year in Greece consists of two semesters, with 16 weeks duration in which teaching continues for 13 weeks while 3 weeks period is taken for the conduction of exams.

Students who are not studying on scholarships have to pay the tuition fee of around €11,000 to €16,000 per year.

There is no set admission policy regarding the Master's admission of international students in Greece. Each institution has established its own regulation regarding the admission criteria. Obviously, an authorized Bachelor’s degree or equivalent first cycle qualification is required. Moreover, the achieved grade will define where the student stands in the competitive scenario

The European Commission's National Academic Recognition Information Centres (NARIC) in Greece helps with the validation of foreign qualifications. The international and admissions offices at your prospective institution may also be helpful for international students


Language requirements

Generally, first cycle study programs are offered in the Greek language, however, many English-taught masters programs are available for international students. Students, therefore, have to provide a language proficiency certification like IELTS, TOEFL,GRE,GMAT or ACT scores for the English language prior to taking the admission.


Documents required for a Master’s degree program admission in Greece Universities

  • Online Application Form available at the institution’s website

  • The first cycle or bachelor’s degree with an equivalency is mandatory along with its translation.

  • One or two specified size Photographs

  • An Application Fee usually 50 Euros

  • Previous academic Records;

  • Proof of English or Greek language skills

  • Personal Statement


PhD Courses and Requirements For Greece Universities

A third-cycle study program leads to a Ph D degree. The policies of admission are the same as the academic system adopted across Europe through the Bologna Process.

Greece Tertiary education is divided into four scientific fields: Humanities, Law and Social Sciences; Natural and Technological Sciences; Health and Life Sciences and Sciences of Economy and Informatics.


Types of PhD in Greece

There are two types of PhD degrees awarded in Greece,

  • Traditional PhD program is a 3-year pure research period with no teaching or lectures

  • American system PhD program" It is a Masters turned PhD program which takes 4-5 years to complete. In this program, students have to attend lectures and seminars for one year

The traditional PhD program is more common. Students generally apply with a research proposal with their own project ideas.


PhD Program Duration

The Greek academic year for PhD programs runs for a full –year that is from September to August. The academic year comprises two semesters.

According to the European Bologna Process System, the minimum length to complete a PhD program is 3-years full-time.

However, this period of PhD varies significantly depending upon r academic departments And field of study. Technical and Applied Science subjects take 3-years to complete, while 4-6 years are required to complete a PhD degree in Social Sciences and Arts.


The PhD process in Greece Institutes

In the “American system,” PhD programs lectures and seminars are conducted in the first year rendering a masters degree. The research project will begin in the second year. Your research project is not completed without the submission of a thesis.

However, in case of a traditional PhD, students entirely focus on their research and the whole 3-years is taken to complete a thesis

For the “American system” PhD programs within Greece, you will spend the first three years completing lectures and seminars related to your research. In the second year of the PhD program, the research project will begin, with the first year being similar to a Masters course, awarding a Masters qualification. The research project is however concluded after the submission of a thesis.

Moreover, in a traditional PhD program, students will focus on their research and will spend the 3-years in completion of the thesis.

A relevant supervisor is appointed for each doctoral candidate. The supervisor will guide the student about thesis writing. This supervisor will be one of three members of the Academic Advisory Committee appointed for the assessment processes of the student’s PhD.

Generally, Non-EU students, who are not admitted on a scholarship program, have to pay around €1,500 per year as PhD tuition fee


Entry requirements

Greece universities have set their own admission requirements for doctoral candidates


General Requirements and Documents

  • Application form with proposed research title, the language of the thesis and your suggested supervisor

  • Masters or second cycle degree from Greece or recognized foreign university

  • All previous academic transcripts and degree certificates translated in Greek via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Translation Service or a lawyer certified for translations

  • PhD. Students from countries outside of the EU will need equivalency certificates of their qualification

  • Language proficiency certification

  • Bank statement or other financial proof

  • Reference letters if employed

  • Personal statement

  • CV with two academic references from professors you have studied under

  • Thesis draft. This draft is simply a research proposal

The applications are submitted to the Secretary of the department you are applying to research for your PhD degree.


get the latest guide to get the student visa of Greece

Greece is one of the Schengen countries; therefore students who are not citizens of a European-Union will need to obtain a Schengen visa for your studies over 90 days. A Schengen visa will allow students and other visitors to visit other countries within the Schengen boundary on this one visa. To obtain a Student visa for Greece for Pakistani students who want to study abroad the following formalities have to be fulfilled


Requirements for Greece Student Visa 2020 for Pakistani Students 


Greece Visa Application Form:

One hard copy of the properly filled Greek visa application form for the visa for a long stay(more than 90 days) in Greece. Note that the Application form for a person under 18-years-old should be signed by both parents or by the legal guardian



An original passport which is valid for 6 months beyond stay in Greece, It should be properly signature with at least two blank pages available for the Greek student visa.



At least one recent,2 x 2 passport photograph, in colour, front view and with a plain/light background.


Invitation letter from the Greece University:

Acceptance letter of the Greece university where the prospective student is admitted, certified by the prefectural office.


Criminal Record:

Proof of no previous criminal record through a fully attested police certificate


Medical Requirements:

- Letter from a physician confirming that the applicant is not suffering from any communicable diseases

- Medical Certificate

- Health Insurance stating that you are covered in case of a medical emergency in the Schengen States.


Proof of Sufficient Financial Backing

Applicant should provide proof of sufficient funding which he can spend while staying in Greece

A signed affidavit from parents stating that they will afford all living expenses while in Greece

Valid copies of parents’ bank and credit card statements, and W2 forms for the last two years.


Personal Appearance:

Consulate asks applicants for a personal appearance to apply for this visa. Applicant, therefore, should contact the nearest Consulate directly to confirm requirements and make an interview appointment.


Processing Time:

The visa processing time takes considerable length, therefore, it is better to apply 4-6 weeks in advance as appointment times are quickly filled. Remember that after the appointment, the visa processing time itself may take an extra span of 1 to 4 weeks. Therefore, it could take as long as an approximate 8 to 9 weeks from the time the student sends a request for a student visa.


Other requirements may include:

  • Registration letter and fee payment receipt

  • Language proficiency certificates

  • Electronic ID-Card

  • 2 copies of Nikah Nama for married students with English translation.

The visa fee is Euro 60 for short stay and Euro 180 for long stay visa however some wavier is offered to students .This visa fee is non-refundable and the applicant will not get back the amount in case of rejection


Residence Permit

Like other European especially Schengen countries Students have to obtain a residence permit to live in Greece for more than 90 days. In fact, within 40 days after the arrival in Greece, the student has to should apply for a residence permit with the Migration Department. The following documents are required to get a residence permit in Greece:

  • Application Form for a Residence Permit

  • Health Insurance Certificate, issued by a Greek health insurance company

  • A medical certificate, certifying the proper health of the student. This certificate is issued by a Greek public hospital

  • Residence Permit Fee payment receipt (payment   for the resident permit is made at the City Hall)

  • Passport photocopy

  • Registration letter from the higher education institute of Greece confirming that the student is legally registered  at the university or institute

  • Funding proof through valid Bank statement confirming that the student has sufficient finance in the bank account to cover the living and study expenses

This residence permit is issued for 1 month and should be renewed annually. The international students are however assisted by the International Office for the issue and renewal of their residence permit.


study cost to live and study in Greece for Pakistani students

Living in a foreign country is fairly expensive especially in a European country. The current recession in Greece has increased the prices of general living for both local and international residents. The study abroad students, studying in Greece has also encountered such inflation. The following are the study and living cost; a non-EU international student has to bear in Greece.


Study Cost in Greece


Application fees

If you are applying to a Greece university, you might not have to pay any applicable processing fees. Though it is not mandatory some private universities might charge the student. The amount is set by each individual institution.


Language certification Charges

To take admission in Greece, the student has to show his/her proficiency in either Greek or in English. For this, the student has to pass certain tests. To take some courses for learning either Greek or English courses the student needs some tuition fees. This is around 25 thousand Pakistani Rs. However the test like IELTS, TOEFL etc also costs around 30 thousand Pakistani Rs.


Registration Fees:

Once your admission is confirmed the University might ask you to deposit some Registration fees. The amount varies according to the course and institution.


Financial Deposits:

Sometimes especially for the master’s program the university authorities might ask a student to show certain saved amount in your bank account. Though the student does not spent it, yet he has to show it as his financial stability proof


Student Visa Fees of Greece for Pakistani Students

Next step is to apply for a Greece student visa. Each category of visa implies some visa fees. This is around Euro 60.

Additional charges include photocopy charges, scanning charges, printing charges translation and registration charges of various documents.


Air Fare

The one-way air route to Greece costs around1lac Pakistan Rs. There might be some cheap options depending upon the route of flight.


Tuition Fees

Master programs Greece generally charge tuition fees from both local and international students. For the Bachelor’s program, there is no tuition fee for local and other EU countries students. However, students from non-EU countries have to pay a tuition fee of around 1500€ every year for all study programs plus course textbooks. the tuition fees vary depending on the course and degree program


Latest Scholarships in Greece for Pakistani Students 2020

There are not many scholarships available to study in Greece for Pakistani or non-EU students, especially at the bachelor’s level. Available scholarships might or might not fully -funded and does not cover accommodation and health insurance.


Cost of Living in Greece

It is estimated that the cost of living in Athens is approximately €700 per month for all expenses. In big cities such as Athens and Thessaloniki, the international students generally, reside in private rental flats and student hostels. The prices of these are different but the minimum rates are €300 per month. The cost of renting a 1-bedroom apartment is a little bit low as within the city area it costs around €275 while in the suburbs the cost is €241. A furnished or well-equipped apartment starts from Euro 350 per month

One restaurant meal costs around Euro 10. The other grocery items do not cost very high but due to the currency difference from the home country, it could be a burden for international students from non-EU country.1litre of milk cost around 1 Euro while a dozen eggs are around 3 Euros. A cup of coffee is available in 3 Euros. A bottle of water cost .5 Euros

1 litre of gas is available for 1.6 Euros while the monthly transportation ticket is available at around 35 Euros per month. A cinema ticket can cost around Euro 15 however discounts are available for students at every place. Yet, it is estimated that an international student should have around 750-800 Euros per month to spend on living


cost of living in Greece for Pakistani students

living: living section contains the options for the student of living and its cost

Choosing Greece as your study abroad destination is not that easy as before due to the financial crisis the country is experiencing. Non-EU Citizens have to face a lot of restrictions and limitations. Still, the country offers many bounties to international students. Hard working and genius students can survive comfortably with a lot of living benefits.


Student Cities in Greece

The best student cities include Athens and Thessaloniki which resides in many educational institutions. These institutes render the most classic and top-notch academic environment to the students. Moreover, these institutes and the city itself provide every facility to the study abroad students.


Pleasing Destination

Greece is a safe and secured country in the world. Furthermore, the pleasing climate of Greece has made this country one of the most favourite tourist destination around the world as well as the study abroad country.


Living Cost in Greece for Pakistani Students 2020

Living costs in Greece are also affordable if the student remains in its budget. It also depends on where the student is living. Big cities like Athens and Thessaloniki are expensive than smaller cities and towns. On average, a budget around €500 and €1,000 per month is required to spend an average life in Greece.


Accommodation Options and Cost

 International students can choose their accommodation in Greece. The students should have to consider the following options like the distance, space and facilities available. These accommodations can be booked independently or through  Greece university assistance. Students who want to live independently and want to interact with other foreign students, student residences/houses options are the best choices. These residences are available in varied dimensions on location. This accommodation, in fact, resides students of all ages and nationalities. This is the most economical option available

The average prices for student accommodation as follows:

  • Studios or one-bedroom apartment= 220-350 €

  • Two bedroom apartment=350-450 €

  • Three bedroom apartment=450-550 €


Health Care

The non EU international student requires a reciprocal agreement for free medical care with Greece. Before your departure, students have to purchase private health insurance. A good health insurance policy will cover you in every crucial period. However, EHIC cardholders can access the same healthcare as Greek citizens for the same price. In fact generally, it is free. Students who do not have an EHIC card should have to buy a health insurance policy that is valid for the duration of your studies in Greece. Health insurance will cost around €200 and €600 per year.


Student’s Life in Greece

Life for International Students in Greece is pretty enjoyable. Students can benefit from a wide range of both on-campus and off-campus activities. There is no local or international criterion to enjoy these activities. These students are enrolled in various cultural and sports activities offered by the Universities. Most Universities have their own Sports Centers with gyms and everything is available at no cost. Popular activities include Tennis, Football, Basketball, Swimming, Dancing, Aerobics, etc.


Cultural Activities

Most universities reside in Cultural Society Clubs. These clubs encourage students with some artistic talents. These groups have found their cultural societies which include theatre, dance, cinema, photography, fine arts, music, chess, etc. These societies organize various cultural events like theatrical plays, music concerts, art exhibitions etc.


Student Activities

Every department of the university has a Student Union and all students belonging to the department have the right to register as members. These student unions cater to students' problems related to academic life or other issues The Student Unions are responsible to organize activities like debates, workshops, conferences, etc.



Students in Greece generally hold an Academic Identity as the “Release Ticket”: Through this ticket, students can avail

  • 50% discount on the normal fare on all routes of the faculty cities

  • 50% of the normal fare on road intercity routes between their place of residence and their city-based faculty

  • 25% discount on travel by train (OSE).

  • 25% discount on ferry tickets


Student Refractories

Higher education institutes have their own refractories and dining rooms. These refectories offer meals to their students. International students holding a scholarship can have this food for free, however other students can also have these meals at a very low price.


Cinemas and Excursions

Both national and international Students are eligible to receive a discount on cinema tickets. All they have to do is to show their academic ID at the theatres and cinemas. Moreover, these students can also avail discounts on their visit to Historical monuments in Greece and the Greek islands date. All these excursion sites across Greece provide usually free or reduced admission for all students.


Self-Financed Living in Greece

For students who are living independently or for graduates who are seeking jobs or have a nominal job has to bear the following expenses. Foreigners can experience both familiar and unfamiliar food in Greece. Foods, include cheese, olives and flatbreads. However, gigandes (lima beans in herb and tomato sauce), dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with rice) or saganaki (fried cheese in breadcrumbs) and Gyros are Greek specialties. A meal for two people generally cost 32 Euros, regular coffee is available for 3 Euros, water bottle for 0.5 Euro, I litre of milk for 1.5 euro and a dozen eggs cost around 3 Euros. The normal monthly transportation pass cost 30 Euros while apartment utilities will cost around 150 Euros per month. While an average monthly salary for a month is around 750 Euros.


jobs in greece for Pakistani students part time and full time jobs

Greece is currently encountering some economic problems, but still, the government is investing to provide authentic and up to date education system for the study abroad students. Greece is a democratic nation, widely popular for its roots in philosophy, art, politics and economics. This tourist destination offers matchless opportunities for international students to work part-time while they are completing their study courses.


Working in Greece

Greece’s economy has faced intense trouble due to the Eurozone crisis. The country has suffered a high –figure debt shaking almost 120% of Greece’s GDP in 2010. This makes Greece lose its reputation of returning debt on time. The unfortunate circumstances, thus, create a crisis. However, the Greek government took severe measures to overcome the situation.


Unemployment for International students

The economic crisis consequently gave rise to unemployment in Greece. In 2013, in fact, the unemployment rates reached 27.6%, with youngsters especially students experiencing the unemployment trauma. The unemployment rate became 64.9% amongst 15-24-year-olds. Nowadays, international students in Greece find difficult to hunt work during or after their studies, as Greece continues to suffer from its financial crisis.

Greece has frozen employment of non-EEA nationals in recent years due to the high unemployment rate. In fact, the country has to employ EEA nationals who are looking for work. For international students, the Greek government assesses some definite factors before granting or renewing work permits. This includes the level of unemployment in the relevant profession and the number of vacancies in the relevant profession. Certain non-EEA nationals are however preferred, particularly those married to a Greek citizen

Non-EU students and workers from countries outside of the Schengen Agreement need a work permit. You can apply for a work permit through an employer. Application approval could take several months. The applicants should, however, meet all working visa requirements as stated by the Greece Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Moreover, the Greek government reserves all the right to dismiss any foreign worker.


The Wages in Greece for Pakistani Students 2020

The Greece University has set its own hours in which a Non-EU student can work part-time in Greece. Mostly they follow the Schengen policies. According to a report, the average part-time worker in Greece earns 400.84 Euros a month or student will get 23.58 Euros a day . The full-time wages, however, are around 52.25 Euros, leading to earnings of 1,219.69 Euros a month


Internships for International Students in Greece 2020

Greece offers functional internships to foreign students in Greece. This will help the international student to get exposure to the atmosphere of the workplace and can also build contacts. Internships will boost a student’s personal as professional skills and renders a new perspective on their future. Both paid and unpaid internships are available for students in Greece. As Greece is a tourist destination most internship are available in the wild-life conservation industry. Moreover, students can get internship training as a Business Development Representative. More opportunities are available in Information technology, digital marketing and even in social media marketing. Some professional courses like doctors or engineers offer internships in organizations relevant to the course of study.

Although there are strict policies regarding the foreigner employment in a Greek organization, yet, the off the record atmosphere is quite casual especially in case of seasonal workers. Ordinary employers allow international people to work without proper registration, but they often do not pay well


Work while studying

Like other European countries, Greece allows students on a visa to work part-time, However, non-EU students need a work permit. The Schengen countries put restrictions on the number of hours in which non-EU visa-holders can work.


English Teaching Jobs

As Greece is a tourist destination, there is a strong demand for English-speaking employees in Greece. The most widely available option for international students is to teach English. A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate or a university degree can earn you a good part-time opportunity with fairly reasonable reimbursement. You will also teach English in language schools. Students, however, need a license to teach in these schools. There are schools that employ teachers without a license. These jobs are open in late summer


Jobs in Hospitality Departments

In summer jobs are widely available in hospitality and related services, however, the prospective worker has to take precautionary measures as well as basic health and safety certification if they are handling food. EU citizens are allowed to work upon receipt of their resident's permit. Moreover, citizens of other countries should contact a Greek embassy to inquire about their employment rights in Greece.


Post-Graduate Opportunities

 Post-graduate employment for international students is still available, despite the recession period. Most of these jobs are available in the hospitality industries. Citizens from a non-EU nation, essentially require a work permit before taking any job in Greece.


Some part-time jobs in Greece


Volunteering and Jobs on Farms and wildlife departments

Volunteers are needed in large wildlife rehabilitation centres. Likewise, large farms require

 Help with the breeding and care of cattle belonging to exclusive breeds. For example WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms; Offers opportunities for volunteers  and workers at one of more than 50 farms in Greece

Moreover, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece offers the job of monitoring sea turtles in the Peloponnese.


Bar & Hostel Work

As there are 122 inhabited islands, there are bars and restaurants on each island. These eateries and bars employ foreign workers especially a wide array of summer jobs are available for students every year. The pay, however, is not good, yet the student can spend on his personal expenses while enjoying a summer trip on the islands. These types of jobs for foreign beings are also available in Hostels and travellers’ inn located at these islands.


latest guide for Pakistanistudents to get the citizenship of Greece


To obtain permanent residency or citizenship in Greece, there is no stated criterion for international graduates. However to stay in Greece with a legal residency the applicant has to change his status from student to an employee. Let’s check how a graduate from Greece University obtains residency in Greece. Your study abroad consultant might help you in this procedure.


The Greece Citizenship Policy for International Students 2020

The residents who have spent at least 180 days per year in Greece can apply for citizenship (EU passport) after spending seven years in permanent residency status.

 It is earlier stated that non-EU citizens will need a visa to enter Greece in the first place. Moreover, if the non-EU citizen is planning to live in Greece, the candidate has to apply for the residence permit from the Greek Consulate in their country of origin before arriving in Greece.


Greece is Facing Intense Economical Crisis

Currently, the Greek economy is suffering the longest recession of any advanced capitalist economy As a result, the Greek economic system has been upended, and hundreds of thousands of well-educated Greeks have left the country. Moreover, the unemployment rate goes high and the Greek government is not issuing a work visa to non-EU immigrants. The Greek crisis, basically, started in late 2009, with the debt raised from €269.3 billion to €299.7 billion


How to Get Permanent Residency and Citizenship for Greece

It is obvious that international students from non-EU countries have to obtain a residence permit if they are staying for more than 90 days in Greece. Initially, these Resident permits are valid for one year. After this period, it has to be renewed.

  • When the person completes his five years of continuous residence, he/she can apply for permanent residence for family members or for a long-term EU-wide permit; however Greek government does not issue the permanent resident permit very easily.

  • Unlike other countries, it is nearly impossible for an international graduate from Greece higher education institution to gain a long term residency or work permit while living in Greece.

  • Graduates who want to continue their career in Greece have to search for some potential employer for them. If the employer hires you and is ready to sponsor you as his employee, then, a work permit can be issued.

  • For this, the prospective graduate has to go back to his home country and wait for the processing. This involves your personal contacts and reputation in Greece. If you have a good relationship with reputable employers from Greece and if you are the only eligible candidate for the job, the employer then recommends your name to the government authorities to issue a work permit.

  • To get this work permit and work visa sometimes the employee has to deposit his few months’ salaries as a guarantee.

  • For successful candidates, appointment letters are sent to their home country and this will give the applicant to get a work visa through Greece consulate.

  • Once you are in Greece with employment in hand and have spent five continuous years working in Greece you can apply for a long term EU-Wide residence/work permit and after more two years in Greece, the person can apply for Greece Citizenship.


The Current Changes in Greece Permanent Residency Programs

The Greek Government is now introducing changes to its existing permanent residency program. The new rules allow foreigners to benefit from the  Greece visa by investment program. The Greek Permanent Residence Permit, in fact, can be obtained in just 2 months and can be indefinitely renewed in 5-year intervals if the non-EU buyer has the ownership of the property.

An international student can also gain citizenship in only 3 years of permanent and legal residence in Greece provided that he/she is married to a Greek citizen and have a child with him/her.

Remember that any graduate who has been convicted into sentences of more than 6 months, for certain types of crimes, or for more than 1 year, for crimes that have been committed intentionally is not eligible to gain any type of residency while or after the study abroad program.


Some Requirements for the Citizenship


The Greek Naturalization

Naturalization is the Greece administrative act by which the Greek state can make a foreigner a Greek citizen, in addition, equates him/her with his rights and obligations with other citizens of the Greek state.

  • An application of Naturalization

  • A “declaration of Naturalization” at the municipality of my residence

  • Long-term residence permit or second generation one

  • Valid Passport

  • Authentic Birth certificate, translated into Greek

  • Social security number

These documents are submitted at the Directorate of Civic Status of the Decentralised Administration of the area where the person resides.

At least 1 year is required for the process. However, in practice, it will take 2-4 years to complete the citizenship processing


Frequently Ask Questions

Quick Facts About Greece

  • Population

    10.77 million

  • National language


  • Top 3 religion

    Orthodox Christianity, Other Christians, Irreligion

  • International Students


  • Capital


  • largest 3 cities

    Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras

  • Currency

    Euro = 158.92 Pakistani Rupee

  • Time difference with Pakistan

    Pakistan is 2 hours ahead of Greece

  • Work rule for International students

    20 hours a week

  • Wages for students

    780 euros per month

  • Economy

    51st rank

  • Per capita income

    27,820 PPP dollars

  • Immigrant population


Scholarships in Greece

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Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

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Greece Embassy in Pakistan

Visa guide for Greece

The Pakistani students who have been admitted to the Greece Universities must apply for the visa at the Greece embassy. The visa applications must be submitted as soon as possible for earlier appointments.

Greece has tremendous opportunities for the Pakistani students, after completion of education the Pakistani student can also acquire citizenship of Greece and work there, the most thriving industry in the field of tourism and seeking an opportunity in that is very easy.

Over the years Greece and Pakistan bilateral relations have improved considerably, that reflects on the Greece visa policy for Pakistani citizens.

The embassy of Greece is located at Islamabad and they extend consular service in Lahore and Karachi.


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