World Study in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is purely influenced by the traditions of the nomadic lifestyle and culture. The Russian style atmosphere cum lifestyle has made Kyrgyzstan a good choice for living. Nature influences are prestigious, but from the designs to the music, and many traditions reflect the nomadic and contemporary blended lifestyle. Perhaps, one of the most well known aspect of Kyrgyz culture is the Epic of Manas, an incredibly long poem passed down orally for generations.

Higher Education in Kyrgyzstan

Under the Kyrgyzstan Constitution every citizen has the right to get education. Regulation of higher education is carried out in accordance with the Law over education.

 In order to ensure sustainable functioning and development of the education system in Kyrgyzstan, including higher education, in combination with the consistent reforms in this area, Kyrgyzstan has adopted the Education Development Concept and Strategy in the Kyrgyz Republic which consolidate values and priorities, as well as create the basis for concrete steps to develop the education system, taking into account international obligations of Kyrgyzstan.

 In accordance with the Governmental Resolution of the Kyrgyz Republic No 496 of August 23, 2011 “On establishing a two-level structure of the higher professional education in Kyrgyzstan” a structure for professional education was made and set with an award of academic degrees “Bachelors” and “Masters”, except for certain specialization.

•             The first level or level one is the Bachelor programs with a duration of 4 years - 240 credits.

•             The second level or level 2means Master programs with a duration, 2 years - 120 credits

•             Level 3 was introduced as the pilot regime in 6 higher education institutions

•             PhD programs of duration of 3 years - 180 credits.

•             Training programs include Training of specialists - duration: 5 years - 300 credits


Duration of study in medical specialists is of 6 years - 360 credits.

The academic year renders courses that are a minimum of 60 credit hours for intramural learners.

One semester equals to 30 credits when the academic year is composed of two semesters.

The educational standards for the higher professional education of the states were approved on September 15, 2015. These standards are based on the European qualifications framework for higher education (Dublin descriptors).

universities in Kyrgyzstan for higher education for Pakistani students


Universities and Tuition Cost in Kyrgyzstan for International Students

Till 1990, the only university in Kyrgyzstan was the Kyrgyz State University in Bishkek. However, in regional centres, a large number of institutes affiliated with Kyrgyz State University offered a wide range of subjects and degrees upon graduation. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Kyrgyz State University still exists, but the former institutes have invariably been transformed by title and courses into universities. Thus, for example, the Osh Pedagogical Institute founded primarily for linguistic study in 1951 was renamed Osh State University in 1992 and offers programs in business. Typical tuition fees at private universities range from $1,500 for Kyrgyzstan nationals to $2,000 for foreign students, but fees for Kyrgyz State University and other public universities are significantly lower, about 5,000 to 10,000 SOMS (US$100 to US$200) per annum. Scholarships in the form of fee waivers are available at most institutions to deserving students. Only Kyrgyz-Turkish University has no fee structure.

Kyrgyzstan culture for Pakistani Students

Culture of Kyrgyzstan

Everything in the Nature-Based lifestyle of Kyrgyzstan, right from living needs like clothing to other necessities are designed to adapt the change in weather and locations. Yurts are easy to take apart and carry, and can be made warmer for winter, and cooler for summer. The textiles inside of yurts, such as shyrdaks and tushkyiz (felt rugs and embroidered hangings) took their inspiration from designs found in nature, such as plants, animals, and landscapes. Even clothing is mostly made out of natural materials and designed to be comfortable while still stylish.


Monuments, Memorials and Museums

Kyrgyzstan houses monuments belonging to the Soviet times. New statues of Manas and older statues of Lenin dot the country, while monuments to other notable figures such as ChingizAitmatov, ToktogulSatylganov, and Przewalski can also be found. The State Historical Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek are the largest yet signature museums of Kyrgyzstan. The Osh State Historical and Archaeological Museum is regarded as the only UNESCO World Heritage Site dwells in Kyrgyzstan.


international study in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is the popular destination to study for the Pakistani students. All those students who are unable to seek medical admission especially in Pakistan Medical universities. There are a lot of international institutions working in co-operation with Kyrgyz education institutions to ensure the later offer internationally recognized education and skills.

Kyrgyzstan became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991, and is one of the more progressive country in the region. Most of the universities in Kyrgyzstan were founded after the independence, which means you will have access to relatively new facilities, but this also means some of the programs may still be going through evolution stage.


Study in Kyrgyzstan

 The Pakistani students study in Kyrgyzstan and benefit from these educational institutes. There are various universities that have international students therefore the educational institutes have become a hub of international learning.

The Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic stated, everyone has the right to education. Regulation of higher education is carried out in accordance with the Law over education.

There are various benefits of studying in Kyrgyzstan –

  1. World class infrastructure – The Universities in Kyrgyzstan have been recently set up hence are newer than most.  The Pakistani students prefer to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan because they have newly developed study environment, these universities are not even familiar with the old school methods.

  2. Affordable Fee – The universities in Kyrgyzstan have been known to be economical. The medical university fee structure in Kyrgyzstan is far more affordable than most of the medical universities in china and Russia.

  3. Quality Control of educational institutes - The National Accreditation Board agency maintains the standards of the educational institutes. They monitor the functioning of the universities under the ministry of education. They have levelled up the standards of education. This quality control method ensures that the educational institutes provides world class education, as a result there is a lot of competition amongst the institutes.

There are not that much foreign students in Kyrgyzstan, very few foreign students study in Kyrgyzstan. Foreign student enrollment in Kyrgyz universities was in Kyrgyz Humanities University and Osh State University with 44 foreign students (or 1.1 percent of total student enrollment) and 200 foreign students (3.3 percent) respectively in 1998.


Study MBBS Abroad in Kyrgyzstan

Pakistani students come to Kyrgyzstan to study MBBS, there are some key features of the medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan –

  1. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is sought after because of the teaching medium is English.

  2. The medical Universities are recognized in Pakistan. The Pakistani students after studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan can practice after coming back to Pakistan. Even if the students have to give exam for the Pakistan council of medicine, coaching classes are offered after that.

  3. Medical universities are recognized all across the globe. The Medical graduate can practice medicine anywhere in countries as United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.

  4. The hostel facility is quite good in the medical colleges of Kyrgyzstan. Apart from this the universities are standardized and the lands of Kyrgyzstan are safe and sound.

  5. The Pakistani students don’t have to appear in any entry test for MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan Universities. It is good to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.


Top Medical Colleges in Kyrgyzstan

  1. Jalalabad State University.

  2. Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University.

  3. Osh State University

  4. Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy

  5. IMI Academy, Bishkek.

  6. Asia Medical Institute.


MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students Fee Structure

In comparison to most of the other the countries the Medical universities in Kyrgyzstan are most affordable. The standard of education is quiet high.  The MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is about 6 years and the total cost is estimated to be below 12 lakhs and this counts for both tuition fee and accommodation. Kyrgyzstan is affordable in general.


public universities in Kyrgyzstan for international students, admission requirements

If you are willing to seek admission in Kyrgyzstan Universities, you have to fulfil the following requirements.

Higher Education in Kyrgyzstan

There are many prestigious universities located in Kyrgyzstan. These universities in Kyrgyzstan render their academic curriculum according to the Bologna Treaty under the obligations of Russian or US standards. Hence, the course structure, nature and frequency of exams, required credits are pretty parallel with renowned western universities. Students taking admission in degree courses from those universities which are affiliated with a foreign institution perhaps can earn a degree which is valid in Kyrgyzstan and the native country of the foreign institution as well. Degree courses , however, have varied completion time period like it will take 4-5 years to complete an undergraduate program while a Masters degree or a PhD program at least take 2 years to complete..


Top Universities in Kyrgyzstan

The following are some of the prestigious institutions in Kyrgyzstan.


1. Kyrgyz Russian-Slavic University: 

several sources have marked this university as the top-ranked university in the country, it resides more than 11,000 students. These students are attending courses under 8 faculties including Natural and Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, and Biomedical Sciences etc. Russian is the official language of instruction. Students can earn all sort of degree courses right from the undergraduate level to a doctorate program.


2. American University of Central Asia (AUCA):

This is a unique liberal arts institution. It features a contemporary education program designed under US-style system. The system encompasses the liberal arts curriculum taught according to the assigned credit hours. Some of the key programs taught include European and American Studies, Anthropology, International and Comparative Politics, Psychology, and Sociology. The degrees awarded in Arts Subjects are fully accredited in the US. The mediums of instruction at this university are Russian and English.


3.Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University:  one of the leading universities in the country enrolled almost 200 students. Several undergraduate, masters and PhD courses are taught at this university in miscellaneous disciplines like Sciences, Engineering, Veterinary, Agriculture, Arts and Theology. The mediums of instruction, however, are Turkish and Kyrgyz


4.Osh State University (OSU):

This University also offers Bachelors and Masters Degrees in diverse fields such as Law, Education, Social Work, Economics and International Relations. In fact, the university is popular for the Medicine program. There are two other medical schools affiliated with OSU. The university houses around 27,000 students.


5.Jalal-Abad State University (JASU):

JASU is primarily known for the programs in engineering subjects like Electrics, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, and Hydrotechnic and Industrial building. These faculties are all-equipped with the latest technical mentoring strategies and are helpful in rendering major skills required to build and operate the hydroelectric power station. As a matter of fact, Toktogul hydroelectric power station is the biggest in Central Asia which was constructed 1960’s. Besides engineering subjects, the university also renders courses in Other Languages (mainly Kyrgyz, Russian and English), Business and Economics, Zoology and Veterinary, and Oil and Gas Development and Operations. The university housed around 5,000 students.


6.Issyk-Kul State University:

This reputable institute offers 36 courses with around 7 faculties. However, Economy, Environmental Sciences, tourism and Ecology, Arts and Culture and Computer Sciences are the most prevailing. The university also holds a Nanotechnology Center and a Botanical Garden where students get a wide horizon for their researches. The university enrols 5,000 to 7,000 students

Admission Intakes

 Admission generally begins in summer preceding September entry. Most institutions ask students to fill-up an application form with their particulars of secondary or vocational record. Institutions that render courses in English subjects require proper language test scores like TOEFL. Universities in Kyrgyzstan held their entrance exams in July. These universities, hence, are authorized to accept or deny any admission according to the scores gained in the entry test.

Requirements for Bachelors Program

• Certificate of Matric/O-level and Intermediate/A-level attested from the relevant board.

• Translation of Birth certificate in the required language.

• Passport size pictures.

• Computerized NIC

• Valid passport

• IELTS minimum scores 6.0 or above, depending upon the requirements of the institution, or any other required language test.

• Statement of purpose.

•Bank statement as specified by the institution to show that you have sufficient funds to support your expenses.

•Any additional achievement like volunteering certificate. These certificates will boost your chances of admissions.


Requirements for Masters Program

•Attested photocopies and Recognized Bachelors degree attested from the relevant board of education.

•Valid Passport.

•Computerized NIC

•Passport size pictures

•IELTS with minimum 6.0 bands or above, depending upon the requirements.

•Statement of purpose


•Work Experience (if required)

•Required Bank Statement to prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself.


student visa requirements for Pakistani students ti stud in Kyrgyzstan

A foreign student can enter the Kyrgyz Republic using a passport with a valid Kyrgyz visa. Kyrgyzstan has non-visa regime agreements with some countries. Depending on your citizenship, in order to enter the Kyrgyz Republic you have to either,

  1. Not need a visa to enter the country - Non-Visa Regime Countries.

  2. Need a visa, but will not need a visa-support letter to receive one.

  3. Need a visa and require a visa-support letter to receive one.

Pakistan lies in the list of countries for which you will need a visa-support letter.

Visa Support Letter

  • Citizens of all other countries that need a visa-support letter to receive a Kyrgyz visa, AUCA can provide a visa-support letter for you. Depending on your citizenship, it will take us from two to six weeks to process the letter.

  • To study, be sure to apply for a “student” visa. Do not apply for a tourist, private or religious types of visa as these visas cannot be extended.

  • It takes six weeks to process a visa-support letter for citizens of Pakistan. For all other countries, the procedure takes about two weeks.


  • Application form.

  • Passport size photos.

  • Valid Passport.

  • Letter of acceptance from educational institution.

  • Required receipts of all paid fees.

  • Proof of sufficient funds that you can support yourself in Kyrgyzstan.

  • Letter of institution or organization if expense of studies will be covered by a scholarship or loan.

Visa Support Letter Fee

The fee for providing a visa support letter will be added to the student tuition, and is determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the fee is around $20 and courier and extra charges of around $10.

Applying for Student Visa

After you provide Student Visa and Registration Coordinator with the necessary information and fees, you will receive a number that corresponds to your visa-support letter. Please note that consideration of the documents for visa-support letter lasts for two to three weeks at MFA. Use this number when you apply for your visa. Please note that you will have to pay additional visa-processing fees, around $30 at the Kyrgyz embassy or consulate where you apply for the visa.

Student Registration

Whether you are required to have a visa or not to enter the country, you have to register your arrival with the Ministry of Internal Affairs or its territorial offices (except for holders of diplomatic passports). It is very important for international students to check in with the Students Visa and Registration Coordinator within 2 days of arriving in Bishkek to confirm their status and receive appropriate instructions.


Visa extension is a time consuming process, be sure to apply at least a month before the expiration date on your current visa by bringing your passport to the Students Visa and Registration Coordinator. For the extension, students will obtain single-entry “student” visas valid for up to one year for full time students and to six months for students of preparatory program, part time and visiting/exchange students. If you are a “single” visa holder, you can leave and re-enter Kyrgyzstan only once . After you re-enter the country, you must apply for another visa extension. You have to register your arrival after every re-entry in Kyrgyzstan.

The payment for visa and registration expenses should be processed through branches of RSK Bank. The fees for the visa extension are set by the Government of Kyrgyzstan in soms and are subject to change every year.

  • Visa for 3 months , 1025 soms (about US $23)

  • Visa for 6 months, 1525 soms (about US $33)

  • Visa for 1 year, 2525 soms (about US $55)

  • Registration fee, 100 soms (about US $5)

estimated study and living cost in Kyrgyzstan universities

The cost of living in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani students in comparison to the western countries is very low. After being admitted to the university in Kyrgyzstan the next step is the estimation of the overall study cost in Kyrgyzstan and start of the Kyrgyzstan visa formalities. All the proceeding for the University admission are being processed online and then the Pakistani student has to join the course. The international medical university fee structure for Pakistani students is very low in comparison to other nations, similarly other study program cost less. Bishkek is about 50 % less expensive than most of the cities of United States of America as Florida, Los Angeles etc.

There are several post departure expenses in Kyrgyzstan such as tuition, accommodation, food, transport, books and stationary etc, but the most important and main part of pre departure expenses are tuition and accommodation.


Kyrgyzstan Currency

The Currency of Kyrgyzstan is Kyrgyzstani Som. The exchange value of Kyrgyzstan currency is 1 Kyrgyzstani Som equals 2.23 Pakistani Rupee, 1 Kyrgyzstani Som equals 0.014 United States Dollar.


Kyrgyzstan University Fee Structure

There are two types of universities in any country, public and private and fees of private and significantly higher than public sector universities. The fee per annum for an average private sector university in Kyrgyzstan is around $1500 to $2200 and for public is comparatively quite low, which is around $100 to $300. The fee structure of the Kyrgyzstan universities for Pakistani students is affordable.


Accommodation costs in Kyrgyzstan

The cost of a house in Kyrgyzstan varies according to the size of the place, a Pakistani student can rent a place according to their requirements, one two or three bedroom apartments. The rent can vary with the location of the place as well, it’s very costly in posh areas.

Accommodation is the second most important cost for the pre departure expenses, first of all try to get accommodation in campus, as in hostel of student halls, which will cost not more than $60 to $80 per month, else you have to see an apartment, which will cost at least $150 to $190 per month.


Clothes Price in Kyrgyzstan

Cost of Living in Kyrgyzstan includes other expenditures as well, there is varied requirement for clothing in Kyrgyzstan as the weather does not remain the same all year round. Clothes Price in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students is a little costly than Pakistan for example a pair of jeans is 6000 Pkr in Kyrgyzstan.


Kyrgyzstan Travel Budget

The School Dorms are usually adjacent to the schools, so transport is not a daily need for dormitory students. For homestays, it will be a daily need therefore travel budget for Pakistani students in Kyrgyzstan in needed. The most commonly used public transportation type in Bishkek are the marshrutka and trolleybus.

Marshrutki: These are white mini vans. You will need to always been on the lookout for where you destination is for the drivers do not call out the stops. The routes are about $0.15 per ride.

Trolleybuses: These are huge buses that have regular stops throughout the city. They cost $0.11 per ride.

Taxis: Taxis can be hailed from the mobile taxi apps, the apps are safer and more reliable. Rides typically cost from $1 to $8 for rides throughout the city.

Average weekly transport spending, (dorms) $1 to $2 per week and (home stay) $3 to $6 per week, that’s affordable.


Food price in Kyrgyzstan

Cost of living in Kyrgyzstan includes the food as well. The cost of food in Kyrgyzstan is not that much expensive, even it is quite affordable. The cost of a meal in an inexpensive restaurant is around $4 and in an good restaurant is around $6-$8, the cost of a McDonald’s combo meal is around $4, a can of Pepsi $0.37 and water $0.27, the monthly cost food if you made it at your will not be more than $28 to $30 and if you eat at campus canteen than $30 to $32.

While a Pakistani student studies in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan, you will find a lot of adventurous stuff to do around Bishkek, such as hiking etc. You can take advantage of that for the cost of a cheap taxi ride and a packed lunch. If you wish to leave Bishkek for a weekend, the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan is only 3 to 4 hours away by car.



living cost and options in Kyrgyzstsan for Pakistani students

Kyrgyzstan is a country with beautiful and un-spoiled natural landscapes, nomadic traditions, and a rich cultural society and heritage. A very decent and nature friendly lifestyle is the very first approach of Kyrgyzstan people for Pakistani students. Find out what type of expat life Kyrgyzstan has for the Pakistani student, from leisure options to the education and healthcare systems. International students are coming from different countries around the world with their own cultures, different perspectives and lifestyles. The main goal is to adapt to the new environment.


Kyrgyzstan cultural facts that impress Pakistani students

Kyrgyzstan culture is rich and heritage appealing for the Pakistani students, making it a interesting place for foreigners to live. Kyrgyzstan’s position through the Central Asian crossroads goes some way in explaining its diverse cultural heritage. The country is also blessed with a lot of beauty spots, which are a real draw for visitors.

The Kyrgyzstan people are very much attached to their culture therefore are holding on to them till date. They are one of the ancient civilizations of the world.


Kyrgyzstan language

The easy to learn language of Kyrgyzstan by Pakistani students has many dialects depending upon the geographical location of the place. The language spoken is Kazak but the place nearer to Uzbekistan differ a little.


Kyrgyzstan people

The Kyrgyzstan people like Pakistanis are very hospitable and naïve with respect to the rest of the world.  After admission to the Kyrgyzstan University the first thing the Pakistani student will have to encounter is the people of Kyrgyzstan, there welcoming nature will make them feel very much in home.


Kyrgyzstan tourism

Pakistani students will enjoy Kyrgyzstan tourism the most. The Kyrgyzstan people and cultural based tourism initiative runs their own handicrafts outfit brand etc.

Kyrgyzstan tourism offers several sporting opportunities for more active and healthy lifestyle, particularly hiking, skiing and horse riding are in common. One of the most popular resort in the country is the Karakol Skii Base, located at the eastern side of Lake Issyk Kul and has developed into a small tourist place with hotels, restaurants and cafes. Orlovka is another ski resort located at distance of a 90 minutes’ drive from Manas Airport, offering slopes of varying difficulties. As well as, the country side in Kyrgyzstan, also hosts a lot of popular horse riding trails. Bazars of Bishkek are very popular amongst the Pakistani students.


jobs in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani students, full time and part time jobs in Kyrgyzstan

After getting your Student visa you can also apply and can get a part time work visa, being a full time student you can work part time and earn some money to take care of your monthly expenses. 1On other hand it is quite difficult to find a part-time job in Kyrgyzstan because of the language barrier but not impossible. It is a common thing for students to work part time during their studies. Working part time job is a necessity for some students and that is the reality. Tuition costs and living expenses are one of the reasons why they need to work during studies. According to the surveys most of the students work because of money concerns and not because of gaining experience. In practice working while studying is a bit difficult, but not impossible. A part time job will definitely help you to gain valuable working skills and habits.


Balancing Work and Studies

Being a full time international student abroad, it sounds quite difficult to do a job with your studies, but it is not impossible, you just a little dedication, time management and obviously a lot of multitasking skills being a student. For a student, multitasking and time management is the key to success. You can work part time 3-5 hours 6 days a week easily if you do proper time management and manage your work and studies.


Type of Work

Being a international student in a new country, students prefer to find an in campus job or nearby their dorm of residence. You can get in campus jobs such as in campus cafés, book shops, gym etc. If you decide to find a part time job outside campus, you have a lot of choices to deal with, but it is not that much easy because of language barriers, you can find jobs out of campus in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, malls, superstores etc.


Part-Time Wages

Being a student you will be hired by your employer at the minimum wage. In Kyrgyzstan you can earn around $50 to $100 per week from an average part time job.


Job Opportunities after Studies

Career opportunities are short in supply in Kyrgyzstan, but however it is not impossible for expats to find a job in the country, Kyrgyzstan has still some leading industries, in particular, agriculture. And yes, there is a lack of local professionals.

Kyrgyzstan, due to its size and location, was one of the poorest countries in the Soviet Union, and it has not fared much better since it gained its independence. A third of the population lives in poverty, According to the CIA World Factbook and the UNDP. Kyrgyzstan is a mainly agrarian economy, with cotton, meat, wool and tobacco being the main things that are produced. Cotton and tobacco are surely the biggest exports. Unlike its oil and natural gas rich neighbors, Kyrgyzstan has few reserves, and imports most of its oil and gas from abroad. The economy relies a lot on foreign worker. Kyrgyzstan ranked 70th in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index 2013. 

Because of the fact that Kyrgyzstan’s services sector is quite undeveloped and the mainly agrarian nature of the economy, there are few job opportunities for expats. Many expats working in Kyrgyzstan are employed by NGOs, and the UN Jobs board sometimes has openings advertised. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the working language in Kyrgyzstan tends to be Kyrgyz or Russian rather than English, so if you do not speak either of these languages fluently you will often be at a disadvantage. 


procedure to get the permanent citizenship of Kyrgyzstan

It is not much difficult for the Pakistani students to receive permanent residency and to get work permit in Kyrgyzstan after completion of the students. If the Pakistani student had been studying in Kyrgyzstan, then they can receive work permit at ease later on.


Steps for the PR Kyrgyzstan Entry Requirements of Pakistani Students

The government at Kyrgyzstan approves of the permanent residency and work permit to Pakistani students in Kyrgyzstan from 13 November 2008.

  1. In order to obtain the permanent residency the Pakistani citizen must register with a territorial body of the Population registration department in Kyrgyzstan.

  2. The next step is the registering of the application for the Kyrgyzstan permanent residency visa for Pakistani passport holder.

  3. Entering into an agreement with the national security and internal affairs ministry of Kyrgyzstan.

  4. Submission of the permanent residency documents by the Pakistani student to migration office.

  5. Interview of the Pakistani passport holder interview.

  6. After receiving the permanent residency the Pakistani student requires to submit payment of state duty and two photos.

  7. After this the Pakistani student will receive the permanent residency in Kyrgyzstan in 2020.


Work permit for Pakistani Students in Kyrgyzstan 2020

In order to obtain a work permit for Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani students you must apply to the Kyrgyz government with certain documents, depending on the country, do check out your country’s embassy or consulate with Kyrgyzstan visa to confirm.

  • Pakistani students also need to have a job in line to be accepted. Kyrgyzstan currently has a very good job market because of lack of professionals, so it should not be that difficult, assuming you have all proper qualifications.

  • Basic Knowledge of Kyrgyz or Russian is required, as other foreign languages are not that common but maybe English and Turkish in the capital, Bishkek, will be relatively easy to find though.

  • Pakistani students have to find a common job in Kyrgyzstan on a limited time basis if you aren’t from a country that has unlimited stay Visa-free.

  • Citizens from all countries are able to apply for a Kyrgyzstan Visa for Pakistani Students electronically, and many are able to arrive Visa-free or with a Visa on-arrival. It’s not that difficult to get into Kyrgyzstan, which is quite helpful.

  • Pakistan has diplomatic missions with Kyrgyzstan, contact the embassy or consulate in your country and apply for a longer Visa with the reason of seeking for work and a permit. It will last for 90 days, longer than Pakistani student will be able to stay Visa-free for most countries.


Citizenship in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani citizens in 2020

If Pakistani student wants to obtain citizenship in Kyrgyzstan they must fulfil some requirements, which is that –

  • The Pakistani student must be living in Kyrgyzstan on a Valid Residence Permit for more than 5 years without leaving more than 3 months a year, able to speak Russian and Kyrgyz and have basic writing and communication skills, agree with the constitution of Kyrgyz Republic and have work and can support yourself from food to living.

  • In some cases the Pakistani student can be a citizen in Kyrgyzstan after being a residence for 3 years, which is, Kyrgyzstan citizenship by marriage by Pakistani.

  • Pakistani can have Kyrgyzstan citizenship by investment or you have contributed to the country in science or culture etc.

  • The Pakistani students must remember that multi-citizenship concept does not exist in Kyrgyzstan, they don’t have to renounce their Pakistani citizenship but you will not be able to use your other citizenship in Kyrgyzstan.


Documents Required for Pakistani Students for the Citizenship of Kyrgyzstan 2020

  • Application – issued at the Passport Office at the place of residence

  • National passport (with the Russian translation, notarized);

  • Document that confirm the residence of a Pakistani citizen in the Kyrgyz Republic for at least 5 years, the documents are as follows – Study visa of Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani student, temporary registration certificate

  • Birth certificate (a copy certified by a notary)

  • Autobiography of the Pakistani student  – in detail

  • Letter of employment verification in Kyrgyzstan – on the letterhead

  • Residence certificate

  • Marriage certificate (divorce certificate, a copy certified by a notary)

  • Spouse’s passport (a copy)

  • Spouse consent to obtain a permanent residency permit in the Kyrgyz Republic

  • Permit from the house owner to get permanent residency in Kyrgyzstan.

  • Copy of the passport of the owner of the house.

  • Contract of sale and purchase of the house or apartment, with its cost and also other details as well.

  • Technical passport to the house or apartment

  • Complete health care examination along with the older Pakistani passport.

  • Certificate of clean criminal record of a foreign citizen in the territory of the state of which he/she is a citizen, and for stateless persons – certificate of clean criminal record in the territory of the state where he/she resided prior to the entry into the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic after fulfilling Kyrgyzstan entry requirements for Pakistani Students at all possible levels.

  • A copy of the pension certificate for pensioners

  • For the unemployed – a notarized custodial obligation or a bank account.

  • Two copies of the documents for a permanent residency permit are submitted.

  • Only one copy of the documents are to be submitted for a temporary residence permit.


Quick Facts About Kyrgyzstan

  • Population

    6.202 million

  • National language


  • Top 3 religion

    Islam, Buddhism, Baha'i

  • International Students


  • Capital


  • largest 3 cities

    Bishkek, Osh, Jalal-Abad

  • Currency

    1 Kyrgystani Som equals 2.24 Pakistani Rupee

  • Time difference with Pakistan

    Kyrgyzstan is 1 hour ahead of Pakistan

  • Work rule for International students

    Not Legally Work in Kyrgyzstan with a Student Visa.

  • Wages for students


  • Economy

    155th Rank

  • Per capita income

    3,620 PPP Dollars

  • Immigrant population


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Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students


Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

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Spoken English Online Classes available in ABN

  • 09 April, 2020

Join us virtually at ABN Overseas Education & enhance your English language proficiency from the comfort of your home with the help of our certified trainers from all over the country.

Now ABN offering a 30% Discount till the 15th of April.

For registration click the link:

For more details call us at 0309 3333800


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Study, Work & live in Canada

  • 10 April, 2020

Bachelor and Master Degree Programs
2020 Intake.
Limited seats available.
High Visa Success Ratio
Special visa & career guidance
Apply Now

Call us @

Email us @

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Kyrgyzstan Embassy in Pakistan

Visa guide for Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Embassy list in Pakistan

Test For Study World Student

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