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malaysia guide for Pakistani students to get higher education study in malaysia

Malaysia is UNESCO’s 11th best study abroad destination for international students. Malaysia is a developing country with economical prosperity and internationally acclaimed education system which attracts international students from hundred countries each year. Especially students from Asia, get benefit of twinning programmes offered by branch campuses of international universities in Malaysia and get degrees from UK, USA and Australia in half the cost. Mainly the affordable living and study cost in Malaysia has made it favorite among international students. In terms of growth and improvement in education system, Malaysia has remarkable progress in last decade through collaborations and partnerships with international institutes. The general requirements of studying abroad in Malaysia are briefly explained in the guide below:


Admissions Requirements in Malaysia for Pakistani Students 2020

The admission requirements in Malaysia vary from university to university and also differ according to programme you choose. The minimum academic requirements include 75% grades in previous degrees and they must be acquired from recognized institutes of your country. If you are taking admission in engineering, medicine or IT courses; above 80% grades are required in subjects of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. The institutes in Malaysia you have chosen to study in might even take test to assess your academic capabilities before granting admission. For post graduate courses, the entry requirements include professional experience and research proposal for research based programmes. The medium of instruction in Malaysia is English; the students applying from non English speaking countries would be required to provide English proficiency test certificates such as IELTS and TOEFL. If you choose to study in branch campus of UK, USA or Australian Universities or Malaysian Universities the admission requirements will almost be similar except the tuition fee which is a bit expensive in branch campuses.


Student Visa 2020 for Malaysia for pakistani Citizen

The student visa process of Malaysia is complicated and requires detailing. The first step of getting student visa for Malaysia is getting offer letter from university in Malaysia. You host institution in Malaysia will send visa approval letter (VAL) to Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). For Visa approval letter you will be asked to submit the documents which include: Transcript of your previous academic record, offer letter from institute in Malaysia, your passport, your photographs, medical examination clearance letter, personal bond (a specific amount will be submitted by your hosting Malaysian institute on your behalf to immigration department of Malaysia for security) and English proficiency test certificate. After submitting these documents the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) will approve your visa application and issue you a Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL). You will have this Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) attached with your passport and as you enter Malaysia, the immigration department will give a temporary special pass for almost 30 days until you get student pass of Malaysia. For student pass of Malaysia you will need to provide offer letter issued to by your hosting Malaysian University, your passport and visa approval letter (VAL).


Permanent Residency of Malaysia for Pakistani Students Who Wants to Live in Malaysia

The students have to go through an arduous process to attain permanent residency of Malaysia. After completing your education from Malaysia, if you don’t have an employment contract and sponsorship from Malaysian citizenship you will have to return your country first until you find employment. If you find employment during your education, you can apply for Visit Pass (Professional) which will be valid for 6 to 12 months. After gaining experience from Malaysian based company or institute you can apply for employment and your employer will apply for employment pass or permanent residency of Malaysia (professional) on your behalf. Students can apply for points based immigration of Malaysia after completing their education from there. If you get 65 points in points based immigration criteria you will get offer from immigration department of Malaysia to apply for visa type that suits your personal information and eligibility. The employment contract you get from Malaysia must be from the following relevant agencies in Malaysia which are enlisted here:











Cost of Living and Study in Malaysia vs Pakistan

Studying abroad in Malaysian universities is not only affordable but also ensures high quality of education deliverance. You can estimate the affordable study cost of Malaysia through the example of engineering course at Bachelors level at branch campus of UK’s university in Malaysia. The same Bachelors level engineering course (3 years duration) in UK is offered in RM144, 000 (USD45, 000) whereas by studying it in Malaysia you will have to spend RM51, 000 (USD16, 000) through a twinning programme. The degrees attained from Malaysian universities also have worldwide recognition because of their quality assurance checking system and credibility. The Malaysian Universities also have low tuition fee than universities of Singapore and Japan.  The living cost in Malaysia is very reasonable. The on campus accommodation will charge you $130 USD per month approximately, whereas adding other day to day expenditures and entertainment and travelling cost a student needs RM1, 200 on monthly basis or higher depending on your spending habits and lifestyle.


Students Accommodation in Malaysia

There are types of student accommodation in Malaysia that are built in modern manner and lifestyle. You can find residence halls, hostels, studio apartments, private flats and shared housing facilities and that too in very affordable rate. The arrangement of accommodation is an essential requirement for student visa, the proof of which will be asked by immigration department upon your arrival in Malaysia. It is better to book an accommodation which is nearby your university since most of the students are known to the country and its whereabouts when they arrive. To book on campus residence it is recommended to apply for it as soon as you get offer letter from university before the rooms get occupied. The accommodation department of your university will help you in finding accommodation.


Part Time Jobs in Malaysia for Pakistani Students 

Working part time is not to students during their semester time. However, students can work part time 20 hours a week in Malaysia during their semester breaks. But if you have genuine reason you can work part time in Malaysia during semester time but for that you will have to seek permission by immigration department through your host institution. In Malaysia, students are allowed to work in following industries such as:

  • Restaurants

  •  Hotels

  • mini markets

  • petrol kiosk

Free lancing jobs such as graphic designing, content writing, web developing and designing, photography is another best way to earn extra money in Malaysia. Students are not allowed to do job of a cashier in Malaysia besides that singing, musician and masseur’s job is also not allowed to students. Home tutors can earn RM 40per hour in Malaysia.


anual fee in Malaysian universities for international students, cost of study in Malaysia

The kernel benefit of studying in abroad is learning to take responsibility of your monthly expenses and adjusting your life style according to your earnings. Malaysia is attracting a large number of international students because of many factors but the profiting most is affordable living and study cost. You get to attain an internationally recognized education equivalent to UK and USA but in half the cost. Twinning programmes offered by Malaysian Universities is an attractive characteristic tempting students to avail opportunity of studying in Malaysia and in another country at one cost. Malaysian culture is blend of many ethnicities and religions, the country has historical background along with modernly designed infrastructure and metro cities, it has so much to offer and it must be mentioned Malaysian food is treat to your taste buds. If you are currently in process of estimating what would be the cost of study and living in Malaysia, the following guide will elaborate it to in detail.


Cost of Study in Malaysia

Malaysia has emerged as one of the best study abroad destinations in last decade because of consistency and improvement in quality of education and offering cost effective tuition fee to international students. The top rated universities of UK, Australia, and USA have their branch campuses in Malaysia such as: Monash University, Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus and Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus. Private and public universities of Malaysia are also recognized and acclaimed because of international caliber of education. For the quality and affordability of fee Malaysia is a top pick for international students. An example of affordability can be well explained through cost of UK engineering degree at branch campus of University of Nottingham in Malaysia. In Malaysia the same UK engineering of 3 years can be attained through a twinning programme in RM51, 000 (USD16, 000), on the other hand this UK engineering degree if studied in host campus of University of Nottingham will cost you nearly  RM144,000 (USD45,000). A more elaborated estimate of tuition fee in Malaysia for various academic levels and study programmes is in the table below:


  • English Proficiency Tests (Preparatory Courses):

  1. IELTS (2 Months Duration) COST=USD 129 to USD 229 ( Get Details of IELTS and TOEFL Tests Upcoming Dates)

  2. TOEFL (2 Months) COST=USD 143 to USD 229

  1. Pre University Courses:

  1. GCE ‘A ‘Level, UK (18 Months Duration) COST=USD 3,100 to USD 4,800

  2. Western Australian Matriculation (1 Year Duration) COST= USD 2,600 to USD 3,100

  3. South Australian Matriculation (1 Year Duration) COST=USD 2,600 to USD  3,900

  4. Canadian Pre-University (1 Year Duration) COST= USD 3,400 to USD 4,400

  5. International Baccalaureate Diploma (2 Years Duration) COST= USD 8,000 to USD 16,400

  6. Malaysian Pre-University (1 Year Duration) COST= USD 2,300 to USD 3,200


  1. Bachelor’s Degree Programmes (Foreign Degree Programme in Private College 3+0) 3 Years Duration

  1. Area of Study (Business) : COST= USD 11,100 to USD 14,300

  2. Area of Study (Engineering): COST= USD 13,000 to USD 15,000

  3. Area of Study (IT): COST USD 9,700 to USD 12,900

  4. Area of Study (Hospitality and Tourism) :COST USD 13,700 to USD 18,600


  1. Bachelor’s Degree Programmes (Foreign Branch Campus University Degree Programme) 3 Years Duration

  1. Area of Study (Business): COST=USD 13,700 to USD 24,000

  2. Area of Study (Engineering): COST= USD 21,100 to USD 40,000

  3. Area of Study (IT): COST=USD 13,400 to USD 25,100

  4. Area of Study (Hospitality and Tourism): COST=USD 14,000 to USD 26,100

  5. Area of Study (Medicine): COST=USD 114,300 5 Years Duration Course


  • Bachelor’s degree Programmes (Malaysian Private University Degree Programme) 3 years Duration

  1. Area of Study (Business): COST= USD 8,600 to USD 11,400

  2. Area of Study (Engineering): COST= USD 12,900 To USD 14,300

  3. Area of Study (IT): COST =USD 9,400 to USD 12,300

  4. Area of Study (Hospitality and Tourism): COST= USD 12,000 to USD 14,300

  5. Area of Study (Medicine): COST =USD 62,900 to USD 108,600


  • Preparation for External Professional Examinations

  1. Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (ACCA): COST =USD 3,300 to USD 4,300

  2. Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA): COST =USD 3,700 to USD 4,500

  3. Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administration (ICSA): COST =USD 2,900 to USD 3,400


  • Post Graduate Degree Programmes in Malaysian Universities

  1. Master of Business Administration (Private Malaysian University): COST= USD 6,250 to USD 9,000

  2. Master of Business Administration (Public Malaysian University): COST= USD 5,250 to USD 6,500


Cost of Living in Malaysia


  • Accommodation:

  1. Halls of Residence: COST= USD 130 to USD 150 Per Month

  2. Hostels: COST= USD 28 to USD 68 Per Week

  3. Room at Private Dormitory Affiliated with Universities: COST= US$ 1087 Three Months Rent Bills included

  4. One Room at Shared Apartment: COST= USD 55 to USD 123 Per Month

  5. Private Apartment With Two Rooms: COST= USD 460 to USD 767 Per Month Bills Included

  6. One Bedroom Apartment in Main Cities: COST= USD 470

The cost of accommodation depends on the area you have selected to live. The rents may vary according to location in city and also on facilities. Usually the internet and utility bills are included in monthly rents. The accommodation outside the city centers will be cheap in cost. Whereas, the accommodation located in city center will be expensive but will save your transportation cost.


  • Transportation:

The cost of travelling in public transportation is affordable in Malaysia. The international students who opt to live in on campus residence they save travelling expenses completely. Whereas the international students living in private accommodation which  is not near to their campus will have to spend an approximate amount of USD 9 to USD 16 per month.


  • Food:

  1. Basic menu meal for one person in an inexpensive restaurant: USD 2.41

  2. Basic menu meal for two persons in mediocre restaurant: USD 14.46

  3. One time meal in McDonalds and Big Mac: USD 3.13

  4. Half Liter Coca Cola or Pepsi Bottle: USD 0.55

  5. 1 Liter water bottle: USD 0.32

  6. 1 Liter milk bottle: USD 1.64

  7. Loaf of bread (White): USD 0.78

  8. 1 Kg rice: USD 0.93

  9. Dozen eggs: USD 1.23

  10. 1 Kg Chicken boneless: USD 2.94

  11. 1 Kg Beef meat: USD 6.19

  12. 1 Kg Apples: USD 2.29

  13. 1 Kg Bananas: USD 1.24

  14. 1 Kg Oranges: USD 2.12

  15. 1 Kg Tomatoes: USD 1.03

  16. 1 Kg Onions: USD 0.88


  • Other Expenditures:

  1. Internet bill per month: USD 34.50

  2. Utilities Bills (Electricity, Gas, Water) Per Month: USD 44.59

  3. 1 Cinema Ticket: USD 3.61

  4. Joining Gym or Fitness Club: USD 35.30 Per Month

  5. Books and Stationary: USD 12.50 to USD 25 Per Month

  6. Laundry Expenses: USD 19 Per Month

  • University Malaya
  • University Sains Malaysia
  • University Teknologi MARA
  • University Putra Malaysia
  • University Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Multimedia University
  • University Utara Malaysia
  • University Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia
  • University Malaysia Perlis
  • University Pendidikan Sultan Idris
  • University Teknologi Petronas
  • University Sains Islam Malaysia
  • Al-Madinah International University
  • HELP University

malsysia as a stuy abroad destination

Students undertake a challenging journey of studying in abroad to seek an esteemed and recognized higher education from internationally acclaimed institutes. Separating from loved ones and committing to change and adjusting in new ambience and culture shapes a person into his best self. Apart from personal growth, you get to enhance your skills, grasp advanced learning opportunities, and get global exposure and access to greater career opportunities. Malaysia is one such study abroad destination which is offering it all to international students. The education system of Malaysia has showed startlingly rapid progress in past few decades and managed to mark its place among A-level education providers. Malaysian universities have academically collaborated with universities of US, UK, Australia and signed various partnerships offering twinning programmes to students. The efforts of Malaysia in developing its education quality has been rewarded by UNESCO which has cited it at 11th position in terms of best study abroad destination for international students.


  • Outstanding Quality of Education in Malaysia for Pakistani Students

Malaysian universities have managed to improve their quality of education through adopting latest methods of instruction, utilizing technologies, focusing on research, training teachers, and collaborations with top rated universities of the world and by providing innovative approach of learning to students. Malaysian universities have expertise in IT, computer science and engineering courses. By taking admission in a Malaysian University which offers twinning programme, you can get degree from acclaimed institutes of Australia, UK, USA. Some of UK’s and Australia’s universities have campuses in Malaysia such as: Monash University (Australia) and the University of Nottingham (UK).


  • A Globalized Academic Atmosphere

Malaysia hosts thousands of international students each year from 100 countries around the world due to enormous progressive opportunities which lead to multitude of pathways and career options. Studying abroad in Malaysia is an affordable way to attain an internationally acclaimed degree. The National Quality Assurance Agency of Malaysia (Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)) maintains high quality of education in Malaysia and consistently makes new changes for improvement.


  • Uncomplicated Visa Procedure of Malaysia for Pakistani students 

Unlike other high ranked study abroad destinations, Malaysia has set up an easy and simpler visa procedure to give opportunity to more students. Students are allowed to work part time under student visa to earn some extra money to support their expenses while living in abroad.


  • Culturally Diverse and Safe

The political stability and economical development of Malaysia has lessened the crime rate in the country to a great extent. It is global business hub, hosts international conferences, multinational companies have made investments in Malaysia and it is a top rated tourist destination as well. English is widely spoken so there is no language barrier if you live there. People and students belonging from hundred different countries and ethnicities reside in Malaysia for studies and working prospects. Malaysia a country where people from different cultural backgrounds live in complete harmony together and respect each other’s differences.


  • Affordable Living and Study Cost

There can be no other country in the world which offers an international standard education and high quality of life in such affordable cost as Malaysia. You can take example of affordability by comparing tuition fee of University of Nottingham whose UK campus offers an under graduate course in £13,470 whereas the branch campus of University of Nottingham located in Malaysia offers the same under graduate course in £7,000. The accommodation rents, food and day to day expenditure are also considerably lower than UK, USA, Canada and Australia.


  • A Growing Economy in Need of Fresh Graduates

Malaysia is progressing and developing economically in rapid manner. Investors and businessmen are opening branch offices of their brands and industries in Malaysia because of its international repute. The newly or already established industries based in Malaysia prefer hiring fresh graduates to add an innovative and young approach in their team of employees. You can access to plenty of career opportunities in Malaysia after competing your degree. Your career will certainly not be restricted till Malaysia alone as the firms and companies there have well spread network around the globe.



  • Official GCSE+AS level results and predicted A level grades or equivalent
  • a signed and sealed academic reference form (undergraduate only)
  • proof of English language competency
  • copy of your passport
  • application fee form


  • academic transcripts from all university-level study
  • two signed and sealed academic reference forms
  • proof of English language competency
  • copy of your passport
  • application fee form

VISA without IELTS

  • There is no compulsory requirement of English test for studying Bachelor's, Master's or PhD courses. Medium of Instruction in Malaysian Universityes is English and not Malaya, Chinese or any other language.

malaysia student visa requirements for Pakistani students

Malaysia hosts international students from more than 100 countries. The process of student visa for Malaysia is gradual and has to be done step by step, you will get visa after having arrived in Malaysia.  The student visa process starts right after you accept admission offer from Malaysian University. The next step is to pay your fees directly by yourself or through your home institution. Once you have fulfilled the payment requirements and submitted the required documents, the visa approval letter (VAL) process will begin which is handled by your hosting Malaysian University. The visa approval letter (VAL) takes at least 14 working days to be accepted by Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) from the time your application has been submitted. Your host institution in Malaysia will ask for the following required documents for visa approval letter (VAL) enlisted below:


How pakistani students can Apply Malaysian Student Visa 2020

You can apply for Malaysian student visa online by logging into Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) directly or you can send your visa request through your host institution.


Required Documents for Visa Approval Letter (VAL) for Pakistani Students for Malaysia 

  • 1 passport size photograph with white background

  • Copy of your passport (passport data page showing name, bio-data of candidate, all pages of your passport with previous visa information but if your passport is empty and this is your first travel then copies of empty pages of passport are not required)

  • The passport must be valid until 12 months duration

  • Observation page (detailing if there were any extensions, name clarifications, and your previous passport number if any)

  • Offer letter (copy of offer letter issued to you by your host Malaysian institution, the offer letter or acceptance letter is a form which is filled by students accepting all terms and conditions of institutions and accepting the admission offer)

  • Certified copies of your previous academic reports and transcripts translated in English (some courses and study programmes require additional tests for eligibility, if applicable you are taking admission in any such course then you will also provide result of additional tests)

  • Medical examination report (Lab report, chest x-ray) the report must be written in English language

  • Personal bond (the immigration department of Malaysia requires a personal bond submitted by Malaysian institution on behalf of students. The personal bond is a sum of amount reserved as a security. For submitting personal bond your host institution will ask you to submit a some of amount which will be returned to you upon completion of your study program or your withdrawal from Malaysian institute if you do not violate Malaysian immigration law during your stay in Malaysia)

  • English Language proficiency test certificate (With visa approval letter (VAL), the candidate will be asked to prove a certain level of proficiency in English language in form of passed test certificate such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English), CAE (Cambridge English Advance), CPE (Cambridge English Proficiency) and MUET (Malaysian University English Test) (Know Upcoming IELTS and TOEFL Test Dates From Here)

  • If you do not submit an English language proficiency test your visa application will not be approved.


Receiving Visa Approval Letter (VAL) from Malaysian Immigration Department

The visa approval letter is not a Malaysian student pass or student visa it is an entry pass that will give you permission to enter into Malaysia. You will enter into Malaysian land by VAL and after entering in Malaysia your student visa pass procedure will start. Once you receive an approved VAL by Malaysian Immigration Department you can make travel arrangements. The VAL is being issued in form of Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) since 15 October 2017. Students can track their Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) from “Track application” web page of Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) instead of waiting for their host Malaysian institution to post it. They can download pdf file of their Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) and attach it with their passport.


Single Entry Visa (SEV)

The students will visit Malaysian Embassy or Consulate in their country after receiving a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) or Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) from Malaysian immigration department. The Malaysian Embassy will grant you a single entry visa of Malaysia. The students belonging to countries that have visa free entry do not require to single entry visa from Malaysian Embassy. They can enter Malaysian with a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) or Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL).


Informing Your Host Malaysian Institution about Your Arrival in Malaysia

After receiving single entry visa (SEV) from Malaysian Embassy inform your host Malaysian institution about the your arrival details including airport, date and time and flight number before you depart from your country. Your host institution will send their representative to receive you at the airport and help you in attaining student visa/student pass from immigration department upon your arrival in Malaysia. You will only be granted to enter Malaysia if the immigration department allows you.


Arriving in Malaysia

After entering into Malaysia you will be escorted to International Student Arrival Centre (ISAC) which is being set up by Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) for facility and smooth visa process of international students. The International Student Arrival Centre (ISAC) will guide you in what to do next and what is step by step procedure of student’s visa and answer to all your queries.

The immigration check point in Malaysian airport will check your Visa Approval Letter (VAL) or Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) and stamp a special pass on your passport which will allow you to stay legally until your student pass issuance. The validity of this special pass may range between 14 to 30 days in this duration you will be granted student visa.


The Documents Required to be Shown at Immigration Check Point at Malaysian Airport

As you arrive in Malaysia the following documents must be with you:

  • Your national passport

  • Visa Approval Letter

  • Offer Letter issued to you by Malaysian Institution (Original)

In most of the cases the representative of your host Malaysian institution will be there to receive you at the airport and guide you in going through immigration process. The representative of Malaysian institution will report your arrival to institution and escort you to your residence.


Medical Screening

Within 7 days of your arrival in Malaysia, the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) will set up a meeting for you at its registered medical clinic for medical screening. You will not receive student visa/pass if you not clear medical screening. The clinic issues a ‘fit to study’ certificate when you clear medical screening test.


Health Insurance

All international students are required to purchase a medical insurance coverage for the duration of their stay in Malaysia. The medical insurance coverage can be purchased from Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) or through your institution supported insurance scheme. If you purchase insurance coverage from Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) it will start from the day of your arrival in Malaysia.


Student Pass Endorsement

After having been declared as ‘fit to study’ by clinic after medical screening and having purchased health insurance coverage the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) will send a notice to your host institution requesting to submit your passport for student pas endorsement. In many cases, Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) arrange a supporting letter for self endorsement which allows the representative of your university to pursue student pass endorsement process on your behalf and visit the State Immigration department. As you receive student pass your temporary special pass will be removed.  After getting student pass the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) issues student identity card (iKad) on your name and an insurance card will also be issued on your name if you have purchased health insurance coverage from Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS).


Student Pass Validity and Renewal

The student pass remains valid till one year duration which can be renewed for more 12 months. The student pass will be renewed if the student’s attendance has been satisfactory and his academic performance was up to the mark. The student pass renewal application must be submitted at least one and a half month before your previous student pass expires. The procedure of student pass renewal is similar and it will be done by your host institution. Medical screening will not be required for student pas renewal. Health insurance coverage is granted for one year duration so it will be renewed as well. Your host institution will submit your academic results and attendance report to Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) of each year of your study program.


Part Time Working Permission While Studying in Malaysia for Pakistani Students 

The student visa holders are allowed to work part time 20 hours a week in Malaysia. The permission to work part time must be taken from immigration department however. The student will fill a form for part time working permission and the procedure will be done by his/her host institution. The institution will seek permission to work part time by immigration department on your behalf.


Cost of Student Visa of Malaysia

The cost of student visa for Malaysia depends on the academic level and study program you have taken admission in Malaysian institution. You can get details about the visa cost exact cost of your intended study program from Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) website.

admission requirements in 2020 of Malaysian universities for Pakistani students

The process of admission is the prime and first step of studying in abroad which requires precision and accuracy. Right after selecting your study abroad destination, go through the entry requirements of universities of that country in detail. Note down the admission deadline dates and start preparing for the documents and entry requirements of your selected study program. The Malaysian Universities are offering a wide range of study programmes at all academic levels and their degrees are recognized all across the world. The quality of education is above average in Malaysia which is consistently improving every year. Getting admission in Malaysian Universities can prove to be a life changing experience for you that will ultimately lead you towards your professional and academic goals. Malaysia is global hub of business and education and a land of many opportunities.

The following guide elaborates overview of admission requirements of studying abroad in Malaysia in detail:


How to Apply in Malaysian Universities as a Pakistani Student 

The students can submit admission applications directly at websites of Malaysian Universities after checking their entry requirements. The entry requirements may differ from one university to other and also depends on your chosen study program. The process of admission starts as follows:

  1. Selecting An Apt Institute to Pursue Your Education in Malaysia

  2. Selecting a Suitable Study Program

  3. English Language Requirements

  4. Academic Requirements

  5. Arranging Required Documents

  6. Submitting Application Online

  7. Waiting for Acceptance Letter from University


Selecting an Apt Institute to Pursue Your Education in Malaysia

The studying abroad in Malaysia process begins with selecting the right university in Malaysia to pursue your study program. Malaysia is home to many of top ranking universities of the world. There are branch campuses of UK, Australian, USA and Canadian Universities in Malaysia. Malaysian Universities have strong collaborative partnerships with international universities and many of them are offering twinning programmes allowing you to study a part of your study program in Malaysia and to study other part you can transfer to another country’s institution to complete your degree. Studying in Malaysia has many such perks, it has affordable fee and top quality education which is greatly reputed. While selecting universities in Malaysia compare tuition fee and other expenditures before making final decision and look for following features:

  • It’s world ranking

  • If it offers the course you aim to study

  • Scholarships and student loans

  • On campus living facility

  • Affordable tuition fee

  • Entry requirements

  • If it is located in the city of Malaysia you wish to stay


Selecting a Suitable Study Program

Studying a twinning programme in Malaysia has huge academic advantage and employers too prefer hiring students who have studied in more than two countries as it enhances skills and capabilities. Additionally, twinning programme is an affordable option and offers studying in two countries at one cost. Malaysian Universities have gained massive popularity because of international partnerships and collaborations. The national quality assurance organization of Malaysia verifies the course structure and makes improvements in education system consistently. Therefore, any study program you choose to study in Malaysia will have international recognition. While choosing a study program assure it has career scope and it interests you and also ascertain if you meet the entry requirements of the study program.


English Language Requirements

English is the language of instruction of most of the study programs offered in Malaysian Universities. The applicants would be required to provide certificate of their proficiency in English language through IELTS, TOEFL or CAMBRIDGE Test scores. The minimum IELTS or TOEFL scores required can be different according to your selected study program and the university you have chosen. Malaysia follows similar admission process as western countries as it share same academic standards and has partnerships with international institutes. The minimum scores of IELTS for undergraduate program (engineering, B-Tech, Business courses) must be overall 6.0, for under graduate program (arts/science) the minimum score of IELTS must be 6.5 overall. For post graduate programs the minimum score of IELTS must be 6.0 with no individual band below this average.


Academic Requirements of Malaysia Universities for Pakistani Students 


Under Graduate Programs

There are usually limited seats for under graduate program for international students in Malaysia and the competition is tough. The admissions are accepted on merit basis. For admissions in under graduate program every university has its own minimum grades requirements. Overall, at least 75% grades (825/1100) must be acquired by student in his previous degrees to meet entry requirements of Malaysian Universities for admission in under graduate program. The high school diploma must be attained from a recognized institute of your country. The subject perquisites are separate than overall entry requirements and will depend on the study program you choose to study. For Science, IT, Engineering and Medical courses the subject wise minimum grades will be required higher than 75%. The students might also be asked to attend test to prove his competency but that depends on the admission requirements of the university, not all universities in Malaysia follow same entry requirements criteria.


Post Graduate Program



The entry requirements are different for every program and subject majors. The entry requirements and degree requirements for admission in Malaysian Universities are also different for different countries. Typically, high grades attained in Bachelor’s honors degree will be accepted for admission in post graduate program (Masters). The Bachelors honors degree must be attained from a well recognized institute of Pakistan.



For admission in post graduate (PhD) program the applicant must have completed a Bachelors honors degree and Masters two years degree in good grades. Apart from that a strong research proposal and previous research experience would be required.

Note: (This criterion is for Pakistani students).


Arranging Required Documents

For international students the requirements of admission include visa perquisites and evidence of funds. The documents generally required by Malaysian Universities along with application are enlisted below:

  • Copy of valid national passport (must be valid for at least 14 months)

  • Two passport size photos with white background

  • Transcript of academic record of previous degrees (certificates and diplomas if applicable)

  • English proficiency test certificate (IELTS, TOEFL) (if the candidate can’t provide IELTS, TOEFL certificates he can be given option to sit in university’s English language assessment test)

  • Letter of intent (written by applicant stating his academic and professional goals and explaining why he has selected certain study program to pursue his degree)

  • Letters of Recommendation (at least two letters written by two of applicant’s professors)

  • Employment letter (if applicable)

  • Work experience (if applicable)

  • Updated CV (for PhD programs)

  • Research proposal (for Masters in research and PhD research programs)

  • Evidence of funds (in form of credit card statement or bank statement proving the applicant can afford living and study expenses in Malaysia)

  • Health examination form completed and original (if applicable)

  • All the documents must be originals and certified

  • You will be requested to mail certified copies of your original documents to university’s postal address for verification

  • Completed application form

  • Details of the course you have chosen to study

  • Application fee  which will be around RM100 (can be paid online through credit card) it will non refundable


Submitting Application Online

You will create an online application account at your selected Malaysian University’s website. The application form of admission along with electronic format of your documents would be submitted at the Malaysian university you intend to study. Make sure to enter valid email address as the letter of acceptance would be sent at similar email address which you used while submitting application. The application must be submitted before the deadline. There are two intake periods of admission application submission in Malaysia one starts in February and other in October. Make sure the application form you submit must be completely filled.


Letter of Acceptance

Your selected Malaysian university will send you an acceptance letter after verifying your documents and assessing your eligibility to take admission in study program you have chosen. You will have an option to track your application progress. In case the university accepts your admission application, it will send you an acceptance letter, acceptance documents, a letter of offer and offer guide. As you accept the admission offer of university, you will be asked to pay your tuition and registration fee.


Scholarships in Malaysia for International Students

Malaysian government is running several scholarship programmes to encourage international students to study in Malaysia. International students can apply for admissions in Malaysia if they meet eligibility criteria of following scholarships programmes:

  • Fully Funded MDEC-TAR UC merit awards for Diploma Programme in Malaysia, 2020

  • Heriot-Watt-Velesto Petroleum Engineering funding for International Students in Malaysia, 2020

  • UCSI University graduate funding opportunities for International and Malaysian Students, 2020


Choosing an accommodation for your stay while you are studying is matter of immense importance. You are required to show proof of your accommodation in Malaysia to immigration as you enter in the country for study. For your own relaxation after a tiring day at university and studying hard you need a comfortable accommodation as your home. You must select an accommodation based o your preferences, comfort level, budget and choice. International students frequently visit Malaysia for full time degree programmes or short courses; the country has generally a modern and contemporary style of living. The cities of Malaysia are fast paced; public transportation is mean of travelling for students and all types of accommodations can be rented at reasonable rates. If you are currently planning to study abroad in Malaysia, you can expect to spend monthly RM1, 200 on your living expenses including accommodation.

Especially to freshmen students who are entering Malaysia for the first time have to make a tough decision of choosing an accommodation there. Like European countries, the accommodation is modernly styled and furnished but at much more affordable rates. The types of accommodation available in Malaysia for international students are enlisted in the guide below:


On Campus Residence

  • Residence Halls

  • Hostels

Most of the public universities and branch campuses of international universities in Malaysia offer on campus residence to international students. In fact, on campus residence is offered to international students first before local students as the international students are not familiar to the country. The international admission offices of universities have an accommodation department which specifically works to guide international students in finding an apt accommodation for themselves and explains them the facilities available and monthly rents. You will contact the accommodation office for international students of your university prior to entering Malaysia and they will guide in length what type of facilities and accommodation type in their on campus residence they are offering. The on campus residence has two types of accommodation in Malaysia:


Residence Halls

Residence halls are typically a top pick for international students. The residence halls have facility of renting a single room or shared room according to your budget.



The private facilities available include private bathroom, free internet, furnished room, bed, mattress, chair, study table and balcony. The shared facilities will include shared kitchenette for students of each floor, laundry room, sitting room, study room, GYM, playing area, air conditioning, security cameras, swimming pool (not available in all residence halls) and bicycle parking area. The residence halls are located near to the university usually just 10 minutes walk away from campus saving you travel expenses. You will not to hustle in the morning to wake up early and reach public transportation to attend your class on time.



Some residence halls also offer per day meal plan to students which will cost you US$3-US$6 per day. For a single bedroom in residence halls with self catered cooking facility you can expect the monthly rent to range from US$ 30-US$150. Ideally, you must apply for on campus residence as soon as you receive an acceptance letter from the university before the rooms get occupied.



Another type of on campus residence is hostels. Living in hostels is also quite popular for international students in Malaysia. The hostels have same facilities as dormitories; you can live in a single room or a shared room.



The rents depend on the facilities, size of the rooms and location of the hostel. The communal facilities include: kitchenette, laundry room, study room, sitting lounge and free internet. The private facilities will include attached bathroom with each room, mattress, bed, study table and chair and closet. The environment of hostels is just like college hostels and all the students would be restricted to follow rules. The utility bills are included in the rent. A hostel is not as larger as residence halls in fact it is typically smaller in area. Climate in Malaysia is hot therefore air conditioning is also a living perquisite there. . Security cameras are installed in stairs cases, elevators, entrance and each floor of the hostel for safety of students which is also an attractive characteristic making international student to choose on campus living facilities.



 A single room in hostel will cost US$28-US$68 per week. The hostels also offer meal on per day basis whoever wants this facility.

Off Campus Living Facilities

  • Studio Apartments

  • Private Flats

  • Shared Apartments



Private housing is offered with serviced and non serviced facilities. Off campus residence is a more private and independent option of accommodation for international students. After knowing the city well and getting to know the local culture, students move out of on campus residence and rent out private housing. The accommodation office of your host university can also help you to find an off campus housing facility or you can book it by your own means.  You can avail services of student housing agencies and local real estate agencies. There are all kinds of off campus residence such as studio apartments, private flats and shared apartments in Malaysia for independent living. There are areas in Malaysia which are called students areas where mostly students are residing and they are nearer to academic institutions.



 An off campus residence will cost you around US$ 55-US$123 per month and utility bills and other facilities such as internet will not be included in rents. Although, off campus residence is way more expensive than on campus residence but by sharing accommodation with roommates you can cut the cost half. In an off campus residence the security and maintenance responsibilities are responsibility of students. The off campus facility’s rent will be dependent on its locality, size, facilities and being furnished or not furnished.

Tips on choosing accommodation and renting


For off campus residence:

  • Read the rental contract carefully before signing.

  • Malaysia has a hot climate make sure the residence you choose has air conditioning and by air conditioning it means air conditioner not only fans.

  • Due to air conditioning the electricity bill will be high cost therefore ascertain high much proportion of electricity bill comes into your part if you are living in shared accommodation facility.

  • If you are taking services of students housing organizations or real estate agents request them to fix your meeting with owners so that you know demands of land lord fully.

  • For off campus residence the owners ask for at least 3 months deposit in form of security.

  • Compare the rents of residence in different areas and also compare facilities before making final decision.

  • Make sure the area you have chosen to live in is safe for students and if it is near to your university.


For on campus residence:

  • Check if the university’s residence halls or hostels have air conditioning.

  • Universities have usually arranged virtual survey of their hostel and residence halls rooms in their official sites check them carefully before selecting it.

  • Check their rules and regulations and sign up only if you can live up to it.

The rent of on campus residence is fixed so make sure to know about the facilities in detail.

Although part time work is not different than a full time job, the employees have same responsibilities and duties except than working hours which are less. Students undertaking the challenge to do part time job while pursuing their degrees and meeting attendance count of university classes are certainly hardcore beings. Perhaps this phase of difficulty does shape students into highly professional workers and they are always ahead of other students who had not done part time jobs during their university years. Malaysia is a fast paced country which has opportunities for everyone including international students. The government of Malaysia has allowed 20 hours a week part time working permission to international students enrolled in a full time study programme in Malaysia but only in semester breaks. You can do following part time jobs as an international students studying abroad in Malaysia:


Permission to Work Part Time in Malaysia Procedure for International Students 

  • You have a valid Student Pass

  • You will seek permission to work part time through your hosting Malaysian institutions

  • You will write an application (supporting letter) to your institution stating you need to work part time and tell them valid reason

  • Photocopy of your national passport

  • You will give details of your address, contact number, email address

  • Offer letter from employer intending to give you job (the letter should contain your working hours, job type and salary details)

  • Supporting from the Dean of your hosting Malaysian Institution stating you have been given permission to work part time

  • Submit the application for part time work approval at Immigration Department of Malaysia

  • The Immigration Department will invite you for interview regarding your application and will approve or decline

  • If approved by Immigration department, you passport will be endorsed accordingly

  • The Immigration Department will be forwarded your attendance sheet in every three months by your hosting institution to check if your attendance has not been compromised because of working part time. The students working part time are also required to show satisfactory academic performance throughout their semesters.

  • The Director General of Immigration Malaysia has authority to revoke your permission to work part time if you fail to fulfill academic requirements and attendance requirements

  • The Immigration Department will inform your hosting institution about any change in your working permission


Terms and Conditions Applicable to International Students for Working Part Time

  • Students are allowed to work 20 hours a week only in semester breaks

  • The students can’t work as cashiers

  • The students can work in restaurants, hotels, mini markets and petrol kiosk

  • The work of singer, masseur and musician is not allowed to students and any other activity which is considered as immoral in Malaysia cannot be taken as employment by international student


Part Time Jobs in Malaysia forPakistani Students 2020


Home Tuition

English is widely spoken in Malaysia and it is medium of instruction in many schools and colleges. Generally, international students have a good command over English language as they have freshly passed IELTS or TOEFL test for their admissions and visa which makes them eligible to do job of a home tutor to teach English language. A person can earn RM 40per hour for 2 hours tuition class. Depending on your ability and knowledge of other basic subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Geography you can earn even more. On average by taking two hours class a day, a tutor can earn RM 480 per month. This average salary can be higher for those teaching higher secondary school classes and previous experience is always an additional factor for job in any profession.

Being a home tutor, you can schedule your timing according your university classes and moreover it will revive your basic concepts of subjects.


Event Management

Malaysia hosts a number of international festivals, business meetings, events and concerts on regular basis. The responsibility of event management includes: supervision, decoration, dealing with the gests, food preparations, security and logistics. Event management jobs are a great way of earning a good amount per event. You can earn RM20 per hour for any kind of event management job in Malaysia.  Except from earning a good hourly wage you will have good time at job doing work and enjoying event.


Food Serving Staff

Taking orders, serving food and drinks, cleaning utensils and attending guests at restaurants is work of food serving staff. There is no working experience, it is an easy job yet needs working agility and management skills and you must be good at stress management. Some customers can be fussy and demanding. A waiter or waitress can earn RM6 per hour in Malaysia. The working hours can be managed according to your preference either in evening or day time. In holiday season the work in restaurants get real hectic because of tourists therefore you are expected to be quick and good at communicating.


Free Lancing

The world of internet has given birth to so many free lancing jobs. Free lancing gives platform to earn a handsome amount to people who have skills and talent. If you are good at graphic designing, web designing, web developing, content writing and creating writing finding a free lancing job is not difficult. The source of approaching employers is through online job portals or sending your CV’s or work sample to concerned firm with bid of project cost you want and get job. On average depending on difficulty of your project, you can earn RM25 - 50 per hour in Malaysia. You can work from home and according to your time preference. It not only helps you earn a good amount but also adds value to your CV.



You can go door to door for selling products or can be salesman at mini markets. The job requires convincing skills, conviction and working diligence. The companies would pay you extra for per sale additional than your basic salary. In mini markets, the job of a salesman includes guiding people about qualities of different products and general information.  It will enhance your English speaking skills and communication skills. You can earn RM50 per hour in Malaysia by doing job of a salesman.



 For photography job or free lancing, all you need is to own a DSLR camera and photography skills and it will make you earn RM2,000 to RM5,000 per project I-e weddings, events, birthdays, engagements and social events. To do photography job, you must arrange a portfolio of your previous work and show is to photography agency or clients if you want to do this work independently.


Assistants in Retail Stores

Retail stores hire students for works that include packing groceries, supervising the staff, logistics, unloading the stock, arranging groceries on different counters and mopping the floor. The jobs in retail stores are usually available according to your convenience and in different time shifts. By doing job of assistant in retail stores you can earn RM10 per hour in Malaysia. This job does not require any previous work experience except than strong work ethic and capability to stand for long time.


Attendants at Cafes

Attendants at cafes have similar job as waiters and waitresses. You must have ability to chat, conviction to stand for long hours, take orders, serve coffee and maintain a congenial demeanor while working. You can work according to your available time at different shifts. An attendant in café can earn RM 7 to RM 10 per hour in Malaysia. Although the work of an attendant is tiring and requires focus, yet it will add fluency to your English speaking.


Attendant at Petrol Kiosk

The job of an attendant at petrol kiosk is to pump fuel, checking oil level of cars, clean wind screens and accepting payment. The job does not require any particular training or previous experience. The attendant has to be quick and capable of standing for long hours. The working shifts can be according to your availability. The job is simple and does not require you to have any specific skill. An attendant at petrol kiosk in Malaysia can earn RM18 per hour.


Post Graduation Employment Opportunities in Malaysia

Getting post graduation job opportunities in Malaysia are possible but difficult. The students who want to do job after getting graduated from Malaysia must have a sponsor and employment contract. The best way to find a job in Malaysia after getting graduated from there is to get Visit Pass (Professional) visa which has validity of 6 to 12 months but in case if you are doing a professional training program at industry, universities, colleges, private or public schools, Embassies, Hotels and Companies of Malaysia. For employment pass of Malaysia you are required to have an employment contract, personal bond from employer as security, Bank guarantee and an approval letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia. The employment contract you find must have recommendation letter from relevant agencies in Malaysia which are:












You get to experience an exciting and life changing phase of your life for completion of study program and attaining a degree while studying in abroad. You adjust in new environment, make new friends and adopt a new way of living. It is natural for students to wish settling in the country where they have studied abroad. Malaysia in particular locates in strategically important geographical position of Asia. It is a rapidly growing economy where numerous multinational companies are running their business. Many opportunities and doors open for you as you attain a degree from Malaysia. Malaysian universities hold a very high reputation internationally because of high standards of education and quality assurance. You must have a job contract to stay in Malaysia after you graduate from there. You can stay in Malaysia temporary under three temporary passes namely: Visitor’s pass (Professional), Visitor’s pass (Temporary Employment) and Employment Pass each having its own criteria explained below:


Visit Pass (Professional)

The Visit Pass (Professional) is for those professionals who wish to stay in Malaysia for specific professional experience in short term of stay.


Application Procedure to Get PR of Malaysia for Pakistani Students:

  • The application for Visit Pass (Professional) will be submitted by employer/sponsor

  • The validity of the Visit Pass (Professional) ranges from 6 months to 12 months depending on the working condition and terms and job type.

  • The applicant of Visit Pass (Professional) if seeks professional training at factory or hotel in Malaysia the visa will be allowed for 6 months.


Who is Eligible to Apply for Visit Pass (Professional)?

  • Jockey

  • Volunteer

  • International students who is undergoing a professional training program at industry, universities, colleges, private or public schools, Embassies, Hotels and Companies

  • An individual who has an specialized in any particular skill which is considered as appropriate by Director General of Immigration, Malaysia


   Visitor's Pass (Temporary Employment)

Visitor's Pass (Temporary Employment) is granted to professionals working in following approved sectors:

  • Manufacturing

  • Plantation

  • Agriculture

  • Construction

  • Services


Application Procedure:

  • The Local Centre of Approval of Ministry of Home Affairs will grant approval and pay levy

  • The application for Visa With Reference (VDR) and the Visitor’s Pass (Temporary Employment) will be applied by the employer


Documents required for Application:

  • Application letter from employer

  • Application of visa by reference form

  • Approval letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia

  • Levy paid original receipts

  •  IMM.12 Form

  • Payment form

  • Bank Guarantee (insurance guarantee or deposit which will be valid for 18 months duration)

  • A copy of worker’s passport

  • 1 photograph of worker

  • Personal bond of employer stamped

  • Medical report of worker approved by Malaysian Health Ministry


Terms and Conditions Imposed on Holder of Visitor’s Pass (Temporary Employment)

  • The age of worker should be between 18 to 45

  • The worker is not allowed to change job without seeking permission from Ministry of Home affairs Malaysia

  • The holder of Visitor’s Pass (Temporary Employment) can work in Malaysia for 5 years


Employment Pass

The Employment Pass is offered to those who have two years job contract from a Malaysian Company with salary package of at least RM 500 monthly.


Required Documents:

  • Letter of appointment from Malaysian company

  • Application form with 1 passport size photograph of applicant (DP11 Form)

  • Acceptance letter from company or Employment contract

  • Copy of applicant’s passport


Permanent Residency of Malaysia Requirements for Pakistani Students

Malaysia follows a points based immigration system for achieving permanent residency similarly to European countries, Australia and New Zealand. Besides meeting the points system there are categories of permanent residency such as: Investors and Experts (A1), PROFESSIONALS (A2), and Spouse of a Malaysian citizen. Each of permanent residency categories is explained below:



  • The applicant has to fix deposit amount of 2 million USD at Malaysian Bank for five years duration (It cannot be withdrawn before five years) is eligible to apply for investors (A 1) visa

  • Spouse and child below 18 years of age can also attain permanent residency along with applicant  after 5 years of stay in Malaysia

  • The applicant must be sponsored by one Malaysian citizen



  • The individuals having skills, talent and expertise in their profession are eligible for this type of permanent residency. The skill you have must come be recognized by international organization as “World Class”.

  • Recommendation from relevant Malaysian Agency.

  • Certificate of good conduct of character from country of origin of applicant

  • The applicant must be sponsored by one Malaysian citizen



  • The applicant must have outstanding skills in his field of profession

  • Recommendation from relevant Malaysian Agency

  • Certificate of good conduct of character from country of origin of applicant

  • The applicant must be sponsored by one Malaysian citizen

  • The applicant must have three years of working experience from Malaysian public or private company which has Relevant Agency in Malaysia certification.


The list of relevant agencies in Malaysia which have authority to issue permanent residency recommendation letters












Spouse of a Malaysian Citizen

  • The applicant must be married to a Malaysian citizen/national

  • The applicant had been staying in Malaysia for continuously 5 years duration and had Long Term Visit Pass issued on his/her name

  • The applicant is required to submit “Surat Akuan Perkahwinan”

  • The sponsor of the applicant must be the spouse


Meeting the Points System

The applicant has to gain at least 65 points to attain permanent residency through points based system. All foreign national including experts, investors, professional and spouse of Malaysian citizens can apply for points based immigration. The points are bestowed based on following seven factors:

  1. Age

  2.  Qualification

  3.  Duration of stay in Malaysia

  4.  Familiarity with the Malaysia Institute

  5.  The values of investments

  6. Working experience in Malaysia

  7. Proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia


The Procedure of Applying for Permanent Residency of Malaysia

  • Submit the visa application form of eligible category of permanent residency at Immigration Department of Malaysia

  • The application for permanent residency must be made in Malaysia

  • Cover letter written personally by applicant should be added with documents

  • The applicant will be asked to give an interview at the Immigration Department upon submitting visa application

  • Recommendation letter from relevant agency in Malaysia must be added with documents


Frequently Ask Questions

Quick Facts About Malaysia

  • Population

    31.62 million

  • National language


  • Top 3 religion

    Islam, Buddhism, Christianity

  • International Students


  • Capital

    Kuala Lumpur

  • largest 3 cities

    Kuala Lumpur, George Town of Penang, Ipoh

  • Currency

    Malaysian ringgit = 33.50 Pakistani Rupee

  • Time difference with Pakistan

    Malaysia is 3 hours ahead of Pakistan

  • Work rule for International students

    20 hours a week

  • Wages for students

    RM 4.42 per hour

  • Economy

    38th largest economy

  • Per capita income


  • Immigrant population

    2.4 million

Scholarships in Malaysia

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Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students


Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Study abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani StudentsStudy abroad Scholarships for Pakistani Students

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