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At the very central position of Europe Poland is located. It is considered as the seventh biggest country of Europe with the total area of 312,679 km². Over 38.5 million population Poland offers. Warsaw is known as the capital city of Poland where about 2 million inhabitants and inhabiting and living a standardized lifestyle.

There are seven countries meet with Poland. On west Germany is attached, on the South Pole, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are meeting. On east Ukraine, Lithuania, and Belarus are located. And in the end, the North area of Poland meets with Russia. Believe me, if you are going to make Poland as your study abroad destination you are going to get an adventurous experience for all the time.


Why Pakistani Students Choose Poland

Poland is the best place in offering the best quality education to both national as well as international students. The quality of education can be assured by the top rated universities and exceptional faculties offered by Poland. But at the same time, there are some other facts that encouraged one to choose Poland as the favorite study abroad destination. 

Amazing culture and lifestyle Poland offers to international students or other foreigners. You can find multiculturism as living there in Poland. Beautiful landscape, exceptional level health care system, and a secured environment Poland offers. These are all the things due to which international students choose Poland as their study abroad destination.


Polish Scholarships System

From undergraduate to Ph.D. degree program Poland offers scholarships program. These scholarships programs are for both local as well as international students.

Scholarships program are offered by Universities, private organizations and government also take part in offering scholarships program to international students.


Reputed Polish Universities 2020 for International Students

There are the oldest universities are located in Poland. For example, Jagiellon University was founded in the 14th century and it is still a well-known name in offering good quality education.

There are over 400 study programs are studying in the English language which means the English language is following on a large scale. There are public sector universities of Poland offer degrees to international students with low tuition costs. Under the 500 top universities of the world, Polish universities are positioned.  


Work While Studying

Polish government according to its new regulation allows international students to get the working opportunity while studying there in Poland. According to this law students are allowed to work for at least 20 hours a week. Moreover, summer vacations allow students to work for more than 20 hours a week under certain situation.

Under such a situation, students can easily meet with their study cost and living cost. This is the reason Poland is considered as an international students-friendly country. 


After Study Prospects

International students get higher education degrees from Poland are highly encouraged to apply for jobs after completing their studies in Poland. Poland offers a lot of opportunities to the students. For this purpose, students are allowed to apply for jobs to polish employers and Polish employers arrange Poland Work Permit for the selected candidates.

International students are not only limited in providing the work opportunities but under certain circumstances, international candidates are allowed to apply for Poland Permanent Residence and Poland Citizenship


Poland is wonderful country with diverse culture and rich history and quality education. It has one of the highest of educational standards in the world. Study in Poland is rewarding experience and every student that ever studied in Poland never had any lack of opportunities. World Bank said in a report that Poland has one of the best education system in Europe which makes it among the most educated countries in the world.

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If you are confused about whether you should study abroad in Poland or not here see the Advantages and Reasons of Studying in Poland . There are over 500 universities in Poland you can select to pursue your higher education in. All of these universities have their own value and esteem on international level and they provide the best of education that is not limited to business or just formality.

In this article, I have shared with the top universities of Poland and every important detail you should know about them. There are two major organizations which, every year, publish a list of all Universities and Countries that are the best for higher education. One of them is Times Higher Education whose ranking and critics are accepted worldwide. Following is a list of United Kingdom’s best universities with their Domestic and World Rank for 2017 by QS and THE.

1-University of Warsaw

University of Warsaw is currently the most top ranked university of Poland in both Times Higher Education and QS Ranking. In the world ranking of QS it is ranked 366th best of the world whereas in THE ranking it ranks between 501 – 600. It is also ranked 6th best institute in Emerging Europe and Central Asia (EECA) ranking of QS.


It was founded in 1816 and it holds the title of largest university in Poland. Its campus is located at a place called the heart of the city of Warsaw. There are a lot of study programs taught in Polish language in this university. However, if you are international student and don’t know Polish, they offer over 30 English-taught programs.

t is currently educating about 47,940 students in its campus with a student faculty ratio of 13.7. As diverse cultural this university is, there are about 7% international students of its total student population. A lot of female students also enroll in this university making a female-male ratio of 67 : 33, females being 67% of total students.

Here is link to visit Official Website of University of Warsaw.

2 -Jagiellonian University

Jagiellonian University is considered second top university of Poland for its educational quality and facilities. It is ranked between 431 – 440 best universities of the world by QS. QS has also ranked Jagiellonian 7th in its EECA ranking. It is most well known in Archeology and it ranks between 101 – 150 for this subject.


Jagiellonian University is hailed as the oldest university of Poland as it was founded in 1364. It is also the second oldest university of whole Europe. It offers a wide range of programs for its native as well as international students.

It has currently enrolled about 41,788 students in its campus with a student faculty ratio of 11.8. There are over 6% international students of its total student population. There are a lot more female students than males with female-male ratio of 68 : 32, females being 68% of total students.

Here is link to visit Official Website of Jagiellonian University.

3 - Warsaw University of Technology

Warsaw University of Technology is also one of the largest and leading universities of central Europe. It is ranked between 601 – 650 best universities of the world by QS. Warsaw University of Technology has also been ranked 18th in its EECA ranking . It is most well known in Engineering and Technology where it ranks between 192 for these courses.


It has currently enrolled about 34,708 students in its campus with a student faculty ratio of 14.6. There are over 3% international students of its total student population. There are more male students in this university with female-male ratio of 34 : 66, males being majority 66% of total students.

Here is link to visit Official Website of Warsaw University of Technology.

4 - University of Wroclaw

University of Wroclaw was founded in 1702 and is located in the city of Wroclaw, Poland. It is one of most respected universities of Poland. Its foremost objective is scientific research. There are over 26,000 students currently studying in Wroclaw at ten faculties.


It is ranked among 601+ best universities of the world by QS. It is also ranked 44th in EECA ranking of QS. It is most popular in the subject of Archeology and it ranks between 151 – 200 for this subject. Its teaching faculty is esteemed worldwide for its high quality. Wroclaw has also produced 9 Nobel Prize winners.

Here is link to visit Official Website of University of Wroclaw.

Top Universities of Poland in Times Higher Education Ranking

By Usama Ahmed Awan

The Editor of, Usama is a BZU studied Software Engineer, now a Teacher, Article Writer, Educational Counselor and Journalist. He has been writing to assist students selecting the right career path.

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apply procedure of student visa Poland for Pakistani students

Once, students have applied admission application to the university, then they have to be patient for university response. Once, their application has approved they further call to apply for Polish Student Visa. All the Pakistani students are to be informed that for getting entrance permission to Poland a visa is required.

The student visa application will be submitted on behalf of an acceptance letter which will be shown by the university after accepting your admission application.

Here at this page students will find the complete guide that which type of visa they need to get entrance permission? What documents will be required to apply for a visa? How the application process runs and how much time will be required for this application? In the end, students will also be provided with Visa Fee.  


Which Type Visa Do I Need?

It is clear that in order to get entrance permission in Europe Pakistani students need a visa. But which type of visa required to get entrance permission into Europe?


D-Type Visa:

Most European countries offer D-Type visa in order to get a long term stay to European countries. Students also required to apply for this type of visa. This D-Type visa is valid for at least 90 days.   

Temporary Stay Card – karta czasowego pobytu

After getting their final registration to the university students are asked to apply for a Temporary Stay Card (karta czasowego pobytu). Students are asked to apply for a temporary stay card before 45 days of the expiration of D Type Visa. This card makes your stay sure for at least one year. Students need to renew this stay after passing a year. Students are allowed for this renewal until the completion of their study program.


What Documents Do Pakistani Students Need to Apply for 2020 Polish Student Visa

Following documents are required to apply for a Polish student visa or D-Type student visa:


  • Acceptance Letter:

A valid acceptance letter or offer letter from a recognized university is the basic document to apply for student visa.


  • Application Form:

A correctly filled application form is required to apply for a safe process.


  • Cover Letter:

Why you have chosen Poland to study and what contributions you can make in the future after getting a degree from Poland and how Poland will be helpful for you to make contributions in the future. All these points you will show through a cover letter.


  • Academic Certificates:

Previous academic certificates are required to apply. Academic transcripts are also required to show.


  • Updated Resume:

Updated resume which will show your complete profile including background achievements and current fellowship is required.  


  • Financial Statement:

Are you eligible to afford the study and living expenses for Poland? It is one of the main requirement asked by Polish Universities and government.   


  • Health Insurance:

Health insurance of at least 30000 EUR is required to show.


  • Accommodation:

Applicants are required to give proof of accommodation at the time of visa application submission.


  • Proof of Airfares:

A proof or airfare is required to show.


  • Travel/ Identity Documents:

Valid travel documents, for example, passport with at least 6 months validity is required to show. Moreover, the national identity card will also be required to show. Recent photographs are also required to submit.


  • Visa Fee Receipt:

Applicants will also submit the visa fee receipt with the application. 

One of the study abroad destinations in Europe, Poland, is a great place to acquire higher education. There are a lot of great universities with the best faculty and resources around the world. Poland is a country producing alumni that cross even those that studied in Ivy League institution and top study abroad destinations.

Poland may not be as famous among international students as United States of America or United Kingdom but big universities, organizations and corporations are very well aware of its standards and class. A degree that you earned from Poland can’t stop you from going anywhere as it is respected all around the world.

If you have decided that you want to study in Poland then you must know that Poland is a country divided in many cities. So, where should you go in Poland for your education. Every city inside a country also has some differences among them like lifestyle, expenses etc. Here you have to make a decision which city would be best for you. For that you first must have knowledge of every city in Poland. Based on your knowledge, you will be able to make an informed decision. In this article, I am sharing with you the best cities for students in Poland. Read all about these cities, their ranks, perks, cons and decide which city do you prefer to live in while studying abroad in Poland.

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1 - Warsaw:

Warsaw is the best city in Poland for international student to acquire higher education. Warsaw is not only the largest city of Poland but also its Capital. This city very famous for its amazing reconstruction as most of it was destroyed during the times of World War 2. Today, this city manifests a very beautiful outlook with many beautiful buildings, skyscrapers and river banks becoming a famous tourist spot. That makes it more fun to be living there with so many places around to visit.


It is the 9th most populous city of European Union. Warsaw is also referred to as the political and economic hub of Poland. This city being main economy of the country, international students won’t have much problem finding a job here while continuing their studies. According to a report, about 30% of total population of this city is student.

Just like any other Capital, you will have every facility available here one needs to make a living. There are over 60 higher educational institutes in Warsaw. In the Student City ranking of QS, Warsaw is ranked 63rd best city in the world for international students. There are a lot educational institutes in Warsaw also including the best one of Poland. Top university of Poland, University of Warsaw, is located in this city. That is not all of it as even the third most top ranked university of Poland, Warsaw University of Technology, can also be found in this city.

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2 - Cracow:

Cracow is ranked the second best city in Poland for international students to study. It is also second largest city of Poland and used to be Capital before it was replaced by Warsaw. Unlike Warsaw, this city mostly survived the brutal times of World War 2 and now is a protector of all the heritage and unique culture of Poland. This city if full of many historic architectural icons making it an attractive tourism spot.


There over 40 higher educational institutes in this city. About 2 of them are public universities while others are private. This city is also home to Poland’s second top ranked university, Jagiellonian University. Cracow is also one of the major academic, economic and cultural hub of Poland. You will easily find everything that you need during your stay including good quality of education, accommodation, all types of food and fun places

3 - Lodz:

Located in the center of Poland, Lodz is the third largest city of Poland. Due to its good location in the center of the country, this city is connected to important places, making it an important place for business. This city is also Textile hub of United Kingdom. It is also often called “Polish Manchester”. It has a population of about 7 lac..


This city is also very important when it comes to education as many good educational institutes for higher education can be found in this city. The fourth most top ranked university of Poland, Lodz University, is also located in Lodz. There are numerous places for tourist and residents of the city to enjoy that includes astonishing galleries, longest high commercial street of the world and various entertainment sites.

4 - Wroclaw::

Located in western Poland, Wroclaw is the fourth best student city in Poland. It has an estimated population of 6 lac 40 thousand of which 1.5 lac are students. It is the fourth largest city of Poland. It has a rapidly growing number students because of its act as financial, commercial and cultural hub of Western Poland. It is often called ‘University City’ because of large of students in this city. It is also home of University of Wroclaw that is the fourth most top ranked university of Poland.


5 - Poznan:

City of Poznan also located in western Poland, is one of the most famous students cities of Poland. A great proportion of students can be found in this city. There are over 25 universities in this to choose from, however, about 17 of them are private and over 8 are public. Private universities can be a little expensive compared to government funded universities.


Wikipedia refers Poznan as the fourth largest academic center of Poland. Total of number of students in Poznan is estimated 1.4 lac. One of every fourth person in Poland is a student. Some of the most famous universities in Poznan are:

  • Adam Mickiewicz University
  • University of Fine Arts in Poznan
  • Academy of Music in Poznan.
  • Poznan University of Economics
  • Poznan University of Medical Sciences
  • Poznan University of Technology

By Usama Ahmed Awan

The Editor of, Usama is a BZU studied Software Engineer, now a Teacher, Article Writer, Educational Counselor and Journalist. He has been writing to assist students selecting the right career path.

cost of study in Poland for Pakistani students

European countries, no doubt, offer an exceptional standard of study or education. But, at the same time, a study in some European countries is much expensive as compared to study cost in Pakistan. Poland is one of those countries where students pay a lot of wealth in earning a higher education degree.

Actually, the cost of the study abroad program doesn’t rely upon the tuition fee of the universities. There are many factors take part to enhance the cost of study abroad program. European countries are best in supporting international students. There are many countries offer scholarships program to cover partially and fully tuition fee. But, students have to pay for spending a good living style there in Poland. Following are the factors affecting to enhance the cost and expenditures of students.


Pre Departure Costs

Following is the list of pre-departure costs students have to pay for them:  


  • Previous Academic Transcripts:

First of all, we know that for getting exceptional grades or CGPA in the study program which you are pursuing in Pakistan you join the high standard educational institutes. These institutes offer educational degrees at secondary school or bachelor level with a considerably high amount of money.   


  • Language Proficiency Test:

After getting a basic educational degree students are required to get proficiency in the language in which they are going to apply for a study program.  


  • Application Process:

For applying to universities students have to pay some specific amount as admission application fee. Mostly, for avoiding the chances of rejections students are asked to apply for more than one universities. The application fee for a single university ranges from 20,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR.


  • Travel Documents:

For traveling abroad you need some traveling documents. From these documents passport is the basic one component. Students are to be informed that normal passport prepares in 5,400 PKR.


  • Visa Fee:

Students travel on behalf of visa which is required for getting entrance permission into Poland. D-Type visa is required and 60 EURs fees of this visa students have to pay.  


  • Personal Expenses:

You are going to abroad where you will never find a family to bear your expenses. You have to manage them on your own. At the starting points, students won’t able to get suitable jobs for bearing their personal living expenses. So, students have to take a suitable amount of money as their pocket money with them at the time of the journey. 


After Departure Cost

Once you have reached your destination, now, you will be stuck into many other challenges to face them. Following are the expenses or expenditures students have to pay after arriving at their study abroad destination.



In some cases, students are asked to manage their accommodation before departing. But, in many cases, students manage the accommodation after arriving at their destination. For taking suitable accommodation with all the basic needs students have to pay 300 EURs to 500 EURs monthly. In this amount, you can not only manage the accommodation but you can also cover the basic living expenses in this amount.


Residence Permit And Other Documents

For obtaining a long stay for study in Poland students are required to apply for a temporary stay card before expiring their D type visa. Charges for this stay card ranges from 60 to 70 EURs annually. Students after passing a year are to be needed to renew this stay card.  


Tuition Fees

For different kinds of subjects, there is a different fee range exists. Following is the complete chart of the tuition fee for study in Poland. For more details related to admission click here:

Degree Program

Fee Structure

Undergraduate Program

Around 2000 EURs

Master Program

Around 2000 to 3,000 EURs

PhD Program/ Vocational Courses 

Around 3000 EURs


Scholarships or Funding Programs 2020 for Pakistani Students

Obviously, the above-mentioned discussion made you afraid because it is showing the series of charges and expenditures to our students. But, at the same time, we are also going to bring the smiles on the faces of our students. Students are to inform that Poland offers several types of scholarships program to international students including Pakistani students to beat the burden of tuition fee and in some cases the burden of living costs.   

Several types of government and private scholarships programs including The Casimir Pulaski Foundation Scholarships, CNBCh PhD Scholarships program, Polish National Agency Scholarships Program, NSC 24-Month Scholarships Program, Erasmus Mundus Scholarships Program, ECDC Training Fellowship Program, Lazarski Foundation Scholarships, CERN Junior Fellowship Program and many others are offering by Poland to support international students.   

poland study benefits for Pakistani students

More and more students are moving to Poland for study purposes. There are multiple reasons for choosing Poland as a favorite study abroad destination. Poland does not only tempt international students to come and join studies. However, it also attracts the visitor throughout the world because it offers the wonders and adventures to do.

Our main objective is to discuss how Poland can be the best study abroad destination? Following are the reason that will make you able to conclude whether it would be good or wrong decision to choose Poland.


1. Polish Education System is Outstanding

Education system through Poland dates back to the intermediate ages. There are the oldest institutes are present in Poland. For instance, Jagiellon University is the well-known name of Poland education system which was founded in the 14th century. Over 400 study programs in the English language are offering by Polish Universities. Most of the study programs are based on the undergraduate level.

English language environment and support to learn the Polish language with advanced level education system all are the factors allow us to call Poland the best destination.


2. Low-Cost Study and Living Style

Poland offers inexpensive education system to the international students compared to other European and other countries involving the UK, USA, etc. Public sector universities in Poland offers annually education within 2,300$ to 4,530$.  In some cases or courses, the fee is high from the average level. Maximum tuition fee ranges 4000$ to 6,800$.

As compared to the countries from the UK and other developed countries Poland offers a suitable living style within a reasonable cost. To cover the living cost 320$ to 670$ are required on a monthly basis.  


3. Bologna Process

A series of ministerial agreements and meetings between standard and quality of the higher education system and European countries. Poland is one of the countries that are listed in this process.


4. A Multicultural Environment

Every year there are hundreds of foreigners come to get permanent residence of Poland. This is the reason there are people with different nationalities, different culture, and different languages exist. The whole thing is that Poland is a hub of multi-culturism.

During your study stay in Poland, you can experience multi-cultures which are just an amazing feeling to do in life.


5. Incredible Rate of Foreigners  

Recent estimation about foreigners moving rate in Poland concludes that there are currently 228,218 foreigners inhabiting in Poland with a valid residence permit. These large community of foreigners doesn’t belong to the EU, EEU, and Swiss areas. All these are non-EU foreigners. This thing shows the value of living here in Poland.


6. Secure And Safest Country

Poland is exceptional in case of providing a safe and secure environment. This is secure even than that of the Nordic countries. Nordic countries are considered as the safest place throughout the world. But, recent estimation has concluded that there the crime rates are high in Nordics as compared to Poland.


7. A Place Of Adventure And Entertainment

Poland enriches with both of the quality including historical heritage and current attainments. There were 5 noble prizes awarded writers produced by Poland. There are musicians belong to Poland who has written the new chapters in the syllabus of music. For entertainment purposes, cultural rich events and festivals after certain intervals come to celebrate in Poland.

UEFA European Football Championships of 2012 was hosted by Poland and it always keeps ready to offer such opportunities of entertainment.


8. Latest Jobs and Career Opportunities 2020 in Poland

International students are provided with great support in Poland. For this purpose, we do not find scholarship programs in Poland. But, we also find opportunities for part-time working during studies.

According to Polish law and regulations, international students are allowed to work for at least 40 hours a week with 5 working days.   

how pakistani students can apply for the admission in poland universities

In order to apply for admission in Polish universities, students are asked to apply directly to the institutes which have chosen by them. Sometimes, it is not so easy to apply for international universities but once you have decided do not think too much and make the potential implements to turn your dreams into destinations. 

But the issue comes to see is that students, sometimes, do not familiar with the application submission process. It is, actually, the main process which makes your education journey possible. In case, you are having any problem in applying then you must go through this following article to know how to apply for safe application?


How to Plan Your Studies?  

  • Take pre-planning about your destination. Make know how much the destination is popular for study which has chosen by you.

  • Then you have complete knowledge about the education system to which you are going to be part.

  • Which kind of living style offered by your chosen destination? It is necessary to know. Whether you can afford it and mingle with it or not.

  • In the end, you have to go through a proper budget plan. What is tuition fee cost and the living cost will come to see? Whether it will be affordable for you or not.


What is Your Study Program?

Before going to apply, the main noticeable thing is to choose the study program. First of all, know about your interest. Then try to find the scope of your chosen subject worldwide. Take opinions from your seniors. Ask twice from yourself are you eligible for this chosen study program? If yes, then apply.


Does Poland Offer You The Best University?

After choosing the subject or study area the very next step for you is to choose the institute. There are several types of institutes. These are best in offering several study areas. Choose the institute which is best in providing the faculty according to your chosen subject.

Architecture studies, fashion studies, photography studies, business studies, law studies, medical studies are some of the common subjects offering by Polish universities.


Admission Requirements For Undergraduate in Polad Universities 2020

A variety of undergraduate programs every year offer by Polish Universities. Within 3 to 3.5 years Bachelor of art studies complete. Moreover, bachelors’ of science studies take 3.5 to 4 years for their completion. Following are the requirements to apply for the Bachelor degree program:


Required Documents:

Following documents are required to apply for undergraduate or bachelors’ studies program:

  • Higher secondary school certificate is required

  • School or college leaving certificate

  • Duly filled the application form for a Polish university

  • Copy of identity or travel documents i.e. ID card and passport etc.

  • Recent 04 photographs (passport size)

  • A medical certificate which will show you are medically fit

  • Admission fee receipt is necessary to show  

  • Language proficiency certificates (English/Polish)


Admission Requirements For Postgraduatein Poland Universities for Pakistani Students 2020

If you are fulfilling the requirements of a Masters’ degree then you are to be called for admission in Polish Universities. Generally, master degrees by Polish universities require 2 to 2.5 years for completion but in some cases including Engineering degrees, art degrees, and medicine & veterinary degrees 5 years are required for completion. Entrance requirements may differ from university to university but there are general requirements for taking admission in master degree are given below: 


Required Documents

  • Bachelors’ degree in the relevant field with required grades is required

  • Correctly filled the application form

  • Four recent photographs

  • Reference letter from the previous educational institute is required

  • Travel and identity documents including National ID card and passport are required

  • Medical fitness or clearance certificate is required

  • English or Polish Language proficiency certificates are required   


Admission Requirements For PhD 2020 in Poland for International Students

For a doctoral degree in Poland, the requirements vary from universities to universities. But generally, a Masters’ degree in the relevant field is required. Moreover, students are asked to submit the impressive thesis work to be eligible for a doctoral degree from Polish universities.

As criteria different from university to the university that is why students are asked to contact directly with their chosen institutes for a safe and accurate admission guide.  


Required Documents

  • Master degree with the relevant subject.

  • Valid travel document i.e. passport is required

  • A national identity card is required.

  • Medical clearance certificate (if required)

  • Financial proof  

  • Reference letter (if required)

  • Language proficiency test (English or polish)  


Academic Calendars by Polish Universities

Academic calendars or admission deadlines may vary from subject to subject or university to university. But, general academic calendar following by many Polish universities has given below:


Fall/Winter Session:

It starts in October and lasts until mid of February.


Spring/Summer Session:

In February spring or summer session starts and it ends in the month of June.


Tuition Fee  

Following is the fee structure of the Polish Universities for a different level of studies:


Degree Program

Fee Structure

Undergraduate Program

Around 2000 EURs

Master Program

Around 2000 to 3,000 EURs

PhD Program/ Vocational Courses  

Around 3000 EURs



Tuition fee for MBA Business degrees in Poland ranges from 8,000 to 12,000 annually. 


Language Requirements:

Following are the language requirements for getting admissions in Polish universities:


English Language Requirements:

Almost all the study courses students can find in the English language. One of the following tests will be required to submit along with admission application:

·        IELTS

·        C1 Advanced

·        TOEFL


Polish Language Requirements:

For taking admission in Polish language courses Polish Language proficiency with advanced level is required.


How Pakistani Students can Apply for Poland Top Universities in 2020

Poland offers an easy process to get admission than that of other countries including UK countries, and the USA, etc.

Few months require for safe admission process. Almost 5 to 6 years process runs for taking admission in Polish Universities.

Most of the universities offer online admission process. Students apply directly to the chosen university for admission.

For further assistance, students are to be suggested to apply through Pakistan’s Best Study Abroad Consultants.

is poland affordable for Pakistani students

Living expenses are the major challenge for international students to cover while studying and living in Poland. As compared to living style in Pakistan Europe charges a lot in return of giving a good lifestyle.

With a pretty stable economic level, Poland is existing as one of the most beautiful countries of Europe. With a little difference, different cities offer a different level of lifestyle. For students or international students, almost all European countries are known as students-friendly countries. Poland also offers a great experience to the international students in almost all the aspects.

Here we have discussed completely that which kind of lifestyle Poland offers to the international students and how they can manage a better lifestyle as living there in Poland. 



Wherever you are living it doesn’t matter. Can you manage or afford the accommodation for a good living style? It does matter. Sometimes, students ask to manage their accommodation as pre departing plan. But, most students find it after arriving at their destination.

In case you are called to arrange your accommodation before departing then you have to call someone who is already living there. I case, there is no acquaintance is residing there then you are to be suggested to contact with Study Abroad Consultants. Here at, we provided Pakistan’s best study abroad consultant for the convenience of our beloved students.  


Types of Accommodation

Which type of accommodations students can find there in Poland? It is the common question came to hear from the students. Students are to inform that there is not much difference in accommodation types. Like all other European countries, multiple modes of accommodation come to see.

Following is the detail about types of accommodation for students in Poland:


On-Campus Accommodating or Residence Hall for Students

There are almost all the biggest colleges and universities offer on-campus accommodation to international students. it means students are offered with the halls of residence where they live with their classmates. Separate rooms and sharing rooms are provided to the students according to their need. Laundry facilities, TV room, study lounge are the main facilities of the students’ resident hall.

Monthly charges range from 100 to 150 EURs for a single student. The charges range depends on the availability of living or basic opportunities.


Following Benefits On-Campus Residence Provides to the International Students:

  • Almost all the basic needs of a good standard you can easily find through this residence.

  • You are provided with the accommodation inside campus or near to the campus.

  •  You can save the transport charges while living in on-campus accommodation.

  • You spent more times with your classmates and other students. Under such a condition, you can avoid homesickness.  


Off-Campus Accommodation

On-campus accommodation comes with rare chances. All students cannot get the opportunity to live inside the campus. The reason behind it is that there are fewer halls provided by colleges and universities.

Under such condition, students are asked to find the accommodation outside the areas. Following are the off-campus accommodation mode students can find as living there in Poland.


  • Live With Your Family or Friends

If your friends or family members are already living there in Poland then it is an exceptional opportunity for you to manage your accommodation.


  • Paying Guest

In Poland, you can also get accommodation as a paying guest. This is another best way to live within a reasonable cost. Sometimes, students find friendly people who do not only offer accommodation but other basics need also provide to the foreigner students.


  • Private Rented Flats

The private flat system is in-trend in Poland. Local as well as international people find a flat system in almost all the towns. These flats are of different types. One can easily find his/her best just according to his/her need. 300 to 500 EURs are per month charges of privately rented flats.


  • Room Sharing

The best experience students have shared with us that they take a flat on rent and share it with two or three students. Under such a situation the rent divides into two or three students. In this way, they can easily manage the accommodation.

Find the students who want to share their flat or accommodation with others. Moreover, you can also contact your classmates and prepare them to take a rental apartment and share it.


How to Get Accommodation

Obviously, you have become familiar with the types of accommodation and the charges of each mode of accommodation. On-Campus accommodation is the best and the easiest way to spend a good student life in Poland.

But if you are going to follow the off-campus accommodation then you have the proper knowledge to find the accommodation. Following are the tips to find the best accommodation:  

  • A supporting department exists in almost all colleges and universities. Students can contact this department for potential assistance.

  • You will find your senior international students there at your college and university. You can take the idea from them that how to find the best way of accommodation and how to manage it as well.

  • In case your friends or relatives are living there then you can also get a better opportunity.

  • Meet with the local people and get assistance from them because they are well known about the living style of Poland.

  • Real estate agents you can find anywhere in the world. Find your best and he will grab the possible solution to assist you.


What is the Average Cost of Living?

Students for having a sound life are required to follow the minimum of basic living style. For this basic living standard food, drinks, clothes, utility bills, study costs, entertainment costs are the main factors. Students pay from 350 EURs to 550 EURs to cover these basic living things.


Following Are The Things Offers A Sound Lifestyle:




Monthly charges for food ranges from 100 to 150 EURs



Monthly charges for food ranges from 15 to 20 EURs


Electronic Bills (TV, Internet, and mobile, etc.):

Monthly charges for food ranges from 20 to 30 EURs


Study Materials:

Monthly charges for food ranges from 30 to 50 EURs



Monthly charges for food ranges from 70 to 100 EURs


Grocery and Clothes:

Cost for grocery items and foods depend upon your taste and fashion level.  

jobs in poland for International students

According to new regulations of the Government of Poland, it has become easy for international students to get part-time jobs. Actually, international students move to distant places for the sake of education. This is the sake and zeal of studies and higher education that bring them to the places where they can find a better opportunity.

But at the same time, students have to cope with the expenses of their studies. Moreover, students also need to follow a basic standard of living style. To solve these problems students require part-time jobs. According to the new regulation, students do not ask for special permission. But, the resident card is necessary to apply for a part-time job. Moreover, non-EU students are freely allowed to work within the months of July, August, and September. Following is the further discussion for students’ part time jobs in Poland:


Part Time Jobs 2020 in Poland for Pakistani Students

International students are allowed to apply for part-time jobs and for up to 20 hours students can work during their studies. Students are to inform their first priority is to get an education. But, in case, if they are facing difficulties to cover the study and living expenses. Then students are to be suggested to join some part-time jobs.

It is not a big deal of student gone out of budget as living there in a European country, Poland. This happens due to the big currency difference. Following are the top and nest countries in offering part-time jobs and permanent jobs to foreigner students and other foreigners:

  1. Warsaw

  2. Krakow

  3. Wroclaw


Part-Time Internship in Poland 2020

As we have discussed in the early discussions that Poland is an international student’s friendly country. The idea of the fact you can take from the thing that Poland is not only best in offering part-time jobs. However, it also offers internship opportunity to the students.

Students are allowed to take internship opportunity in part-time and also full-time internship during summer vacations. Mostly, internships are part-time and these are non-paid internships. However, at the same time, there are some opportunities for paid internships you can also find through some companies.


What Benefits Part-Time Job And Internship offer

Following are the detailed benefits of part-time jobs and internship for international students:

  • You can learn budget planning through part-time jobs while studying in Poland.  

  • Part-time jobs offer you to earn money to cover your study and living expenses.

  • You can make good connections with employers while part-time working which can be beneficial for you in the future. While working with foreigners you can get an exceptional level of communication.

  • You can earn experience at the same time while studying.

  • The internship offers you the complete knowledge or skill of the study program you are following or pursuing.

  • The internship can make good relations between you and the employer.

  • These relations will bring better opportunities for you in the future.


Types of Students Jobs In Poland

Students can find the following types of part-time jobs while studying in Poland:

  • Customer services jobs

  • Booksellers at a bookshop   

  • Delivery boy

  • Library assistant

  • Teacher assistant

  • Language teacher

  • Translator

  • Freelancer

  • Volunteer

  • Restaurant job

  • Waiter job

  • Gas shop jobs

  • Marketing jobs

  • Jobs in bars


How to Get Jobs While Studying in Poland?

You have gotten the idea that Poland offers a job opportunity to the international students. After reading the above discussion you have confirmed the rules and regulations of part-time jobs and internships and at the same time, you have also become familiar that what duration provided you to work or earn.

Here we also offered a complete list including the jobs students can find while studying there in Poland. But, still, you face the problem that how to find the job? Your query is possible. So, here we offered some tips to find the best ways of finding a part-time job:   

  • Once again we will move towards the supporting department of your college or university. This is because of the supporting department help in finding potential opportunities for deserving students. They can find On-campus opportunities for you and off-campus opportunities they can also grab for you.

  • Browse on the internet. There are a lot of opportunities through the internet you can find.

  • You can contact with your senior students for this purpose. They have gotten much experience and they can share their experience with you in finding the potential ways.

  • You have to join the friendship circles of the native people and take help from them. This is because they know the whole living standard of their country.  

  • The cities like Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw are best in providing students jobs. So, try to make one of these cities your destination.


how pakistani students can apply for the citizenship of Poland

Are you looking to move to Poland? The vibrant cities, varied Landscapes, and economy with good growth rate are all the parts tempt one to move to Poland. Poland makes the paths smoother for foreigners to move and get a settlement there.

Every year thousands of foreigners move towards Poland because of the various purpose. Who love to glance the soaring mountains, vast planes and bustling cities move as visitors there for short time duration.

As we know that a growing economy rate is offering by Poland so many people move to Poland for working purpose. However, students get a degree for Polish universities are provided with better employment opportunities by Polish employers.

Other than working purposes people apply for permanent residence to Poland. Under specified conditions, Poland offers permanent residence to foreigners and at last, if you are applicable you can also claim for Citizenship to Poland. But, how these steps can come true? The brief discussion we have mentioned below for obtaining a work permit, permanent residence, and citizenship, etc.


1. What is Work Permit?

A work permit is simply a permission to apply for working purpose to a country for which you are foreigner or stranger. This permission allows you to work under the working regulations and you can earn a handsome amount as local citizens allowed to make.

Poland offers work permit and the procedure is, somehow, same as other European countries offer to foreigners.


Who is Eligible to Apply For?

Once you apply for work to polish employers. In case they satisfy with you. They offer you a job and they are further required to apply for your work permit to the embassy. Normally, yearly visa or work permit issues to the applicants and they are required to renew it at the time of need.  


Required Documents to apply for Work Permit

Following are the documents required to apply for a work permit:

  • A valid duly filled application form is required.

  • A valid employment contract is required to apply.

  • Valid travel document i.e. passport is required. Minimum three months validity of travel document is required to apply for.

  • A biometric passport size image is required.

  • Fee submitted receipt is required to submit along with the application.

  • You have to show sufficient financial proof to bear your travel and living expenses.


Benefits of Work Permit 

Following benefits you can get from work permit:

  • You can freely work as other local citizens work.

  • You can extend the working employment contract as long as your employer allow you.

  • The work permit allows you to work for specified areas of working.

  • You are also offered with a specified job duration. Before ending your duration you won’t be dismissed from your job.

  • Work permit secures your job.

  • You are provided with the same security and rights as the local citizens get as living there in Polish.


2. What is a Permanent Residence?

It is the status of the foreigners who are living in a country for which they do not show citizenship. Poland under the specific circumstances Poland offers permanent residence to the foreigners.

Under the following conditions Poland offers permanent residence to foreigners:

  • If you are the child of foreigners who have got the permanent residence of Poland, then you are eligible to claim for permanent residence.

  • If you can show that your origin is Poland then you are also allowed to apply for settlement in Poland. 

  • If you marry a partner who is a Polish citizen and spend a legal duration of at least three years at Poland then you can claim for permanent residence.

  • The victims of human trafficking are also eligible to apply for permanent residence.

  • If you are the refuge and are living for at least 5 five years then you can also apply for PR.

  • Applicants who are working and living legally there for at least 5 years are also eligible to claim for permanent residence for Poland.


Documents Required To Apply For Permanent Residence of Poland for Pakistanis:

Once, you have become eligible for permanent residence then you have to submit a proposal. What things will be eligible to make a solid proposal? Following are the documents will be required to make your proposal sure.

  • Completely filled application

  • Recent passport size photographs (04)

  • Photocopies of travel document i.e. passport (03)

  • Proof of paid fee for a permanent residence application

  • Valid work permit or statement from your employer is required to apply.

  • A valid employment contract is also necessary to apply.

  • Documents that ensure the cost availability for a living and accommodating are required.

  • Registered address of Poland is also necessary.

  • Proof of your income or statement of your income in Poland is required to show.


Benefits of Permanent Residence


Employment Opportunity 2020 in Poland for Pakistani Students:

Permanent residence allows you to work as the normal Polish citizens get employment there in Poland.



you are provided with complete safety. This is because Poland is one of the safest countries in the world. Moreover, people accept you completely when you get permanent residency in their country. 



Permanent residence holder are also allowed to invest their money and can grow their business as living there in Poland. In some cases, foreigners are offered with permanent residence on behalf of the investment.  


Health Care:

All the facilities of health care are provided to the permanent residence holders as other local people get. 



With this permanent residence card the aspirants are also allowed to apply for education as local students.


Standard of Life:

You get a standardized lifestyle as other European people get because now you are part of the European Union.



Under the specific condition, permanent residence PR makes you able to apply for citizenship.


 3. What is Citizenship?


Citizenship is the status which allows you to make a citizen of a country which is not your born place or origin. Under the following conditions applicants are allowed to apply for citizenship: 


Types of Citizenship


Citizenship by Marriage

Foreigner’s applicants who marry with a polish partner and are currently residing legally for at least 3 years under permanent residency card are eligible to claim for citizenship.


Citizenship by Birth

A child whose parents had the citizenship of Poland are provided with Polish citizenship by birth.


Citizenship by Descent

According to Polish laws and regulations applicants or foreigners who are the descendant of Polish citizens can apply for citizenship. Applicants have to give complete detail and proof that his/her origin is Poland.


Citizenship by Naturalizations

It is the common way to get citizenship of European countries. Under the following conditions foreigners are provided with citizenship:


By Granting:

This is the category under which the foreigners are granted with citizenship by the permission of the president of Poland.


By Recognition:

If the applicants are currently or legally living in Poland with different status including as refugee, an employee, as a permanent resident and other categories, they are provided with citizenship.


By Restoration:

Applicants who have lost their Polish citizenship before January 1st, 1999 are eligible to apply for citizenship.


Benefits of Citizenship

Citizenship offers the same benefits as the PR holders get. However, there are some other advanced rights are also possible to get by the citizens.


Employment Opportunity

According to the latest survey of January 2019, it has come to see that only a 3.7% unemployment rate Poland offers. It means there are a lot of employment opportunities are there in Poland.


What is Crime Rate in Poland?

The crime rate is reasonably less in Poland. Over 100,000 population there is only 1.2 murder rate in Poland. It means Poland is the safest, secured and happiest country in the world.


The rate of International Immigrants To Poland

Every year thousands of people migrate to Poland. According to the report of 2004- 2012 from 1000 to 2130 international migrants had moved to Poland. 


Frequently Ask Questions

Quick Facts About Poland

  • Population

    37.97 million

  • National language


  • Top 3 religion

    Roman Catholicism , Opting out of answer, Non believer

  • International Students


  • Capital


  • largest 3 cities

    Warsaw, Kraków, Lodz

  • Currency

    Polish złoty = 37.02 Pakistani Rupee

  • Time difference with Pakistan

    Pakistan is 4 hours ahead of Poland

  • Work rule for International students

    20 hrs/week

  • Wages for students

    10-15 PLN

  • Economy

    8th ranked

  • Per capita income


  • Immigrant population


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